Something About You

Good girl Ryan is getting ready for senior year at Harrison K. Walt High School, when she falls for bad boy Luke O'Connor. And summer will never be the same. Lukes free spirit additude is just what Ryan needs as she struggles the loss of her big brother and best friend Sam. From spur of the moment plain trips, to checking off every crazy thing on Ryan's bucketlist that she was never able to finnish with Sam, Luke becomes Ryan's hero and one true love. Opposites attract in this sweet novel about finding love in the most unexpected places.


2. No Such Thing

Ryan awnswered the door in her white racerback tank top, and abercrombie sleep shorts, as she held back the family border-collie Birdy, who was barking and ready to run. Her hair was in a messy top knot, and she styled her black rim glasses.

"Hi! I'm sorry!" She said aknowleging the family of six standing in front of her.

"Hi dear, we had just moved in next door, and as soon as we heard of the accident we wanted to come over and pay our respects. We are all soo deeply sorry for your loss. We couldnt imagine." Said the mother, who reached in for a hug. "That is so sweet of you! If you need anything feel free to call!" Said Ryan hugging the youngest little girl, maybe four years.

"Oh dear, that wont be nessicary. But you are too kind." Ryan noticed a boy standing nonchalantly in the back of his three sisters, as she checked his phone and shoved it back into his pocket. He had dirty caramel blonde curly hair, and styled a snapback, as well as a plaid button down, Abercrombie Jeans, and a pair of moccasins. The noticeable freckle on his right cheek, made it very clear that he was player material. Obviously a bad boy. As well as the body langauge he was giving off, under circomstances.

"This is my husband Gabe, and our youngest Lilly, who is four. Chloe, who just celebrated her seventh birthday, Sophie, who is thirteen, and our only sweet boy Luke, who is seventeen."

Just then Devon, Paige, and Anna nonchalantly walked past the door in the livingroom carring their bowls of cereal.


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