If only you saw what I could see

Darcy, a 17 year old brit, decides to have her own flat. When she moves in, she finds out that one very famous member of a popular boy band lives near her, and she meets the love of her life. Read to follow Darcy's crazy adventure :)


1. Part 1

Rain thudded on my windshield as I pulled into the flat complex. Exhausted and sleepy, I didn't even want to carry my luggage into the building. My floor was at the top of the building and I felt like if I walked into the elevator, I would immediately fall asleep. A slight sigh escaped from my lips as I unbuckled my seatbelt.I grabbed my purse and rushed to the back of the car to open the trunk. I snatched the luggage and sprinted towards the front doors. The rain pounded on my head leaving my hair look like ratty threads of yarn. Looking down at my high heels, which were very hard to run in, I slipped and face planted into a mud puddle. I groaned in frustration. Thank god I wasn't wearing any makeup or I wouldve looked like a raccoon. My floral blouse stuck to my wet skin. Without thinking, I army crawled across the rocky pavement leaving my luggage in the middle of the parking lot. I abruptly flung myself into a standing position and dragged my soar feet into the revolving doors. As I spun I felt so nauseated that I could barely stand. I wobbled to the front desk and held myself up leaning on the counter. The women at the desk looked at me in concern. "oh love, what happened?" she asked. "I fell in a puddle. I left my luggage out there." I said motioning to the direction of the door. "I will have someone right away take that to your flat. What is your number to your flat?" she asked. "I called earlier this week. I'm moving in. My name is Darcy nandes." the women handed me the key and motioned towards the elevator. As I entered the elevator, all I could think about was a warm bed. I leaned against the back wall half falling asleep. *ding* the sound woke me up from my peace. I stepped into the hall scanning numbers and looking for 95B. Behind me I could hear voices talking. "I think he lives in 98A." "no I don't think Harry lives on this floor lad."
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