The waves of truth

Anne is barely 16 and living on her own can be harsh for someone who relies on her parents for everything. Can this handsome young boy named Niall turn Anne into who she really is?


10. Late birthday party

Anne's POV

When I walked into the room I was so surprised! I couldn't believe my eyes! Crystal chanderliers hung way on top on the ceiling. There was a stage and tables. But it was empty "What's all this?" I said as I turned around and noticed no one was there. I looked around and I walked up to the stage. "Guys? Where are you?" There was a chair that said "ANNE" I sat down and the lights turned off. "Hello Ladies and Anne!" someone in an Irish voice said. Niall I thought. "You are correct mate! It is me Niall!" Niall said as he came out behind the curtin and waved. "C'mon boys! Let's sing this lovely girl happy birthday!" The rest of the boys came out and standed in a line, "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday lovely Anne! Happy birthday to you!" I was so happy! But mostly cause Niall was singing to me! And also cause of the other guys to! Niall put his hand on his forehead and looked around "Umm? Is there a lucky lady out there? You there! Beautiful lady with the red dress! Want to come up here?" I opened my eyes wide and nodded with a lot of excitment! "Pshhhh! Yeah!" Niall stuck out his hand and winked at me. I could feel myself getting hot in the face. My heart was beating so fast! And it wasn't because I was nervous.. It was because I like Niall... His sweet face and his irish accent. But mostly his personality! I toke his hand and he helped me up. "Guys! You guys are the best!" Everyone hugged me and I hugged them back. Liam led me to the center of the stage. "You stand here and just enjoy mate." I nodded and I stood there as they started. "This is for the lovely Anne!" Zayn said as the music started. It was I wish! "He takes your hand." Harry sang grabbing my hand "I die a little" Niall finished. "I watch your eyes" Zayn ang. "And im in riddles. Why can't you took at me like that?" Niall again finished. Is he trying to tell me something? "When you walk by I try to say it. But then I freeze I never do it." Liam sang. "My tonuge gets tied the words get trapped." Louis sang. "I hear the beat of my heart whenever i'm near you!" Niall sang holding his heart. That's how I feel when im around him. But he doesn't like me.. He maybe just looks at me like a best friend...

Niall's POV

"Ok! The plan is for Niall to sing the last part of every lyric!" Harry said as we were discussing the plan earlier. I looked at Harry "Why me?" I said with a bit of confusion in my voice. "It's obvious Niall!" Zayn and Louis harmonized. I looked at all of them. Maybe they did know about my feelings for Anne... "Alright then it's settled!" Liam said. And that was our plan for me to WOO Anne.

After the sang we all got close to Anne. She had tears in her eyes "These have been the best week ever! You guys let me stay at your place and we have a blast! Really guys thank you!" I she said as a tear rolled down her face. I wiped it away and said "Anne having you in the house has been awesome! So all of us have a blast to!" I stared into her eyes and I never wanted to stop but Liam broke into my thoughts. "Well! Let's give this birthday girl the best late birthday party ever!" All the boys jumped off the stage. Anne just laughed so I toke her hand and jumped off with her. "AHH!" She said as she laughed. I sat down next to her "How you liking los angeles now?" Liam asked. Anne turned to look at him "Well school's starting in 2 months and so far it's been pretty good!" She glanced at me quickly and I wondered why. "But Anne what are you going to do once we leave?" Louis asked. That question hit me hard. I almost hit the ground as I turned to look at Anne. She had a pained expression on her face that faded real quick "What do you mean?" She asked with a shaky voice. "Well we came here on vaction. But we didn't think we would meet someone important to us." Zayn said looking at me than at Anne. "We can talk about that in 2 months! We aren't leaving for a very long time Anne. Don't you worry! We came here for joy not for sadness." Liam said making Anne smile. I don't want to see any kind of sad smile on Anne's face. "Hey Anne... Can I tell you someth-" I got interrupted by the waiter. "What would you guys like?" our waiter was Josh. Yes Josh Devine he had agreed to help us out. "Um we will have the appetizers first." Harry said to Josh. Josh nodded and asked "And how about to drink?" "Four pints and one coke and Anne?" Liam asked. Anne looked at me and then looked at Liam "A coke please." She said. Josh nodded again and went to the kitchen. "Um Niall you were going to tell me something?" Anne said as all the boys turned to look at me with funny looks on there faces. I think they know what I want to tell her. But the thing is how to tell her.

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