Midnight Killer

For years a killer has been roaming the streets of Milard Lane,its only when a brave 14 year old called Rebecca disides to fight back and find the killer and find out who he is.Will she come out alive?


2. Middle of the night

I slowly opened my eyes.It was dark and eerie,the silence was deadly.Rubbing my tired eyes I looked at my watch.1:08AM.I yawned,not the best time for me to be up and about but I felt a need to snoop around.Slowly I got up and closed my bedroom door.It made a horrid squeaky noise.Curse you door.

I softly padded to Louis's room.He was sound asleep.His room was a bit smaller than mine.Something about the room made me feel sad.The tired,half painted walls?The dark,cracked windows?I knew mum was going to get the windows changed and finished of the wall tommorow.Well.Later on today,but it wouldn't take away that weird feeling.

Making my way to mums room,I noticed we had an attic door on the ceiling.Great,somewhere eles to creep the living daylights out of me.Mums room was a lot brighter with white walls and a not-so-nice lemon yellow carpet.Mum had left her lamp on so I went and turned it off.She looked so peaceful when she slept.A lot more calmer than she had in years.I kissed her on her head and snuck out.I disided to go back to my room and just stare out the window until I feel sleepy.

Staring out the window made me realise something.The little town looked almost unscary at night,the stars shone out brightly,the strange little flowers swayed in the moonlight breeze.I smiled.Maybe this town wasnt so bad after all?Thats when I heard a scream that ended my calmness.

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