My after life.

This is a book about Lilly-Rose, she woke up to find something scary and got murdered, this is a story about her before and after life.


2. The begining.

My eyes open, it's so bright, where am I. It's getting clearer now, I'm still in my garden but I can see myself, a grey lifeless body, Oh gosh I'm dead. I feel free, I feel like I'm as light as a feather. I don't know why my father did this to me, it's so unfair, I had a wonderful life and now it's ruined, I think. I want to see what my father is doing now, before I died he said,

'It was either you or your mother.' Why did he pick me and how did he come to the conclution. As I go in through the back door I hear talking, I think it's my Father but I can't hear my Mother, I wonder how she is, I hope she's okay. It's really spooky and cold, even though they can't hurt me anymore I feel like they know  I'm here. I got to the stairs and the talking was louder, my Father is talking with people but I don't know who it is and it's definitely not my mother. I peer into my Fathers bedroom and I can see my mother on the bed and still asleep, my Father is loading all of his valuables into a sack that another man is holding, I think their robbers, I thought my Mother would of woken up by now.

"Put all of it in, now!" One of the men wispered in a harsh voice. My Father looks scared but why did he kill me, why did he have to kill me?

"Why did I have to kill my daughter?" said my Father. "Because, you have owed us hundreds of pounds and she was worth only half of that!"

"So what will be worth the other half?"

"Hehe, you and your wife!" In that moment he shoved a knife in my fathers heart, he screamed so so loud it ringed in my head for ages on. After father they went for mother and strangeled her untill her chest raised for the last time. My family is dead and so is my loved ones...

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