Only You

Katilyn was a regular sixteen year old girl with light brown hair and baby blue eyes. She went to a one direction concert and was in the frount rows. Somehow Harry noticed her out of the thousand screaming fans. Harry looked at her, just her. Will Harry fall in love with her?


2. Get Creative!

"So, Steph.." "I Know! We can buy very cute matching t-shirts that we can create!" Stephanie Yelled. "Oh yeah, and let's paint our faces and for the meat and greet they can sign our t-shirts. We need to create signs that say "we love you" and maybe "5 boys, one direction!" "- ooh I like the last one!" Stephanie interrupted "Okay then, Lets tell my mom to take us to wal-mart so we can buy stickers and bright signs and sign holders." Katilyn explained
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