A girl abandoned. A man betrayed. Garnet and Ehwaz both think their lifes can't get much worse. But it can...


3. Ehwaz's Choice

 We will meet again. That was the only hope alive  in the heart of Italy, where there stood a lonesome medieval village. This was the place that Taurus had chosen for his hell hole of a village. In the heart of the village, was a beige stone castle and many people believed that it was Camelot it's self, as it had a surprising similarity to the castle in the legends. It was a sturdy build, as was made out of fine stone and dark oak beams, and it had seen so much death in its long, long life time. But most of that death was caused by Taurus him self, as in the castle's inner courtyard, he had built three gallows and from these, he hung at lest five people a day from. He then deposed of the body’s by placing them in a iron cage on the outer walls of the village and hanging their chopped off heads on the village walls, as well as sticking them on pikes around the village walls. Small houses lined the poo covered streets, which were all in dire need of repair, and there was no shops on the streets, as everyone got their food rations from the weekly market, just houses and taverns. All the streets were covered in sewage as there was no toilets in the houses, so everyone just did their business in bucket and then threw it out the window, and, consequently, all the walls were wee stained too. This place wasn't a nice place to live in the slightest ,but to it's residents it was perfect, as all the men would all going off to the taverns at about 6 ish and would come back at gone midnight, drunk, after having too many cheap beers while gambling, and many would come home with black eyes, bald patches and even broken bones after getting in a fight with each other. Then they would beat up their wife’s, as it was insisted that every man was married by the time they were 16, and then, in turn, beat up their kids, as was also insisted that every man had 4 kids by the time they were 20, if they lived that long, as every day 10 people were murdered. If this law wasn't fulfilled, they would go to prison, as deep underneath the ancient castle was a colossal prison, full of dead and rotting copses in cells only just big enough for the worlds smallest person and the long dead ghost's walked the death cold corridors. There was one piratically large cell, which was also a crypt, contained one of the many prisoners. Ehwaz Layton. For 11 years, Taurus and his croons had kept him prisoner there, while his daughter suffered a similar fate in Sylene Orphanage, for all those years. Ehwaz had tried to escape from the hell hole trice before but is back behind the bars and is very slim from starvation. Taurus, Vlad and Opal sauntered down the stairs towards the bars containing Ehwaz. Taurus stood at the front of the group with his hand round the waist red mini-dress clad Opal, with a evil smirk on his vile face, with Vlad slightly behind his masters and Vosense still restrained at the back of the group. Suddenly, Taurus's barbaric, deep voice fill the air of the living hell.

Well, well. I see the last punishment for breaking out has knocked some sense in to you! Now, to the reason I came to visit our first earth prisoner. We have some probably devastating news for you. Vlad, the GPS tracker!” smirked Taurus, followed by a sinister laugh from Opal. Reaching in to his pocket, Vlad brings out and hands to Taurus a GPS tracker, getting smacked in the face by Opals brunette waves as he did so. Ehwaz stared at the machine, his worst fears expressed in two words,”Oh god...”

A smirk filled Opal and Taurus's faces. Taurus signalled to Vlad to explain.

When we separated you from your daughter, we secretly implanted a GPS, that we found when we ransacked your house, in to her so we could track her and so we could know when she was on the run to meet her long lost family.”explained Vlad.

You did what?!”

Taurus turned to Opal, releasing her waist from his grip.”Why don't you explain to our idiotic visitor what our plan is, my dear?”

A smile swept over Opals flawless face as she sauntered up to Ehwaz, stopping just inches away from his face.

As Vlad was saying, we have the GPS in her, so we know that she has escaped her orphanage and is planning to head over here to find you and her true destiny. Which you always say is to save the world from Taurus and me. But why does this world need to be saved, I ask you? It does not, is the answer. Taurus and I intend to turn it in to the perfect world and we're going to write our names on every page of it. Our daughter is going to help us do just that, by reading RedBird aloud so I can use my magic to bring the Terror out of it. You see, Taurus and I love this world but I miss my pet so much, oh you are going to love him. When I say love, I mean cower in terror from.”

Ehwaz looked down at the perfect face of his ex wife with a look of utter confusion.

Excuse me? Remember that I'm not from your steel-world so I don't know what the Terror is.”he snapped. With a look of haughty scorn, Opal flicked her hair and sauntered back to Taurus, who immediately pulled her close to him. She turned her head and waved a jewelled hand at Vlad to explain.

The Terror is a creature made of all of the darkness in the world and is the most terrifying creature in existence. He eats off his victims darkness, draining their very soul and deleting them from the world. The master gave him to Lady Opal as a gift after his mighty battle against the Davl tribes of the North. He is what Garnet will help the mistress conjure up.” A awed Vlad explained to a shocked Ehwaz. A cold sweat had begun to crawl over Ehwaz's body. Just the thought of this abomination of nation was so terrible it would make even the most seasoned horror film fan shudder.

No, no, NO! I won't let you use my daughter like this. She won't read anything for you. Especially not RedBird. Not so you could destroy the world.” He yelled at them, only to met by looks of scorn from all three.

Oh well,”Taurus replied with a shrug,”'Couse she has no choice, unless you her want to endure the sight of you walking to the gallows! Come Opal, Vlad, leave him to think this one over.”

Vlad strode to the vault door, unlocking it for is master and mistress. Taurus turned to leave and pulled Opal gently round to his waist.

Remember Ehwaz, she will read for her mother. You just wait and see.”Opal called sharply over her shoulder as the door slammed shut behind them.

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