The waves of truth

Anne is barely 16 and living on her own can be harsh for someone who relies on her parents for everything. Can this handsome young boy named Niall turn Anne into who she really is?


2. The surprise

Anne's POV

"Anne? Sweetie! Are you ready yet?" I finished with putting on my lip stick so I was pretty much done. "Yeah Mum! I'll be right down!" I was wearing heels so walking down the stairs is a big Anne hazard! I once fell flat on my face when the 8th grade dance came around. I was barley getting used to them and if walking was a problem imagine walking down while keeping a straight posture. I remember my mum saying "Anne! Jake is here!" Jake was my middle school crush. I had made a big fool out of myself in front of him but he still decided he wanted to be my boyfriend until I caught him in the act. I was in the middle of my day dream when I get interrupted "Anne? Hurry! Come on!" My dad said impatiently. I walked down the stairs with ease. "Wow you look beautiful Anne!" My mum said as I walked into sight. "Thanks mum." I replied. My mum helped me a bit at the bottom of the stairs. My dad helped me to the car and opened my door. I got in and so did my mum. She looked in the review mirror and said, "Are you ready Anne?" I nodded for two reasons. One because I didn't want to smudge my lipstick, and Two because i didn't know what I should be ready for! I was so happy when I found out we were eating in Olive Garden. I love the food there! Just as my mum had promised Mike was there waiting for us. "There's the birthday girl!" He said embracing me and patting my head. He was WAY taller me! "Thanks Mike! But you missed the wonderful cake!" I said as he pulled out my chair and pushing me in again. "Oh I bet I did. Was it a One Direction cake?" He said in disbelief. "Yes sir! It was magnificent!" I smiled and Mike playfully punched my arm. We ordered dinner and I ate like a billion bread sticks or like Mike said. "Anne? I got something for you!" Mike said as he handed me a birthday present. I smiled real big and opened it, "A traveling bag? What for Mike?" Mike looked at our parents and I looked worried. "Anne... I think it's time we told you..." I looked at them and I feared the worst. Are they sending me away? Are they giving me up?! "Anne. There is no easy way to say this but..." My dad started saying "We think that you need to make your own decisions now... We feel like as if you need to relie on yourself and not on us so much. So we think it's best if we part for a while... And I know if we give you chose you would say no. So we decided your going to your favorite place..." She paused for a moment. "California, Los Angeles." I felt my heart thump real hard. "So what are you trying to say?" I already knew I just wanted to see if this was a prank and if it was I didn't like this. "Sweetie I think it's just time for you to make your own decisions." Said my dad. I looked at Mike and he was just staring at the ground. "You guys are serious." I couldn't believe it! This isn't happening! I'm leaving my family and going to another state!? I know I said I wanted to go to California but not alone! Wdecided to leave. The next day I have the flight. I went straight to my room. I can't do this! There was a knock followed by a head, "Mija?" It was my mum. I didn't answer I was to busy packing. "Mija don't think of this as a punishment. We did the same to Mike. And look at him now! He is a business man!" I looked at her. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. "Okay mum. I'll try my best." My mum helped me pack and when we were done I went to sleep.          

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