1D holiday

Ellie is a 17 year old and is going out with Harry styles. Harry has taken her and the lads on holiday on a rented yacht which has a mini pool and a bar.ect. But a accident happeneds that Changes the holiday!!!


1. First day on the yacht

I woke up to the boat moving ( Harry got people to work the boat as we didn't have zayn sat I the captains seat messing around pressing buttons) I look across at Harry he was still asleep he looked so peaceful intill Louis ran down the corridor banging on everyones door and stop at ours. Harry woke up because everyone was shouting at Louis. " why has he stop at ours" Harry ask me sleepily. "I don't know babe" I say smiling we both look at the door the handel turns slowly and then the door swings open. "morning" he says jumping on the bed. "Louis get off" Harry says angerily. "woo, somebody has his angry pants on" Louis says jumping off. "Louis I am not wearing any pants" Harry says. Louis runs out the door and stands in the corridor and shouts " Harry and Ellie have had sex" then he runs off. I lay there laughing as Harry put his hands over his face. Harry moves over to me, and put his arms round me. "so this is our first day of our holiday" Harry says while playing with my hair. "yep" I say Harry leans in and kiss me it turns in to along snog. Louis walks in dragging Niall behind him. "see I tolled you they did" Louis says to niall who is laughing. I get up out of bed and walk to them. "please could you leave I need to get changed" I say while pushing them out and shutting the door. I walk to the wardrobe and grab a blue bikini out and get changed in to it. "Harry are you going to just sit there and stare at me or go and changed" Harry gets up and gets his trunks on. We both walk up hand in hand. We walk to the tabel. I get greeted by my best friends, Amy who is going out with Louis. Shedea who is going out with Niall. We all sit round the tabel and eat brackfast. " so what do you wanna do to day" Amy asks us all. "well babe we are on a boat going round Australia" Louis says to Amy. "can we stop the boat though" she asks "course we can but you have asks"Louis says getting up and going to get more milkshake. "I'm not asking,Ellie you can" she says smiling. "why me?"I say to I can see she's making an excuse. "your loser to them" she say smiling. I get up and walk to the stairs Harry right behind me. "Harry you can go if you are going up there" I say making my way down the stairs. "fine" he says giving me a kiss and then going up. He's walks back down. "there going to find a nice for us to swim" he say taking my hand we go to the front of the boat. "why have you taken me here haz" I ask as he puts his arms round my waist. "you know those boats over there they have people taking pictures of all of us and they But it on the news" he looks at he with his beautiful green eyes. "so let's give them a show" he says leaning In. We snog but again we get interrupted. The boat has stopped now. And the boys run over to us and pushes me in.
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