The waves of truth

Anne is barely 16 and living on her own can be harsh for someone who relies on her parents for everything. Can this handsome young boy named Niall turn Anne into who she really is?


7. Let's make breakfast!

Anne's POV

Yesterday was the best day ever! I met One Direction and I swan with them! It was late last night so Niall gave up his bed for me. I tried protesting but Niall wouldn't hear of it. I was on the bed when I heard a little knock, "Anne? You awake?" It wasn't Niall. "Yeah Liam." He came in and sat at the edge of my bed. "You know what?" He began saying. "Let's make Niall breakfast." I smiled at Liam and nodded. I got up and I followed Liam out the door. We walked to the kitchen "Ok. I'm not much of a cooker." Liam said. I looked at him, "I've never cooked in my life." Liam stared at me and tried not to laugh. "It's okay you can laugh." Just then Niall came downstairs. "Anne can I talk to you?" I went to Niall. "Yeah? What's wrong?" I asked. "Remember yesterday you said that your parents sent you here because they think that you should rely on yourself?" I nodded. "And you don't think you can cook right?" I nodded again. He had me figured out. "I can't. I just know that I can't. My mum always did all the cooking. Trust me I can't..." I said as Niall stared at me. "You will never know if you don't try." 

Niall's POV 

I should of kissed her! I'm such an idiot letting this perfect chance go by! I was watching Anne flip pancakes. "See your really good!" She laughed and so did I. "Are you sure? I'm pretty sure i'm burning them." She said as she poured more pancake mix and stirred. I nodded and put my arms around her, "You stir like this." I showed her and to be honest I liked having her in my arms. My chest was pumping so hard I bet she could feel it. "Friendly!" Zayn said as we both jumped. "Good morning Niall, Anne." Anne nodded and said, "Good morning Zayn. Are the others awake? I made breakfast!" The way she said it to excited made me happy. She was capable of so much! I'm going to make sure she notices. We all sat down and Anne brought the pancakes out. "Ok guys. This is the first time I have ever cooked!" She began saying "So if they turn out bad... I blame Niall!" Everyone was staring at me. "What?!" Anne sat down next to me and I shut up. "Ok dig in!" I said because I was starving. I was the first one to take a bite. I opened my eyes wide, "This is great!" The boys looked at theirs and bit it as well. "This is great!" Harry said. Anne smiled real big and bit her pancake too. I was happy for two reasons. One.) The pancake was delicious.

and Two.) Anne made them.

And I felt butterflies in my stomach...

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