Imagine if you woke up one morning to find that you were the last one on earth. That's what Jake Richards experienced on the morning of August 26, 2013. He soon gets very lonely and begins to go crazy. In this story you will see the innocence of a teenager fade away as he has to learn to live on his own, while trying to figure out the reason all of civilization had vanished in one night.

Work in progress.


1. Day 1

    I woke abruptly from a deep slumber. I had been having the best dream of my life. I was dreaming that I had all of the knowledge a human could ever know. It felt great to be all-powerful.Now I am back to reality. But something was different about reality. Usually when I wake up at out summer cabin, I can always smell mom's blueberry pancakes that she made every morning. But today, there was no smell. There was no sound. Maybe his parents had slept in.

    I decided to get up and investigate myself. I walked out into the living room. It was devoid of any life, with the exception of my German Shepherd, Precious, who was sleeping in the back corner. I went over to my parents room. Their bed was all made, but there was no one in it. Where could they be? I then went into my little sister's room. Again, the bed was neatly made, but there was no one sleeping in it. 

    I quickly began to get worried. I ran outside of the cabin and looked around our yard. There was nobody. None of my family was outside. I ran over to the neighbor's house and pounded on the door. There was no answer. So, me being a rude kid, I walked in. The house was empty. There was no one. I then checked all of the houses in the neighborhood. Every house was devoid of life. At this point, I was afraid. I quickly ran back to the cabin, hooked Precious to a leash, and walked down town. 

    The city was entirely empty, cars had been abandoned, purses were scattered across the sidewalk, left behind by the women who carried them. All of the stores were empty. All of the apartments, no one. That's when it finally hit me. I was alone. Something had happened to the entire human race, and they all disappeared.

    But that wasn't humanly possible. There wasn't a force on the entire earth that could have caused the entire human race to disappear. There had to be someone out there. Maybe the city was evacuated last night and in all of the confusion, my parents forgot about me. But they would never do that. I have the kind of parents that are very protective about their children. No, something happened last night that obviously didn't affect me at all.

    I quickly ran back to my families summer cabin. I unhooked precious from her leash and then began to dial my moms cell phone number. The sound of her cell phone could be heard in the other room. She had left her phone behind. She never does. I then dialed my dad's number. Then my sister's. Same incident. They all left their phones behind. I began dialing my distant relatives, close friends. Nobody answered. That's when I started to cry. For the first time in my life, I was alone, and I had no clue what the circumstances were. 

    I curled up into a ball on my bed and continued to cry and weep the rest of the day, waiting, waiting for somebody I knew to walk through the door of my cabin and comfort me, and end this terrible nightmare.

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