The waves of truth

Anne is barely 16 and living on her own can be harsh for someone who relies on her parents for everything. Can this handsome young boy named Niall turn Anne into who she really is?


12. The painful past

Anne's POV

I looked at Niall and toke a breath, "Well when I was a kid... I was bullied a lot. Girls hated me.. Boys would pull my hair. I would try to speak and they would make fun of. I kind of built a wall. But somehow that didn't work. They would find a way. I was always the odd one. We would play games where u need partners and I was always left out. One time the girls told me something horrible... 'Just kill yourself! Your not wanted!' They said. I went home thinking 'Im not wanted. I should.. I should just kill myself.' I went into my room and I thought hard about it. I went to the bathroom and toke some of my dad's pressure pills. If my parents hadn't found me there lying on the ground any later then they did I would've died... I was rushed to the hospital. I stayed there for three days. Then I had therapy for a year. But I had already built a strong wall around me. I never let anyone in. People have tried but I wouldn't let them.." I said. Niall looked at me. "But you let me in. And im glad I met you Anne. I have to tell you something."

Niall's POV

She looked so sad. I had to tell her. I have to tell her how I feel. How should I tell her? How about Anne I love you. Or I love you. Or I care and I love you. Ahhhh! The silence was killing me "Anne.. I didn't know. I'm sorry." She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. I held her hand "Those beautiful eyes aren't meant to cry Anne. I care for you and well. If you could hear me out." I grasped both her hands. "Anne I love you. I love you for the girl that you are. I am in love with the clumsy Anne." I stared straight into her eyes and touched her hair. "Niall. I love you too." When she said that my heart jumped. I leaned closer to her and held her face close to mine "Anne. Be my girlfriend?" Anne blinked and tears came out her eyes. I wiped away as she nodded and said "Yes Niall!" Our faces were still close so I leaned in a bit closer and kissed her.  

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