Fire mistress

"Remember when I told you I would protect you forever?"
"Of course."
"Well, forever isn't over just yet."


1. locked

I'll bet your mother and father used to tell you stories about princesses being locked in towers and being guarded by dragons, well I'm no princess. My name is Ella, I was born an ordinary girl with long blond hair and deep green eyes, I was just like every other teenage girl, then the war broke out.  My father his me in this tower because he thought it would protect me, from what I had no idea. He placed my best friend as my guard, his name is Nathan and when he was just ten years old he was cursed by a which. , The curse was that if Nathan ever got too angry he would turn into a dragon, my father took this to mean than he could protect me. For months I resented Nathan for keeping me prisoner, to be honest I still do. I want to feel free again, I want to know what it is to feel the wind in my hair as I look into the sky and pray for an end. The war started when I was fourteen, I'm sixteen now. From what I know this all stared because of a girl, the people call her the fire mistress. Apparently the girl is a princess of a race called the Flame, not very original but who am I to judge. The flame blamed the disappearance of their princess on the humans, they decided they wouldn't rest until they got her back. The Flame gave the humans warnings for years, then they grew impatient and started the war, they control the sky with their dragons. I don't know why they can't just understand that the Humans don't have the princess, if they did then someone would have come forward by now. After all, who would want to live like this. 

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