A girl abandoned. A man betrayed. Garnet and Ehwaz both think their lifes can't get much worse. But it can...


1. Prologue


What happened that night, so long ago. No one could of predicted it.

 Ehwaz and Opal sat beside Garnet, their one year old daughter, as Ehwaz read to her from RedBird. As he read about Taurus, his evil henchmen Vlad and their soul prisoner, a female fire eater called Vosense, a strange darkness filled the sky and a fierce wind blew through the salmon pink room. Suddenly, three figures appeared in the room, looking as baffled as Ehwaz and Garnet were. The figures were none other then Taurus, Vlad and Vosense. Taurus's young looking body was crippled with, what seemed to be, some kind of young arthritis and he wore the oddest clothes. His soot black tunic was clasped in round the waist by a chocolate brown belt with a sliver sword and a matching dagger slotted in to it and a pair of crisp, snow white leggings covered his spindly legs. His brown, short hair was cropped close to his skull and his extraordinary, aqua blue eyes blinked in the light as he looked around the room. His henchman, Vlad, was wearing a crisp, stainless, white shirt and snow white trousers. A brown, leather belt clenched his waist with his knife tucked in to it and his blonde hair fell on to his fearsome face, as he held Vosense by her neck. Vosense herself was wearing a soot black and crimson red dress, a magicians outfit, and her long, untameable, ginger hair covered her scarred and burned face. Everyone in the room all wore the same look of utter shock and fear, until Taurus turned nasty. He drew his spotless steel sword form his leather belt and put it to use on Ehwaz's arm, threatening that Vlad could do much more with his knife.

“Right,” commanded Taurus,” We take the man and we leave the child here to starve. Vlad, take him.” Ehwaz and Garnet looked at him in utter confusion.

“But what about my wife, Opal? What are you going to do with her?” Vosense, who, until now, had been to afraid to say anything, spoke up.

“What wife? You mean her?” the magician questioned, followed by a sharp, cold threat from Vlad to shut it. Ehwaz whipped round to face Opal and was appalled to see her in a long, jet black dress with a diamanté halter neck, now standing next to Taurus, his arm snaked around her waist.

Ehwaz rapidly snatched up Garnet and said that he would not go with them unless he could deliver Garnet to the local orphanage and, luckily for Garnet, Taurus agreed, after some persuasion from Opal. They left the shoebox like house behind and walked briskly down the deserted street and came to a bleak, brick building, called Sylene Girl's Orphanage. Ehwaz slipped Garnet carefully in to a cardboard box that he had picked up on the way out of their cosy home and lay it down on the cold stone porch, placing a small note on top of her.

It was a short note but it summed up the situation nicely. Gently kissing her on the forehead and with a tear in his eye, rang the doorbell. Vlad dragged him down the steps and wrestled him down the road. Ehwaz took one fleeting glance over his should to see Garnet being taken in to the orphanage, the door slammed behind her.

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