Golden Girl.

First year in the Olympics. It's the London 2012 Olympics. Laura has had her heart set on winning a Gold for GBR in womens synchronised diving since she started swimming lessons. She never really liked swimming, just diving. Laura is 18 years old. She wants to win a gold. It's her first time.


1. Chapter 1.

London 2012 is so close. Weeks away. My qualification for the womens synchronisednised diving is today. I'm training in the diving pit with my training partner and friend, Sarah Barrow. She's lovely. She's 23 years old. I'm 18. I climb up the ladder, chuck my towel down to the ground. Walk to the edge.

Toe's hanging over the 10m platform I look straight ahead of me.

"Ready?" Sarah says.

"Yes." I reply.

"3. 2. 1. Go." We stand on our tip-toes. Stretch our arms above our heads. We jump. A pike and triple somersault later we are in the water. I take a second to look around under the water. Then I swim to the surface. I take a breath and swim to the edge. Me and Sarah climb out. We head to the hottub and pick up our towels. We stand and wait for our score. I stare up at the screen.

9.5's across the board. Me and Sarah smile. We get into the hottub and warm ourselves up. It's cold getting straight out of the pool and sitting around. The last team jump.

"We would've easily won silver if this was the Olympics." Sarah says. I smile. I should be pleased. Silver's an amazing accomplishment. But I want a gold. For Great Britain. A gold would be great. "We should find out in a few if we've qualified." She says. A man walks over to me and Sarah.

"Brilliant dive today ladies. Honestly, that would've been silver or gold in the Olympics." Me and Sarah turn and smile to each other. Course that doesn't mean we've qualified. "But you know how this works. So onto the results. Ladies. Pack your bags. Because you're going to the London 2012 Olympics!" We start jumping up and down. It's unproffesional but we're excited. I hug Sarah and she smiles. "Your the youngest female synchronised diver." He says to me. I smile and blush. They'll call me the baby of the group now. "Anyway, I must go now. Start packing!" He walks off.

"See, I told you we could do it!" I say.

"Yeah, but are we really ready for it?" She's concerened.

"It'll be fine. I promise. Even if we don't get gold or silver, or even bronze, at least we made it to the Olympics. That deserves at least a bronze. Maybe a silver?" She laughs at me.

"Is everything medals to you?"

"Not everything." I say, looking over to the men diving. I see Tom Daley practising with Pete. Sarah turns to see what I'm staring at.

"Oh right, medals and Tom." I glare at her hoping Tom didn't hear. "Tom didn't hear that, he's on the other side of the pool sweety." She heads off to the changing room. "Coming? Or going to stalk Tom a bit more?" I follow her into the changing room.

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