The waves of truth

Anne is barely 16 and living on her own can be harsh for someone who relies on her parents for everything. Can this handsome young boy named Niall turn Anne into who she really is?


6. Swim with me?

Anne's POV 

"Niall! There you are! We were beginning to think that you got mobbed by some fans!" Liam said. Niall rubbed his head, "Well I was having fun!" They all turned to look at me. This isn't happening! Niall gave me advice! And now I'm meeting One Direction?! "Hi... I'm Anjelah." I said trying not to freak out. They smiled and gathered around me, "Hi Anjelah! Do you know who we are?" Zayn said as I nodded and smiled. "Well love we were about to go to dinner. Want to come?" Harry asked. I looked at Niall. "Um! Anjelah! We could throw you a late birthday party!" I had remembered telling him about my birthday being yesterday. "I don't know..." I said. Niall came and put his arm around me, "C'mon! Please! Didn't you say I was your favorite?" Niall said giggling. I Looked at him and replied, "I like you all equally but maybe Niall just a little bit more." He punched the air. "Okay mate! Well you could wear this!" Louis said handing me Niall's red sweater. I was confused. "The paparazzi is lurking around here in search of dirt so just wear this and RUN!" Louis said as they all started running and Niall grabbed my hand and I began running with them. We got into the car, "Wow!" I said panting. Zayn looked at me and laughed. "Um Anne? Where is Niall?" Did Zayn Malik just call me Anne?! I looked around and I couldn't find him. "Umm I don't  know." I was still confused. "Um well love you sure don't weigh a lot!" I heard Niall's Irish accent. All the boy were laughing, "Your sitting on him mate!" Liam said I jumped up so high I swear I could of hit the ceiling. "Sorry bout that Niall!" Niall shook his head, "No Anne! It was fun!" AHH! Niall called me Anne!

Niall's POV

There was a beautiful angel sitting on top of me! "So? Shall we just have a dip in the pool and we'll just have the party tomorrow?" Everyone stared at me. "What?" I asked

"Did Niall Horan just pass up his food for Anne?" Zayn said

"Wow! We be working on it Niall!" Harry said pushing the seat

"What and? I just want to go in the pool." I was lying. I actually wanted to spend some time with Anne. There was something about her that made me melt. The way her eyes stare right into your when your talking. Or when she laughs. "Ok!" Anne said laughing. She playfully punched my arm. We arrived at the pen house. "Wow! This is HUGE!" Anne said as I opened the door. I motioned for her to take a look at the view. "Beautiful!" She said. "Your beautiful." I whispered. She turned around, "Did you say something?" I felt her eyes on me. "No." I started to giggle. What's wrong with me? I can any other girl there beautiful without getting nervous! "I'm a big idiot!" I said out loud. Anne stared at me as well the other guys to. "No your not." She said I felt my heart thump. I sat down on the couch and so did she. "I can't believe this!" I looked at her. "I'm in One Direction's pen house and they are throwing me a late birthday party tomorrow!" When the boys put on there swimming trunks I went upstairs and hurried to put mine on. As I was coming downstairs I saw Anne stand up as she was taking her dress off. "Ah! Anne! If you don't have a bathing suit it doesn't matter you can use my clothes! But keep your unde-" I was interrupted by Anne, "Niall I have my bathing suit under. Don't worry!" Wow she looked even more pretty in a messy ponytail and a bathing suit. We walked outside to the pool. "Wow! The stars are so pretty!" Anne said. We all jumped in and we looked at Anne. "Vas wrong Anne?" Zayn said. I looked at her as I got up on the ledge again. "Can't jump in?" She kept her eyes on the water and shook her head. "Ok. Grab my hand." I reached for her hand. "Ok but Niall? I'm really scared of drowning so." I looked at her and when I got her hand it was shaking. "It's alright Anne. I got ya! and so do the other guys! One, Two, THREE!" I jumped in taking Anne with me. Her head popped up, "AH! The water is cold!" I noticed I was still grabbing her hand. I liked it so I didn't let go. 

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