Sanguine Town

A semi-fantasy world where vampires, werewolves and the supernatural are commonplace. A series of events unfold in the city of "Sanguine Town", that intertwine the fates of five men who are at most acquaintances of the others, but hate them nonetheless.
Lucas, a vampire with no house to call for protection; Detective Inspector Jones, a detective who wants to close an important case; Dante Shadow, a half-vampire looking to redeem himself; Drake Hunter, leader of the Vampire Hunters; and Maxwell Greenwall, a werewolf with a hatred of almost everyone.


7. Search

Dante stood outside the hospital, having visited Amanda for a couple of hours.

It had been close, but she was okay. The doctor’s wanted to keep her in for a while, though, just to keep an eye on her.

Now, he was determined to find the vampire called Fred Witt.

If he could find him, he could do one of two things: frame him for the Infirmary Incident, or kill him.

He removed his phone from his pocket, and brought up the GPS app.

It took him a moment to remember the ramshackle area that served as the home of Houseless vampires, but once he did, he entered the location into the GPS, and found the route.


Lucas threw the empty blood bag into the bin, feeling rather unsatisfied.

Although it gave him all he needed, it just wasn’t as satisfying as fresh blood from a person.

He wiped the blood from his mouth, still frustrated from his failed feed the night before – although, maybe it wasn’t so bad. The man had looked like a police detective.

He didn’t need the police at his house.

Knock, knock, knock.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Lucas muttered, looking at his clock.


It couldn’t be a vampire.

Maybe it was his supplier from the hospital…

Suddenly thirsty, Lucas stood up and went to the door.

He unlocked it, and then said, “Who is it?”

“I have some questions,” replied a deep voice from the other side.

“Oh, crap!” Lucas cried. He went to lock the door, but whoever was on the other side, having heard him panic, forced the door open, throwing him to the floor.

A man in a black coat, white shirt and black jeans towered over him, a black cane in one hand.

“Are you Fred Witt?” he asked.

Lucas shook his head.

Who was this guy?

“Then who are you?”

“Lucas…Lucas Grey,” Lucas stuttered.

“And do you know Fred Witt?”

“Yes. Yes, he lives just down the hall…” He swallowed heavily. “Who are you?”

“Dante Shadow.”

Lucas swallowed again, heavier this time.

Dante was regarded as the ultimate vampire. One that could walk in daylight.

There was no lying to him.


Dante closed the door and sat on the dirty sofa.

“Take a seat,” he said, smiling.

The vampire, Lucas, slowly stood up and sat beside him.

“Listen closely, Lucas. I am going to call the Hunters and the Police. They are going to kill every vampire in this place. Fred Witt is going to be held responsible for the Infirmary Incident, and if you cooperate…”

“There is no way Fred is behind the Infirmary Incident!” Lucas interrupted, shouting.

“Keep your voice down!” Dante snapped. Once Lucas relaxed, he continued. “If you cooperate, I can have you spared.”

“Fred’s an incompetent,” Lucas muttered.

“Of course. That’s why he lives here.”


Dante chuckled. “But he tried to expose me. I must get revenge.”


“Ah…” Dante looked at Lucas. Now another vampire knew he had wiped out an entire hospital.

“I won’t tell anyone,” Lucas said, smiling. “I promise.”

Dante sighed. “Very well.”

He removed the phone from his pocket for the second time that day and dialled the number for Drake Hunter.

This may not be a nice conversation,” he thought.


Drake Hunter picked up the phone and saw the name on the screen.

Dante Shadow.

He was reluctant to answer, but he had to find him.

With a resigned sigh, he pressed the green button. “Yes?”

Ah, Drake. I’m in the Vampire Apartments, down in the slums,” Dante replied.

Drake paced. “The slums? What are you doing down there?”

Looking for the vampire who framed me, and I think I’ve found him.” There was a muffled sound of someone talking.

“Who was that?” Drake asked, suspicious.

There was a pause, and Drake prepared to ask again.

An innocent vampire,” Dante replied shakily.

“No such thing.”

He wants to help.”

“You realise you’re now on the Hunter’s Wanted List?”

Dante grunted in confirmation.

“We’re looking for you.”

I know.”

“We plan to kill you.”

There’s no need. I’m innocent, so you don’t need to kill me.”

“That, Mr. Shadow, is a matter of debate.” Drake sighed. “I’ll call off the search for a week. You better have something good.”

Thank you. I’ll have something for you. Oh, and by the way…


Bring Detective Jones with you. This is personal for him.

“How do you know that?”


Drake pocketed the phone. “Fantastic…” he muttered sarcastically.


Dante put the phone down.

“Okay, Lucas. You’re with me now. We need to capture Fred. And preferably before the full moon.”

Lucas sat, frozen and confused. “Before the full moon?”

“There’s a werewolf I know, and he’s going after Fred as well,” Dante replied, sitting beside the vampire. “His name is Maxwell, and Fred killed his mate.”

“Lots of revenge, it seems…” Lucas commented quietly.

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