New Suprises

Kayla is just a normal teenage girl that you would expect to walk past you in the mall, But her life is about to change completely when all she has to do is use her talents, dreams, heart, and believe...


1. Practise Makes Progress.

The sound of my phone gave me the shock that woke me up. It was a bright and sunny morning with the animals talking outside my window. WAIT... wait before you leave im just going to tell you this is not a fantisy Cindarella story.  Now lets get back to the story! It was the day before I was auditioning for a lead roll in a new movie called " My World' ,but as if you couldn't tell I was nervous and going through my lines over and over again! I had never auditioned for a big movie like this before! I wasn't nervouse because of big actors looking at me thinking, " Why the hell is this normal girl auditioning for such a big movie like this.. she should know she has 1% chance of getting a part". No I was scared of stuffing up and making a complete fool of my self in front of the director, producer and camera man!   When it got to the time of the day when my room mate ( yeah I'm 19 years old and I live with my best friend Hazel and have a full time job at a club in Chicago.) As I was saying it got to the time of day when Hazel said " Im off to bed. " I got the most nervouse feeling in my stomach that tomorrow was the day I audition! So I went to bed at 9:00pm just to have a full night sleep to clear my head and relax. It's 1:55am and great going Kayla I hadent fallen asleep or closen my eyes once since I got into bed!

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