Something About You

Good girl Ryan is getting ready for senior year at Harrison K. Walt High School, when she falls for bad boy Luke O'Connor. And summer will never be the same. Lukes free spirit additude is just what Ryan needs as she struggles the loss of her big brother and best friend Sam. From spur of the moment plain trips, to checking off every crazy thing on Ryan's bucketlist that she was never able to finnish with Sam, Luke becomes Ryan's hero and one true love. Opposites attract in this sweet novel about finding love in the most unexpected places.


1. Never the Same

Ryan's backless, black, A-line pencil dress and patent black peep toe pumps layed out across her bed brought back horrible memmories of that day. It wasnt just any other ordinary day. Her golden bronzed skin, and bony shouldered self stood lifeless in front of the bed. Staring. At what? Into space. Her brunette beachy waves tickled the tips of her ribs, as she stood in her black strapless bra and matching boyshort panties. Her right hand on her hip, as she looked down at the floor, to where she notcied her new french pedicure staring back. She got that pedicure that day. The day her brother and best friend was taken from her. She looked up at the mirror on her wall across from her as she took a deap breath in. Her lungs heavy and tight, stinging and burning. She slipped the dress on, as well as the pumps and walked over in front of the mirror. Taking one glance, a tear came rolling down her cheek. As she ripped the dress off. It was tight, suffocating, and the struggle to wear anything at the time made her sick. She threw it on the cherry wood floor of her classical Ivory bedroom, as well as the shoes, making a loud thud hitting the corner of her room. Ryan wiped hthe tear, taking a leap into her  pristine down bed, pulling her covers up over her head. She heard a knock on the door of her bedroom, but she didnt have the energy or the fight to respond or push anyone away. The feeling of numbness possessing her intire body kept her still.

"Hey. I thought you might need a friend." Called the fimilar stranger from the doorway.

Ryan's freckled face peered out from under the covers, as her long and luscious lashes batted away the remaining tears, fighting the urge to break down.

"Ryan. You have been my best friend for fifteen years. And I have never seen you more vulnerable and scared. But I want you to know that the next three hours of your life, not matter how hard will not be the end. It will not break you. And you will find the stregth to keep fighting through the rest of day with that gorgeous smile on your face, not matter how easy it is to break down and cry. Becasue I know that you have got it inside of you, to be strong and hold yourself together. And I know you will. Not for yourself but for everyone else who walks into the church this afternoon."

Anna's tall and petiet figure, made her way towards Ryan, as she sat at the end of her bed. Anna's long streight blonde hair was pulled back into a teased crown half up, half down style with a few face framing peices of hair. Her perfectly freckle free, hazel eyed face lit up a smile.

"I really like your outfit. You look so cute." Sniffled Ryan.

Black wide leg trousers, and a black 3/4 legth boat neck shirt tucked into the trousers, styled a beautiful Anna.

"Get you'r ass up. I'm doing your hair....Ew." Said Anna wrapping her arms around her best friend.


Within an hour Ryan was staring back at a reflection of herself in the mirror, new and improved. Her hair was down in long bouncy, curls, as her best friend gripped her hand, walking out of the room.


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