Golden Girl.

First year in the Olympics. It's the London 2012 Olympics. Laura has had her heart set on winning a Gold for GBR in womens synchronised diving since she started swimming lessons. She never really liked swimming, just diving. Laura is 18 years old. She wants to win a gold. It's her first time.


3. Chapter 3.

"3, 2, 1 and go!" Sarah says. I jump, somersault, straighten up and push through the surface of the water. I surface.

"Minimal splash, nicely done, very smooth. Your somersault could use some work though." My coach says. I nod and pull myself out of the pool. I walk along to the replay screen and watch my dive. I point out my own mistakes. I jump into the hottub to warm up.

"Great Britain, you're up!" Me and Sarah look at each other in shock. We just had a dive. We look at our coach. It's not the finals or anything  but even in training we have to have a break. I get up and walk back to the diving board. Even our coach looks confused. We climb to the top. We stay back. This is a run and jump dive. My favourite.

"Ready?" Sarah says. I nod. "3, 2 ,1 Go." We run forwards and jump. Then double somersault and pike. I surface first, before Sarah which is unusual. I go back under water, she's not there. She's not at the hottub either. I panic. My coach pulls me out.

"Hey, hey, chill!" He's calming me. But where's Sarah?

"Where's... Sarah.." I say out of breath.

"I'm up here!" I look up at the diving platform. She's still there. "I ran to the edge but didn't jump." She starts climbing down the ladder.

"You're better at individual than synchro, you know." My coach says. I'm so confused. "We wanted to see if you could pull something like that off by yourself."

"Are you pulling me out of synchro?" I say. He chuckles.

"Heavens no! It's too close to the Olympics to do that, but we want to enter you into individual diving as well?" Another chance at a Gold. Another chance at a medal. "Would you like to?" My face lights up.

"Yes!" He laughs. Sarah hugs me.

"Sorry for scaring you."

"It's ok, just thought you'd drowned, that's all." I laugh. She smiles.

"Anyway, you need to start training. Sarah, your finished here for the day, either train at another diving pool or go relax for the Opening Ceremony tonight." Sarah smiles and walks off. "Right. I want you to do that dive, all over again, please." He says turning to me. My eyes widen. He ushers me to the board. I climb the steps.

"Ready?" I nod to myself. "3, 2, 1, Go!" I run forwards and jump. Then I double somersault and pike.  I surface.

"No splash. Great pike. Much better somersault!" I smile. I spend the rest of the day training as an individual. Then I head back to my flat, shower, eat and change into the GBR Opening Ceremony outfit.

We are at the back of the line but there are screens everywhere for us to see what's going on. It's amazing. Changing from a peaceful country-side to suddenly an industrial revolution. Then the service people. The Mary Poppins. Then Voldemort. It made me laugh. I love that everyone involved were all volunteers. It's brilliant. Then each country starts heading in. I can't wait.

It's finally our turn. We walk through the doors. Tom sees me and calls me over I stay with him and Sarah throughout. It's a long walk but we are taking photos and waving. I smile at the crowd. We get to the hill. We carry on walking, the flag bearer takes the flag up. We stand waiting for the torch. I love how they've arranged the copper petals the girls have been carrying. Steve Redgrave runs in with the torch, the crowd's going wild. I take photos and cheer. Then he does something amazing. Him and six other famous Olympians light the torches of seven newer Olympians- like me. They carry on running to the copper petals attached to long poles. They each light a petal. Then stand back. The petals one by one catch fire in a spiral shape. They start moving upwards. They form the cauldron. I look at Sarah. Wow. I mouth. She smiles. Somethings touching my hand. I look down. Tom's hand is on mine. I don't look at Tom though, I don't want him to let go. I cheer.

It's an amazing sight.

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