Sanguine Town

A semi-fantasy world where vampires, werewolves and the supernatural are commonplace. A series of events unfold in the city of "Sanguine Town", that intertwine the fates of five men who are at most acquaintances of the others, but hate them nonetheless.
Lucas, a vampire with no house to call for protection; Detective Inspector Jones, a detective who wants to close an important case; Dante Shadow, a half-vampire looking to redeem himself; Drake Hunter, leader of the Vampire Hunters; and Maxwell Greenwall, a werewolf with a hatred of almost everyone.


4. Exposure

Drake Hunter met blades with his latest apprentice: a young boy by the name of Ivan Stone. At the completion of his training, he would become Ivan Hunter.

Hunter was the only surname amongst the Hunters. Tradition stated it must be so.

Drake spun his blade, making Ivan move to deflect. It was a beginner’s move, but it was always effective.

Ivan kicked, pushing Drake’s blade away, and hit him in the chest.

Drake stumbled slightly, and laughed, holding his hand up. “Good work, Ivan. If you were fighting a vampire, I doubt it would have lasted long. Of course, against me…”

Drake explained that although the kick had been well placed, it would have been easy to catch, thus making Ivan an easy target for another attack.

Ivan bowed. “Thank you for your wise guidance, master.”

Drake smiled. “Your training is almost complete, young Ivan. There is but one more stage. Then, you will be initiated.”

Ivan bowed.

“You may go,” declared Drake.

Ivan bowed once more and left the training room.

Drake smiled. Being gifted with Hunter qualities was a great thing.

His mobile phone suddenly began to ring.

Sighing, he removed it from his pocket and answered it. “Yes?”

“I take it I’m talking to Drake Hunter,” came the voice from the other end. “I may just have a lead on the vampire responsible of the Infirmary Incident.”

Drake felt a touch of excitement rise in his stomach, but he kept himself calm. “Which is?”

“I was walking through the city at night, and I heard some vampires talking down an alleyway. They said that the guy who had launched the attack on the hospital was a guy called Dante Shadow.”

Drake stood in shock. Eventually he asked, “Are you sure they said Dante Shadow?”


“Thank you for your help.” He hung up.

Surely it couldn’t have been Dante. He had been helping the Hunters, and although having vampire blood, he was human as well. This was all that saved him.

But if Dante was the one who had killed so many people at the Sanguine Town Hospital, then he would have to be disposed of.

Drake sighed, and dialled a number.


Dante leaned on his walking stick and watched the traffic go past.

His ageing had stopped when he had reached twenty-seven years of age, and that was one hundred years ago. There were far less cars back then.

Suddenly his phone started to ring. Reluctantly, he removed it from his pocket and answered it.


“I’m so sorry, Dante.”

“Amanda?” Dante walked into a small alleyway nearby.

“There were some vampires hiding away in an alleyway, and they ambushed me. One of them somehow knew I’d been talking to you, and made me admit everything.

“The vampires know you attacked that hospital. And one of them called Drake Hunter and told him. Then they bit me and left me for dead.”

Dante groaned. “Did you get a name from any of them?”

Amanda breathed heavily. “Yes. One of them was called Fred Witt.”

“Where are you?”

“In an alleyway a couple of blocks north from where we had our meeting.”

“I’m coming to help you.”

“I fear it’s too late.”

“It doesn’t matter.” He hung up.

He looked out along the pathway, and watched as large numbers of people walked past.

He wasn’t going to be able to run at full speed at this time of day, but he had to help Amanda. She was the only person on his side when it came to the Infirmary Incident.

He ran onto the path and sprinted to the bench. When he got there, he turned north, pushing through a group of businessmen.

He travelled two blocks and found an alleyway. Panting, he walked in, leaning on his walking stick.

Amanda was lying on the ground, gasping.

He pulled his phone from his pocket and dialled “999”.


Jones put the phone down.

“This is the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for. If only I had been called.”

James looked at him.

“That was Drake Hunter. He was just tipped off by someone who wished to remain anonymous. Apparently, a vampire called Dante Shadow was behind the attack on the hospital.”

“I know him,” said James.


“Dante Shadow. I know him. He’s the only Semivamp in Sanguine Town. He lives in some old house on the outskirts.”

Jones grinned. “Is that so?”

James nodded.

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