Sanguine Town

A semi-fantasy world where vampires, werewolves and the supernatural are commonplace. A series of events unfold in the city of "Sanguine Town", that intertwine the fates of five men who are at most acquaintances of the others, but hate them nonetheless.
Lucas, a vampire with no house to call for protection; Detective Inspector Jones, a detective who wants to close an important case; Dante Shadow, a half-vampire looking to redeem himself; Drake Hunter, leader of the Vampire Hunters; and Maxwell Greenwall, a werewolf with a hatred of almost everyone.


2. Home

Lucas edged through the shadows, avoiding every ray of sunlight.

“Don’t stay out all night,” he told himself. “Get back home before sunrise.”

Unfortunately, the boy had kept him busy much longer than he had hoped, and he had only just managed to get to the shadowy recesses of the alleyway before the sun had edged it’s way over the hills.

And the alleyway was vulnerable to the sun’s rays in the morning.

He crept through the shadows and reached the door to the hideout.

Swiftly, he opened it and entered the corridor.

The windows here were all covered, denying the sun’s rays of access, and giving the resident vampires relief from their burning effects.

He took five steps in, stopped, and then turned right to face his door.

He reached into his pocket, pulled out the keys, put the door key into the lock and prepared to turn it.

“Lucas Grey,” said his neighbour, Graham, peering out from the door across the corridor.

“What?” asked Lucas, turning to face him.

“You’ve only just got back, and the sun has risen.”

Lucas shrugged. “I went hunting, and only just managed to get to the alleyway before the sun rose.”

Graham nodded, his short, red hair bouncing slightly. He tapped his chin. “Very well.” The door closed.

Lucas sighed and turned the key. The lock clicked, and he walked in.

The floor was covered in newspaper scraps, broken glass and bloodstains.

Smiling, he plucked a piece of broken glass from the bridge of his nose and threw it onto the floor.

He moved over to the sofa and slumped into it.

“Next time Graham talks to me, I’ll probably have to punch him,” he muttered.

He picked up the television remote from the floor and switched on the TV.

He progressed through the channels until he found his way to the news, and sat back in the chair.

“Another vampire attack took place last night, leaving a family of three deceased,” declared the newsreader. “This attack is considered to be unrelated to what has come to be known as the Infirmary Incident.”

Lucas smiled and thought back to the Infirmary Incident that had taken place a few years back.

A vampire had entered a hospital looking to prove himself, apparently.

What he had done instead was make himself into an idol, and a legend.

He adjusted his position, and thought of what had happened.

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