Midnight Killer

For years a killer has been roaming the streets of Milard Lane,its only when a brave 14 year old called Rebecca disides to fight back and find the killer and find out who he is.Will she come out alive?


1. Milard Lane

Milard Lane is a dark street with dark people,each with their own dark secrets to tell.This is a story about a fourteen year old called Rebecca.She recently moved to the darkness of Milard Lane with her mum and younger brother.Will she survive or will she get killed?

Rebecca's P.O.V

It was a raining Sunday evening in the summer holidays when me,my mum and my younger brother,Louis moved into a house down Milard Lane.It was one of those houses that had creaky floorboards and rusty window panes with condensation running on the inside and the outside.I hated the creepy atmosphere,I don't get scared easy at all but this gave me the chills. The house was quickly loaded with a ton of cardboard boxes ready to be emptied in the ancient rooms.

Our mum shooed me and Louis up the noisy steps to unpack in our rooms.I sighed,I didnt want to stay in here any longer than I had to.I quickly opened up the boxes and unpacked in my chosen bedroom.It was freezing and I shivered and took out my phone.

no signal,try again later

"Ah crap."I moaned.I needed to get out of here.Hesitantly I grabbed a hoodie and went outside.The rainpour had stopped but there were still masses of grey cloud.Dark and mysterious are two words I would definitely use to describe this town.Walking down the steet I had the strong feeling of being watched.I glanced up at the old windows of passing-by houses.In one I saw an old lady and two little girls.Wow,these windows made people look really pale and ghost-like..a shiver rolled down my spine.I looked around on last time before walking back.I saw an off licence,a small pub and a church.Im guessing it was one of those small ,abandoned towns that is unknown to the outside normal world.

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