How to save a life

This story is about a girl who is at the beach with her friend and it all goes drasticly wrong.

this is a short story to begin with but tell me if u want me to go on


1. The beach

It was the perfect day for the beach gulls squarking children laughing waves laping!


Me and my friend isobel was listening to one direction she says to me she dosnt like them but she does.Well me im absoloutly gaga for them.

"do you want to go in the sea?" Isobel asks

"sure,;ast one in the sea has to get pushed in the water!" i screamed whilst running as fast as i can.

well of course i won becase i got  a major head start so i got to push isobel in the water and she got really wet beacause i picked the right moment to push her in because a wave came and went over her.

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