cages around my heart



1. cages around my heart

i guess i should have done it from the start

built the cages around my heart

i tries to run away from something i hate

that is my fate

sometimes i wish i would not care so much

but then you and i wouldnt be so different as such

im so sick of tears dropping down

and wetting the ground

but how would it bother you

your dream has come true

what you want you got

but it seems like i just can not

what does it take?

for you do i have to be fake?

trusted you with my heart and soul

all you did is leave a hole

freh with pain and brand new

well congratulations you got to break my heart too

and here i am full of pain

for the fourth time again

and i know

i should have done it ages ago

but only if i knew from the start

i would have to build cages around my heart

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