If only you saw what I could see

Darcy, a 17 year old brit, decides to have her own flat. When she moves in, she finds out that one very famous member of a popular boy band lives near her, and she meets the love of her life. Read to follow Darcy's crazy adventure :)


2. Part 2

Harry? I thought to myself hoping my ears werent deceiving me. I ignored the thought it was Harry styles. It wasn't possible. I kept walking looking through the maze of doors. Once I reached mine, I glanced behind my shoulder, looking at the strangers. My heart pounded in my chest, my eyes glued on the four strangers and my legs stiffened. Louis noticed me staring and came up to me. "hi! You look new! What's your name." in shock, I muttered, "Darcy." "that's a nice name. But you looked like you need sleep.. And new clothes." Niall said looking up an down my body. "I know. I fell in this puddle and..." I trailed off as the four stared at me. "well, it would be really fun hanging out with you." zayn insisted. "yeah! I totally agree." I said gripping my door handle very tightly. I got very light headed and looked down at their feet which were spinning. I felt myself start to fall and braced myself for the impact. But nothing hit me. I was caught by niall, safely wrapped in his arms. "thanks." I whispered as he stood me up. "you should get some sleep." he said. I nodded. We said our goodbyes and I walked into my room, laying down on my Ned and immediately started drifting to sleep.
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