Midnight Killer

For years a killer has been roaming the streets of Milard Lane,its only when a brave 14 year old called Rebecca disides to fight back and find the killer and find out who he is.Will she come out alive?


3. The morning lights

I woke up the following morning to light streaming through the gap in my curtains. But it was not the sun. I ran to the window to find all sorts of emergancy vehicles filling the street. What was going on?

"Rebecca, are you awake? can you come down here?" It was mum. She never usually wakes me up this early. I grabbed my dressing down and sprinted down the stairs two at a time. The oak railling helping me to keep my balance.

I stopped dead when I saw mum talking to two police officers in the hallway. I hadn't done anything? Had I?

"honey, I have terrible news." Her face looked pained while she was talking.

"Mum, whats going on" My voice shook. The secen infront of me flashed memories before my eyes. It was 2 years ago I came down to see mum sat at the table with her head between her hands and two policemen crowded around our antique table. My dad was dead, car accident apparantly. I couldn't take it. But this time was different, mum was here and I knew of no other family members.

" The lovely lady next door was murdered last night, and these nice gentlemen just want to ask you if you heard anything." Mum looked at me.

"Did you happen to see or hear anything last night. Your houses are connected together and she put up a fight. Is there anything you want to tell us?" One of policemen looked me in the eyes, notepad at the ready. All three faces were looking at me expectedly, waiting.

"No, sorry. I don't know anything about it"

"very well, if you need anything or remember somthing don't hesitate to talk to our guys next door." And with that they left.

As soon as they were gone mum walked over to me. She placed her hands on my shoulders "are you sure you didn't see anything darling?"

"yeah mum I'm sure. I think I'm gonna go back to bed."

I stood there looking out at the same scene as the night before, but I wasn't calm. Some one had been killed the other side if these walls. What if we were next?

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