The waves of truth

Anne is barely 16 and living on her own can be harsh for someone who relies on her parents for everything. Can this handsome young boy named Niall turn Anne into who she really is?


3. The flight

Anne's POV


I was woken up early by a loud thud, "Anne! Your flight leaves in 30 minutes!" I was 

ready but I toke a little nap. The weather climate was going to be a big change so I was wearing a sun dress. My hair was perfectly curled. I barley turned 16 and now i'm going to California and that means waking up for school was going to be a big pain. I went downstairs and I saw everyone was ready. They were standing in front of the door with my suitcases. This might not be as bad. I mean I love the beach and school doesn't start until another 2 months. But the only problem was making friends. I suck at making friends. I have friends but not the kind that care if I move or not. "Mija? Did you eat anything?" I shook my head, "It's okay mum. I'll just eat on the plane." She nodded as she adjusted my shirt. We arrived at the airport in like 10 minutes. The flight people checked my bags and put them though the little thing that rolls. That meant I has to go though the metal detectors now. I had to say goodbye, "Mum, Dad, Mike... Well I'll see you guys during the holidays." I was trying not to tear up. My mum embraced me and said, "Take good care of your self! Don't party to late! Study hard. and what else?" My dad interrupted, "No boyfriends!" He said in a playful way, "No promises." I said back with a grin. "Dude. Don't let any guy hurt you. Or use you! I mean your not ugly but when comes to common sense you don't have any! And remember your only 16!" Mike said giving me his playful voice. His voice said joking but his eyes said serious. I was tearing up so I just thought of something cheerful not to seem like I was a cry baby. I haven't cried in front of my parents since I was 8 years old. I need them to see I was strong. "Group hug!" I said in a shaky voice. It was my turn for the metal detector so I hugged everyone one last time and proceeded to the detectors. As I went though I felt the thumping of my heart get harder. When it was done I waved goodbye and went to terminal 6. I sat down next to a lady with 2 little kids and a baby. I toke out the book I had to read for the school and flipped the page. I can't believe I was already enrolled. But whatever I should finish the homework fast so I have time to enjoy myself. 

        "We will now be boarding the plane for Los Angeles." Said the announcer. I got up and gave my ticket to the lady. Then I went to sit down.

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