Moving On From The Past.

Ally Fiams was having the perfect life any 18 year old could dream of. She had the perfect friends, family, & boyfriend. But when she doesn't spend a night with her boyfriend, he gets murdered. She Is very depressed and doesn't know what to do. So her parents ship her off to London to start a new life. Little does she know that she has to shares room with the boy band one direction. Harry Styles is interested in her a lot. She can tell he likes her . But will Ally move
On from the past?


1. Decisions&Life.

Hey, I'm Ally. I live in Califronia, and like everyone says I have the perfect life of a 18-year-old teenager. I have the nicest family adm its hard to believe but we never fight. I have loving friends that are always there when I need them or a shoulder to cry on. I also have my wonderful boyfriend;Dave. We have been together since the beginning of high school.
***Back to story***
I got a text from Dave, it said: 'Hey beautiful, you doing anything tonight? (: <3' I was torn because I had a movie night with my family. I replied saying: ' Hey handsome, well I can't I have movie night with the fam. Tomorrow night?(: <3' He replied in about 30 seconds saying 'Aw, okay babe. Love you and sweet dreams(: <3' iDisk reply and just went downstairs to watch a movie called 'Mirror Mirror' . I thought that it was my turn to pick but it was my 10 year old twin brother and siter who picked. It was 9:30 and the movie was almost over. I have to say it wasn't a bad movie at all. But everyone was asleep so i went in m room and turned on the tv. I put on the news. It said *FLASHING NEWS 18 YEAR OLD BOY MURDERED* I jumped and gasped at the sight. They showed a picture of him and it was my boyfriend; Dave. I started crying and screaming. How could this happen? To me? He was my everything. We did everything together. We truly loved each other and had plans on marrying each other. Well that was Destroyed. I turned off the tv and cried myself to sleep. One of the most craziest and sadist nights in my life.
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