Demons run

in 2050 the world shall shift into one island, it has been divided into four warring countries.


1. demons run


                                                                                                    chapter 1

                                                                                       last day at home know

hi I am alfie im a 12 year old boy I am moving to day. Well I don't know why I am moving but it all started a week a go. Ring ring one morning mum go a phone call it said demons run  beeeeeeeep mum said thats weird. Next day me and mum went to a charity shop to sell so old clothes in there was a old carpet on it said demons run. Aaaaaah two days have past mum is screaming because some one was writing demons run so on here car.


                                                                                                   we are there                                                                                                                


That's it I am now leaving bye. hello I am there at my sleep in the same room  with my  6 year old bother and 3 year old sister. a week later sister sister  

my sister went down this stairs now I am stuck down a hole wow there's a light ha ha sister aaaah sister touch that light...        

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