I Miss You

Lizzie and Chris have been together for 4 years, but when they both go off to different universitys will they be able to keep their relationship going or will they find new love?


2. I Love You

When we arrived at the prom, the first thing we did was take everything in. It was beautiful. There was a balloon arch where you could get your photo taken so we all walked over together. First me and Chris got our photo taken, well really it was two. The first one was just is standing there but the second one we were hugging ach other and kissing. 'A perfect start,' I thought to myself. Once we were finished with the photos, we went to our table. Ours was near the edge. I liked it. It was as if we were the only ones there. All of the boys were staring at Bella. It was astonishing how she can look that good without putting much thought into it. I was actually still wondering why she didn't have a date, but just as I was thinking about that, a boy, I think his name was Jonathan, came up to us and asked Bella if she wanted to dance. I really hoped she would actually accept this one for once. I felt two hands on my hips and I turned around and saw Chris. Ohmigod he looked so hot. "Why don't we go and have a dance?" he said while swaying me back and forth. "You do know that we are the worst dancers right?" I replied. "Oh who cares," he said quite loudly, but then whispered in my ear, "remember that's not the only thing that you can do on a dance floor." I gave a high pitched laugh. Bella calls that my flirty laugh but to be honest I don't care what it sounds like as long as its a laugh. He grabbed my hand and dragged me over to the dance floor. He pulled me in close. And I mean really close. I could feel his chest moving up and down and feel the warm breath on my head. His hands rested on my hips and gradually got lower until they were on my bum. I grabbed his hands and moved them back up to my hips. We were not doing that in public, especially because there were teachers here. He laughed. He knew it bothered me. "What? Can a boy not show that he loves his girlfriend in public anymore?" I gulped. He just said he loved me. Well not exactly, 'I love you' but he did say love. He could tell I was thinking about it. There was a kind of awkward silence but that soon ended when the dj said it was time for everyone to get up and dance. He played Brokenhearted, my favourite song and at that moment I didn't really care that I couldn't dance. I just cared that I was here with Chris. When the chorus started everyone started singing.


See I've been waiting all day

For you to call me, baby

So let's get up, let's get on it

Don't you leave me Brokenhearted tonight

Come on, that's right


Everyone was jumping up and down to the music. Chris whispered something in my ear but I honestly didn't hear it. The next second his lips were pressed up against mine. It wasn't just a light peck on the lips. It was a proper passionate kiss. Everyone was still jumping up and down and when the song was over everyone started chanting, "Again. Again." A smile grew on Chris's face and he whispered something in my ear. But this time I knew exactly what he said. I replay it in my mind all the time. "I love you." So I said the only thing that you could really say, "I love you to." The rest of the night was nothing compared to that moment. I knew that there was nothing that could have made it better. Maybe one thing but let's not go into any details.

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