My after life.

This is a book about Lilly-Rose, she woke up to find something scary and got murdered, this is a story about her before and after life.


3. Finding mum and dad

Im lonley, and upset, I though that I could look over my parents for at least another fourty years, and now their gone. Wait, my parents are dead, and so am I, mabye I can find them in heaven. I will do anything to see them again, even if it means dying a second time, even though I dont know if it is possible. I've found out that I can float, last night I travelled around the world, it was amazing, I found relatives like my Auntie lucie in New Zeland, if I can't find anyone closer to London then I wil go and watch over her.

Being immortal is amazing, you get to explore new things and being invisible to everyone is amazing, I miss my family so much but I am starting to get used to the new old. Mainly being immortal is lonley and terrible like when your on your own watching the world pass by, I hope that It will get better.

The next morning I wake up to be in a totaly diffrent place, its bright and a pain to get used to.

"Good morining Lily, nice sleep?" A known voice said.

"Um, hi, where am I?"

"Heaven, Open your eyes, look me in the eye and tell me who I am." The voice said happily.

I opened my eyes, it was blurry at first but then it all came into view, I gave a wide smile, it was Mum and Dad. Im so happy they found me.

"Oh my gosh, how did I get her and how did you find me?" I said jumping up and giving them a big hug. I wonder how long it took for them to find me.

"We found you last night, you where next to the house sleeping, we flew with you to New Zeland and back, you just didn't notice us. Come with us, we have found the rest of the family." Said mum flying over to the door.

"Awsome, where are they?" I asked.

"Just through that door and then find our family sir name." Said my ghost of a dad.

I walked into a room to people i don't even know, there weird and I can't even recognise them...

"Mum, who are these people." I wispered.

"I have no clue."...

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