Twisted Revenge

Sarah is a very rich 24 year old strong willed girl, she has been with Scott 26 for four years, Scott is a wealthy business man he owns his own company in publishing, he and Sarah met at a conference were Sarah was attending trying to get her book published. One cold wet night Sarah was out with the girls and just vanishes , no one has seen her or heard from her in 24 hours. the last place she was seen is at Julies bar in town and all that was left behind was a note, can they find Sarah in time? is it too late? who did this and why?


1. chapter 1


It was a dark damp room and Sarah could only feel the rope  binding her arms together and the taste of the material tied around her mouth, she could feel her heartbeat thumping loudly against her chest, the sweat dripping from her brow, then she heard him the man who had drugged her and brought her here, he was coming down the stairs, all she could think was please god let me live please.


She can hear his heavy footsteps getting closer, the blood rushing in her ears, unable to cry out or see its too dark, then silence. She can sense him stood  behind her so close she can feel his heat and breath is hot, as he whispers into her ear its your turn!   then it hits her ice cold liquid all over her  it smells metallic like blood........



“Sarah are you going to be out of  there soon? Some of us have to go to work today?!”

“Yeah be five minutes”

God he is so annoying why am i with him, all he does is go on about his job blah blah blah, now Gary he is more of what i want, what shall i wear for him today?, i know i will wear the lacy black thong and the silky black dress he got me the other week, yes that should do the trick.

“Sarah come on i am going to be bloody late again!”

Trust Scott to interrupt the perfect thoughts of Gary, the fucking ejit.

“There bathroom is free, oh by the way i am going out tonight with the girls, i will stay with Tanya tonight.”   

Right hair done make up done sexy dress done Gary here i come.  Going to Gary’s place is always risky mainly because of Simone and the boys, but they were away visiting her parents in Florida for two weeks. Plus this just makes it all the more fun and exciting.   I let myself in and there he is lying on the sofa in his blue jeans and winning smile, god i love this man.  “hey princess that dress looks great on you” 

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