How to save a life

This story is about a girl who is at the beach with her friend and it all goes drasticly wrong.

this is a short story to begin with but tell me if u want me to go on


2. drowning

we kept on pushing each other in the water as fun and we kept on getting deeper and  deeper when ISoble gave a last push  and i fell down a cliff of sand which went really deep. I couldnt swim up because there was a ripp current so i couldnt fight against it.all i could hear was Isobels scream!


"hellp hellp hellp!" she screamed

i kept on pushing to climb up but i couldnt i kept on falling down down down untill complete darkness my eyes shut i stopped breathing stopped moving i was dead i knew it!

my blood stopped pumping my heart stopped beating i was no more!

Isobels POV:

HELLPP HELLPP i screamed

finnally someone came over and and swam down and got her he pulled her up and took her up onto the sand. everyone gathered around i was now crying this boy gave her mouth to mouth she didnt come through. All of a sudden the ambulunce came and took her in the ambulunce i demanded o come with her and they let me. i grabbed our stuff and thanked the boy for getting her out the water. And we wentto the ambulunce i Rang Erins parents but their wasnt any awnser so i rang her brother and he came straight away with his friend.


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