The Lovers

Valentina grew up in mullingar & made a couple friends. Niall Horan being her bestfriend. she moved to new jersey which was all the way in the USA. it was hard for Niall because of the time differences. she encouraged him to go to xfactor. they finished tour & Niall wanted Valentina to meet the boys.


7. chapter 7

"you've changed. y'know. you weren't like this before you met the boys. I'm starting to think they're a bad influence on you." Niall finished & looked at me. I sighed because I knew that this wasnt the last time im gonna hear This. "Niall maybe I did change. but now you know how I felt when you got into X factor & you just turned to a totally different character trait. I like this Valentina better. I'm always happy & I haven't cut in a while ni. isn't that what you've always wanted? you wanted me to stop cutting. Niall they make me happy.i think you're gonna have to accept me this way." I said standing up & walking away.

I walked back to Harry's room & I saw the 3 boys surrounding Harry while he shook in laughter. "you okay there?" I said smiling at Harry. who shot his head up at me. he nodded & smiled. I walked to one of the chairs & sat down. I watched as the 3boys sat there telling the boy who was now laying in the hospital bed about 13 corny jokes. Harry laughed at all of them. 

"why did the mushroom go to the party?" Louis asked & Harry bit his lip to hold back the laughter. "why?"Liam asked smiling. "because he was a fungui." Louis said & Zayn broke into laughter & made the bed shake. Harry finally caved & broke into laughter too. Liam was the only one who didn't go overboard like they did.

Niall came in 2O minutes later & looked at me. "hey guys. I'm gonna go. im gonna go home I'm pretty tired." he said & waved. they all waved except me. I sat there in my chair looking down at my feet.

"bye blondie." Louis said & blew him a kiss. Niall chuckled & said bye & left."what exactly happened when he left earlier?" liam said sitting next to me. "uhm. y'know normal things. hormones." I said & shrugged. I felt a pair of eyes on me. they weren't liams. I looked up & saw harry staring at me with a smile on his face. 

"that's not what happened. just tell me." Liam said & looked at me. his eyes looked sincere. I needed to tell someone about how i felt. i needed to vent. maybe Liam was that person I could do that to. "he started talking about how I change & I'm always with Harry." I said pointing to Harry.

"maybe he just misses you love." Liam said tugging on his shirt. "well I talked to him basically every single day while he was at boot camp & flew around. so I actually think he's annoyed of my voice. wouldn't you be?" I said & raised an eyebrow at Liam. he shrugged & patted me on the back.

"cause that makes this situation a whole lot better?" I said & he laughed. "listen go home get ready because Harry's coming out tonight." he said in a whispered tone. I nodded & walked up to the bed & kissed Harry cheek & waved Louis ,Zayn& Liam bye.


I went home to find my house spotless clean. Laura was on the couch sleeping so I threw her a pillow & told her to choose my clothes. she groaned & stood up. she gave me a bright blue crop top shirt with denim shorts & black & white vans. I quickly changed & after fighting with Laura for her to tell me my birthday present she left the house & I called her but she ignored the calls.

not little after that Harry came home perfectly fine. like the car crash never happened. "uh Harry?" I asked & he stood up & went to the kitchen & came back with a water bottle. "whats up babe?" he said sitting down next to me on the couch. 

"what happened to every thing all over your face?" I asked &soft laugh escaped from my lips. "doctor put some cream on. does it look that bad?" he asked & turned his head to look at me. "uh. it looks great. it's just it looks like nothing ever happend." I said & played with his curls.

"I think that's the point of the cream love." he said & laughed. "well im bored. let's go do something it's my birthday& it's only 8pm. we've been in that hospital for a long time I just wanna party." I said & he laughed. "alright. we're going out tonight with the boys & Laura so what you're wearing is perfect let me go get ready." he said & kissed my forehead & walked up the stairs to my room.

I felt vibration on the couch. it wasn't my phone. mine was upstairs. probably Laura's or Harry's. I searched the couch & finally found it. it was Harry's. "HARRY! PHONE!" I yelled & I heard the shower running. "JUST PICK IT UP!" he yelled back. I shrugged &pressed answer not bothering to check caller ID.

"hello?" I said & i heard nothing. "helloooo?" I said a bit louder. then I heard a snicker. "hey beyotch." that voice. so familiar. "so I heard its your slutty asses birthday." who's voice was that? wait. it was her. it was the girl I slapped at the party!

what's her name Amaya? Anya? Ayanna? yeah that's what I was! AYANNA! "what do you want." I said &then I heard the shower stop. "your boyfriend." she said & I could basically hear her smirking. "too bad you can't have him." I said & she burst out laughing.

"oh sweetie. I can have WHOEVER I want. I always get them anyways. so don't even try to protect your precious boyfriend. or should I say ex?" she said. "y'know what? go fuck yourself. what in the fucking world did I do to you? why do you want him so bad? you can have plenty of other guys! but why would you choose Harry? LEAVE HIM & ME THE FUCK ALONE ." I said & hung up.

Harry walked in with the towel wrapped around his waist. he raised an eyebrow at me. "stupid bitch." I said & he nodded. he knew exactly who I was talking about. his phone started ringing again. "hello?" I said with an annoyed tone In my voice.

"this isn't over." Ayanna said & hung up. what'd she mean by this isn't over? what was she gonna do?kill me? haha. that isnt possible. "love what should I wear?" Harry yelled. "WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT STYLES!" I yelled back. I was annoyed. really annoyed that stupid slut keeps calling MY boyfriend. I took Harry's phone & checked his calls. all the calls she made to him we're missed calls. 

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. "what's up with you?" he said standing in front of me. "nothing." I said & he stood there looking at me like if I was a fucking wall. "why are you looking at me like that?" I said rolling my eyes at him.

"because you're giving me attitude & I haven't done anything to you. explain." he said crossing his arms. "Ayanna." I said & he nodded & his lips moved Into a soft smile. "you idiot. you find this funny? I'm annoyed out my fucking ass & you're standing there smiling like an idiot. who does that?" I said. I'm mad. when I'm mad I take it out anybody. I don't care I just do.

he placed his hands on my shoulder. I pushed them off my shoulder & he placed them again. "leave me alone I'm not in the mood." i said & rolled my eyes at him. "really? you're not in the mood? what about for this?" he said & crashed his lips with mine. his lips moved in the same movement mine did. I pulled away noticing he only had a towel wrapped around his waist.

"lets continue this when you have clothes on." i said & he nodded & went upstirs. i went upstairs after a while & he was already dressed up. i ws standing in the door frame. i was leaning on it. he turned around & saw me there. i walked over to him & tugged at bottom of his shirt. he was wide eyed. I smirked & pressed my lips against his. I heard a door close."EWWW MY EYES." Louis said & Harry pulled away & started laughing.

 "Lou! stop ruining things!" I said & stood up. "sorry for ruining  your sexual moment." he said & bit his lip so he could hold back his laughter. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABESSSS!!!" he said & gave me the biggest hug ever.

"Harry's really bad at choosing ballons." Lou said while playing with one of the ballons in my room. I nodded. he looked at Harry who was still laying on the bed. then winked at me. he jumped on top of Harry. like literally on top. then he started making moaning sounds. I was dying of laughter. it looked like he was humping him. it was so funny.

"harrryyyyyy" Louis said & continued moaning. "what do you want Lou?" Harry said annoyed & pushed Lou off. Louis started to fake cry & I went over to him & I fake cried too. "Lou its okay. he only let's me do that to him." I said & patted Louis back.

"lucky you're a girl. I can't get him horny for nothing." he said putting a pout.I started dying of laughter. "she can't do it either Lou." Harry said & laughed. I raised an eyebrow. "is that so?" I asked & pointed to the bed for him to sit. 

"yeah you cant do it." he said & smirked. "Harry don't challenge a girl in this occasion. she'll prove you wrong. VERY wrong." Louis said & patted him on the shoulder & walked out the room. "y'know he's right Harry." I said &passed my hand through his curly hair. he chuckled. "how is he right?" he said & sat up. he put his hands on the back of my thighs & pulled me his direction.

"because you don't know what girls are capable of doing." I said & smirked. "& what are girls capable of doing that guys can't do ?" he said & looked up & raised an eyebrow up at me. I laughed. "many things Harry.many things." I said got of his grip. 

he looked at me  "enlighten me." he said & smirked. I thought about something. then I got it. "Harry take off all your clothes." I said & he looked at me wide eyed. I laughed & he just stared at me like I was crazy. then shook his head. "why not?" I said & sat on his lap. "because." he said &Wrapped his arms around my waist& rested his head on my shoulder. "you may continue Harry." I said & laughed.

"well because I know you don't want this to happen now." he said & kissed my cheek. I laughed & cleared my throat. "wow Harry. I never said I wanted that. " I cleared my throat again. "but since you thought of it." I said & unbuttoned my pants. he stared at me in shock. 

"no Valentina. I don't want this right now." he said & buttoned my pants up again. "alright then whatever you say." I said & walked towards my door. "wait." he said & grabbed my wrist & spun me around so I would face him. "hi." I said smiling. he laughed. "happy birthday baby." he said & kissed both my cheeks then licked his lips & softly pressed his lips against mine.

I wrapped my hands around his neck & his at my waist. we stayed there for a moment. till we had to let go so we could catch our breath. he laughed & I laughed with him. "you're laugh is adorable." he said & I felt my cheeks flush a quick red. "thank you babe." I said & unwrapped my hands from his neck but he didn't let go of my waist.

I tried to move but he stayed in place. "can't we just stay here forever?" he said & shook my head. "I wanna leave!" I said & louis came in. "did you do it valentina?" he said & looked at Harry's buddy. I shook my head. "but I will. & it'll be unexpected." I said & smiled at Harry who seemed lost.

"Harry lets go." I said & he took his hands away from my waist& walked out the door.  " I WAS SUPPOSE TO GO FIRST HARRY STYLES!" Louis yelled & ran out the door to Harry. Louis was very childish. I left my room & saw Harry & Louis holding hands. 

"Harry aren't you MY boyfriend ?" I said & they both looked up at me. " it's not what it looks like" he said & tried to pull away from Louis hand but Louis had a grip on it. I think he was holding onto it like It was his own child. harry stood there & waited for Louis to let go. but he never did. "uh where are we going?" I asked & Harry shrugged & so did louis.

"where are we walking?" I asked & Harry turned around & let go of Louis hand. he stopped me & stood infront of me. "stop asking where we are going." he said & I nodded. then he turned around &Louis squeezed his butt. but he walked like it was something normal. I heard music & then I saw Harry stop & text someone really fast & then the music went away. probably a car.

then  we arrived at a house. it was huge. but silent. it was dark too. "Harry why are we-" I was cut off by about 50-100 people yelling surprise! I was so in shock. Harry placed his hand on my back & led me to the back. there stood my best friend looking beautiful as ever. Even though she was just wearing blue high wasted shorts with a pink shirt that hugged her stomach perfectly with grey converse. she looked beautiful. she was always beautiul.

she cleared her throat & I noticed I was staring. "hey." I said & smiled at her. "hey? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!" she said & I laughed & she pulled me into a big hug. "thank you." I said to her but she shook her head lightly & pointed to Harry. "thank him love." she said & Harrys cheeks flushed with crimson red. 

I wrapped my hands around his neck & pressed my lips against his. I felt him smile into the kiss. "they're at it again Liam." I heard Louis said. I pulled away & laughed. Laura stood there smiling. I looked around the room taking in how beautiful he set this up. as soon as my eyes fell on my sister. my sister? she's here? what in the world. "excuse me." I said walking into the crowd as some said happy birthday & I thanked them &smiled.

there she was. wearing a dress. a baby blue dress. that floated but looked perfect on her. "hey sis." she said like nothing ever happened. did she not remember when she kicked me out the house after mom died? yeah my mom died a few years back. but after that happened I was only 14 & my own blood sister kicked me out. 

"what are you doing here?" I said & placed my hands on my hips. "doing what everybody else is doing celebrating your birthday." she said & placed a chip into her mouth & smiled at me. "do you not remember?" I asked & she nodded & gave me a smile. a sad smile. "but I only did it for your own good." she said & gave me genuine smile. I scoffed. "I was 14." I growled& she nodded. "but you would've grown up as a bad teen if I let you stay there. I know what's good for you Tina." she said.

the back of my eyes stung of the tears that wanted to come out but I pushed them away. she called me Tina. tina was thename my mom & sister called me. "why didn't you ever call?" I asked letting my hands go of my hips & now at my sides. "because you didn't need me." she said & the sad smile appeared. "when I was 14 I wasn't responsible. I wasn't like you. you didn't need anybody when you were 14. you were independent." she continued. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I quickly brushed it away. 

I gave her a soft smile. "I've missed you a lot Maddy." I said & she smiled & pulled me into a hug. I sniffed her hair. it smelled like vanilla. "I see your still the weirdo you are huh?" she said & I laughed into her hair. she pulled away & I saw her eyes pooled with tears.

"I uh. I'd like you to meet someone." I said & grabbed her hand & led her to harry. I placed my hand on his shoulder & he turned around. "baby." he said & I smiled. "i want you to meet my sister Harry." I said & he looked to the girl or should I say woman next to me & looked at me wide eyed. "you guys are like twins." he said. "but I'm prettier." my sister joked. he laughed. 

"I'm sorry to break it down to ya but you're sister is beautiful ." he said to her & slung his arm over my shoulder. "I have like 3,000 people for you to meet." I said & she nodded. "not in one night tho Tina." she said. I smiled as she mentioned the nickname. Harry turned me around to find Liam, Zayn, Niall. yeah I said it Niall & Louis standing there with smiles on their faces.

"for example these are my four best friends." I said & pointed to each of them. she smiled. "this is liam." I said & brought her to Liam & he smiled at her. "nice to meet you love." he said & she smiled. "british ?" she said & after that word I remembered all the times me & her tried to impersonate A British accent.

he nodded & chuckled lightly. then I moved onto zayn. "this is Zayn." I said & he took out his hand & she shaked it happily. then I saw Niall. oh crap. "er.this is niall. you remember him don't you? he was the one that ate all our gummy bears & chips." I said & she nodded. she wrapped her hands around his neck & his hands rested on her waist. "I haven't seen you till... wow." he said & looked at her. 

she pulled away & smiled. I moved onto Louis. "& finally the incredible Louis tomlinson." I said in a funny voice & he stood there with a raised eyebrow. & my sister shaking in laughter. "I prefer the sass master from Doncaster please." he said & I raised an eyebrow as In huh? he gasped. "you're not a directioner?" he asked & I shook my head.

 "I uh. only listened to your music lou." & then my sister placed her hand on the top of my chest. "oh my god." she said & I gave her questioning look. "please tell me you remember this song." she said & I heard the lyrics. "here she goes again." I said & looked at her as she led Niall to the dance floor he knew exactly what song this was.

'put your drinks up. put yo put yo drinks up.' this song was a throwback. it was the song me, niall &my sister first ever danced to. that's the only reason we remembered this song "wow your sisters crazy." Louis whispered into my ear. "how old?" he asked & then I realized. my sister wasn't 19 anymore. she was 23. wow. 

"23." I said & he walked to her. I felt hands snake around my waist. "hey love." a husky voice said. I turned myself around & faced harry. "I can't believe you did all of this." I said & led him up stairs. no idea where in the world whose house or what room I was going to. "turn left." he said & I turned left & saw a 'do not disturb' sign on there. "yours?" I asked & he nodded & I twisted the door knob.

I found basically nothing. then I noticed all of his stuff was at my house. so I just stood there in front of Harry. while he looked at me. "you're amazing." I said & he shook his head. "no im not." he said & laughed. "if you weren't you wouldn't have done this for me." I said & placed my hands on his neck as he placed his on my waist.

"no that just means I'm a good boyfriend." he said & smirked. "I love you Harry." I said. then i realized what I just said. his eyes were wide eyed. he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. I laughed. "it's okay." I said & he shook his head. "no. Valentina. I'm in love with you. I love you. you don't know how much." he said & I giggled.

"you don't have to lie Harry." I said & he shook his head. "I'm not lying." he said & pressed his lips hard against mine. "I genuinely love you baby." he said as he pulled away from the kiss. I chuckled. "I love you too Harry." I said & he frowned. "what?" I asked & poked his cheeks. "you haven't opened my present yet." he said & he let go of my waist & grabbed my hand.

he led me down the stairs quickly Almost making me fall but I didnt. "Harry where are we-wow." I said & placed my eyes on the giant wrapped present in front of me. "open it." he said & let go of my hand. I pointed to the giant present infront me. "this one?" I asked & he nodded. this kid really was amazing. I slowly opened the gift & under was a giant teddy bear that was holding a heart & a tuxedo. then inside the heart was a promise ring. "Harry its beautiful." I said placing the ring on my finger.

I gave the teddy bear a hug. then opened my arms to hug Harry but he shook his head & pointed to the heart. "more?" I asked & he nodded. I turned around & place the teddy bear on the table & after a minute or two of looking for something inside the heart I found nothing.

 I turned around & saw Harry holding up a sweater, shirt,& two hats. the sweater read  'Harry styles is the best boyfriend In the entire world I love him'. the shirt read 'nice to meet you I'm Harry styles girlfriend.' I burst out laughing at that one. oh my god. this kid was too much. then I placed my eyes On the two hats. 'in love with her.' & 'in love with him.' i put on the one that said 'in love with him.' & hugged him. 

I felt eyes on me. then I heard a bunch of awwws. then I pulled away. "I'm telling you. you really are amazing babe." I said & he placed a kiss on my forehead. "I'm even better in bed." he whispered in my ear & I laughed. "I'll see about that." I said & he winked. I turned around & saw tanaya standing there. with a smile on her face. I made my way towards her.

"hi tanaya" I said & she waved. "happy birthday love." she said &pulled me into a hug. "he's something special. don't let him go." she whispered into my ear. I pulled away & nodded. I turned to look at Harry who was smiling & waving at the people around us. "I appreciate everything you've done for me." I started off & he nodded. "you helped me stop cutting. thank you. I would be dead right now if you didnt help me out."

"you are just. I don't know I can't find the words." I said & he laughed. "one word. attractive." he said & I burst out laughing. after a while of me laughing everyone started to look at us. "yes Harry you are." I said & placed the 'I'm in love with her' hat on him & he smiled & mouthed 'ilove you' to me & I smiled & mouthed back 'I love you too.' & blew him a kiss & he pretended to catch it.

 I walked over to the boys & saw my sister &louis were getting along."hey guys." I said & they looked at me & Harry's hats. they smiled &awwed. Harry put down the teddy bear & the shirt & sweater under the table with the rest of the gifts.i turned around & saw a familiar face. then I saw that the person was trying to hide from me. "excuse me guys." I said & walked towards the direction the person was going.

then it headed out the door I followed & then I saw the  blonde strand of hair fall out the grey hoodie. I felt myself almost fall on my knees. it couldn't be. "hailey?" I said as my voiced crack on the name. she turned around & there she was. hailey obama. no not the presidents daughter. hailey obama the popular girl from my old school that was my so called best friend but back stabbed me in the back by telling everyone all of my secrets. 

I never forgave her for that. "what are you doing here?" I said as I saw her face turn red. "I wanted to wish you a happy 18th birthday I guess, look im sorry wouldn't blame you if you're still mad at me about 7th & 8th." she said & i nodded. i turned around to face my door but i stopped myself. "who uh. invited you here?" i asked & she pointed at someone behind me. "him." she said & i turned around & saw niall standing there. 

"uh, yeah. i forgot about what happened with you guys back then but look. you're girls . make up already. valentina this happened in the 7th grade. let it go. the secrets weren't even that interesting. everybody forgot about them after 2 weeks." niall said & shrugged. "he's uh right. valentina. why can't we just become the best friends we use to be?" she asked & i looked into her eyes & saw she truly was sorry. 

I smiled at her & she smiled back & opened her arms I opened mine & we hugged. "thank you." she said & I was thinking at the back of my head why did she say thank you? "come on girls. let's go in." Niall said & gestured us inside. as me & hailey caught up on things I found out a few things about her & that she really has changed. I told her Everything thats going on with me & she listened & gave her opinion on things.

"so who are you in love with?" she said & pointed up to the hat & smiled. I saw Harry laughing & talking to Laura & Liam. "that amazing boy over there with the same hat." I said & grabbed her hand & walked her through the crowd till Harry's eyes fell on mine. "Harry. this is hailey." I said & pointed to hailey who was smiling.

"nice to meet you hailey. I'm Harry." he said & she nodded. "hailey so have you got a boyfriend?" Harry said & hailey looked down at her feet & I nudged Harry with my elbow in his stomach. "uh. kinda. his names  Ricky." she said & put her hand on her elbow. "Ricky? ricky Diaz?" I asked & then the memories flooded in. middle school. ah the good & bad days.

"yeah. the one that use to be in love with you back in 6th grade." she said & I nodded. he was a total geek. I'm guessing he grew out of that because knowing hailey she'll never end up with a loser. "so where is he?" Harry asked. "Harry." I muttered & hailey shook her head. "it's alright Val." she said & laughed. "he's home." she said & Harry nodded. "im gonna go talk to the rest of the guests Harry." I said & grabbed haileys hand. then I turned my head & saw Laura staring down at the ground. shit.

how could I forget to introduce my best friend to my ex soon to be best friend. "hey. I think I have to go. look I'll call you or you call me. but I really have to go. love you lots. happy birthday love." hailey said & have me a quick hug & peck on the cheek. I said a couple hi's to the people in the crowd & quickly searched for Laura. then my eyes landed on a girl who was sitting on a couch drinking something. "laly!" I yelled & she looked my direction & smiled. I walked over to her.

"hey where are the rest of the boys babe?" I asked noticing she wasn't sitting next to any of the boys. she pointed to the left & there I saw the 5 boys. playing beer pong. Liam,Zayn & Niall. against Louis & Harry. Harry & Louis were losing. "Harrys gonna get drunk. I'm gonna have to deal with it." I said & Laura nodded. "so I forgot to thank you! for everything! for being apart of this & for being there even with my mood swings when I had my period." I said & gave her a big hug.

"haha! you're welcome but Harry mostly did everything." she said & smiled. "i know. I thanked him." I said & smiled. i was 18 I turned 18 today. so many things happened today. "I'm proud of having a boyfriend like that. he was at the hospital & he came out of there tired but not to go home & sleep but to prepare a party for his girlfriend. I'm proud of him. I'm thankful too." I said & Laura smiled.

"so who was that girl you were with earlier?" she asked & looked down at her feet. "grammar school buddy." I said & she nodded. "so tell me. I saw Louis & your sister getting kind of y'know. " she said & wiggled her eyebrows. I laughed at her fail. "no way." I said & quickly searched for Louis & my sister. "they're over there." she said & pointed to the table where there were drinks. 

there they were talking & my sister was blushing. "wanna have some fun?" i asked Laura & she nodded & quickly got up. "so this is what we're gonna do. we're gonna trick my sister that Louis is gay." I said & she nodded. we walked over to Louis "hey Lou." Laura said & he waved. "hey louis" I said & he smiled. "so have you told her?" Laura started off & I tried to put on a serious face.

"told her what?" Louis asked & raised an eyebrow. "er. well y'know. why you & the boys hang out a lot." I said & he smiled. "she knows." he said & I raised an eyebrow. I knew he thought we were talking about one direction. "oh okay. good I didn't think I could keep a secret from my sister." I said & he raised an eyebrow so did my sister. "oh so hi my names Laura. you are ?" Laura said to my sister who took her hand out for Laura to shake.

Laura shaked it & smiled. "my names Madelaine. people call me Maddy though." she said & fixed her eyes on Louis. "so Louis. when's your date?" Laura asked & he raised an eyebrow. "for you & Zayn?" Laura continued & he mouthed a 'what' to her & she just smiled. "you did tell her you're gay right?" she continued & his eyes were wide eyed. "uh he didn't tell me that..." my sister said & I saw her tense up. she felt totally uncomfortable. "I'm not gay." he said sending me & Laura death glares. 

Laura cleared her throat & I looked at her & I saw her there waiting for me to say something. if I say something about him being gay he'll murder me. "just kidding. he's straight." I said & he nodded & my sister sighed.a relieved sigh. what in the world? "so we're just gonna go." Laura said & awkwardly pulled me & walked away.

"so what now?" I asked Laura as we walked back to the couch earning hi's from like 1O people. I'm still shocked that Harry invited basically everyone. tap tap. I felt on my shoulder. I turned around & saw a girl with white shorts with a pink shirt & grey shoes. 

"hey. uhm are you Valentina?" she asked. she smiled & I returned the smile & nodded. "so you're Harry's girlfriend?" she asked me & I nodded. her smile turned even wider. "happy birthday love." she said & I smiled "thank you." I said. we stayed there for a second & I finally spoke up. "uhm. sorry but I don't mean to be rude but. who are you?" I asked & she chuckled.

"I'm Leslie. Harry's best friend." she said & I nodded. "er." Laura said & nudged me. "oh! sorry!" I said. "Laura this is leslie. Leslie this is Laura." I said & gestured who was who. they both nodded. "wait. you're Laura?" she asked & Laura nodded. "you really are gorgeous." she said & Laura blushed. "sorry it's that I talk to the boys & when I'm texting Liam all he talks about is how beautiful you are." she said & smiled.

"oh my god." Laura said & facepalmed. I laughed & so did Laura. "so how'd you & Harry meet?" I asked & she sat down on the couch & I followed her movement & so did Laura. "well we met in grammar school" she started off. "we became best friends there. then we went to high school together & we uh. became a couple." she said & started playing with her fingers. 

"then when he tried out for Xfactor we broke apart. so we finally got in touch about 5 months ago." she said & looked up from her fingers to us. "how'd you guys meet?" she asked me & raised an eyebrow. "well Niall was my best friend when we were little & same thing happened to me. he tried out for Xfactor & we lost touch." I said & she nodded. "then we started skyping & all those things & he showed up at my house a week before my birthday & he wanted me to meet the boys."I said & she smiled. but not at me.

"hi." a husky voice said from behind me & placed a hand on my shoulder. "Harry!" she said & jumped on him & hugged him. "I've missed you so much!" she said & he stood there awkwardly not knowing where to put his hands to hold her. "I've missed you too leslie." he said & kissed the top of her head. 

she finally got off him & then sat down. "so Ive seen you've met Leslie." he said & sat on top of me. I wrapped my arms around his waist. "yeah. we've met."she said & smiled at me. "good." he said & then kissed the back of my hand. "Harry. are you drunk?" Laura asked & he shook his head like a little kid & started laughing. 

"I'm not drunk." he slurred & laughed. "oh yes you are child." Leslie said & stood up & patted his head. "excuse me. my boyfriends here." she said & walked towards the guy in the middle of the crowd. "Valentina." Harry said &tried standing up but fell next to me. "what?" I asked & looked at Laura who was laughing at his fail.

"shut up." he growled. "calm your 4nipples." Laura said laughing. oh lord. this wasn't gonna end good. "shut up you whore." he said & laughed. "I am not a whore." Laura snapped & stood up to fix her shorts. "yes you are. you went for Louis then liam. you'll probably try Zayn next.& then Niall. then probably after me." he said & started laughing. 

I hit him in the stomach. "Harry . be quiet." I said & he looked at me & cupped my face & pressed his lips against mine. "Harry you're such a- a" Laura said trying to think of what to call Harry."spit it out." he said & smirked. "an idiot." she said & he put his hand over his heart. "ouch. nice comeback." he said & smirked.

Laura rolled her eyes & walked away. Harry fell asleep on top of me. my sister came up to me & pointed to Harry & raised an eyebrow. "already?" she said & I sighed & nodded. "same thing with Louis." she said & sat next to me. "where's Louis by the way?" I asked & she pointed to the guy who was making out with a girl who had a white flowy shirt & black shorts & brown sandals."oh..." I said & stood up.

 a lot of people were already gone. there was only like 1Opeople left out of the 5O peopled. there were gifts on top of gifts. there was a lot. I walked towards Niall who was sitting down by himself. "hey." I said & he half smiled. "hi." he said & patted the seat next to him. 

I had the perfect view of Harry. I was looking at him. he laid himself down & was sound asleep. "bye have a nice birthday." each of my 5 high school friends said giving me each hugs& kisses. "thank you." I said & smiled. 

"wow. everyone's almost gone." Niall said & stood up & fixed his chinos. "Niall. everyone is gone. it's just us & the drunk boys." I said & he laughed. there was a silence. "y'know.i kinda miss those days where we didn't have a care in the world." Niall said & sat back down & slung his arm over me.

I saw Harry moving. he looked uncomfortable. "I know. I kinda miss highschool." I said & he laughed. "remember Ms.Orlando?" he said & I laughed at the & Niall were always the ones to make trouble. 

"remember that time when we-" before Niall could finish Harry cut him off. "hey baby." Harry said. he didn't sound as drunk as he was before. he sat next to me. he looked at Niall then to me. "hey Harry." I said & he was shooting death glares to Niall & nialls arm slowly left my shoulder. "so what were you guys talking about?" he said & slung his arm over me. I placed my head on his shoulder. 

"old times" I said & stood up & stretched. "I wanna go home." I said & Harry nodded. he stood up & waved bye to Niall & I did the same. "bye happy birthday Val." he said & I smiled & Harry took my hand & intertwined our fingers. "what about the gifts harry?" I said & pointed to the pile of gifts. 

"tomorrow." he said & took off the hat & shook his head & moved his hair the right. I nodded. we came out if the house into the cold night. I looked at my phone which was ringing. 'your best friend' I picked up & I heard laughing. 

"Laura." i said & I heard giggling. "hey loser." she slurred. "are you drunk?" I asked & she laughed "put your boyfriend on." she said & I passed the phone to Harry. "hey lau- whoa." he said & I raised an eyebrow. his face expression changed. "uhm. you won't remember everything you just said right now." then I saw him hang up. 

"whats up?" I asked & he shook his head. "wait do you know where we're going?" I aske & he nodded. it wasnt the same street we went up to get to their flat. "we're just not going home." he said & winked. "then where are we going styles?" I said & he laughed. "to a park." he said & I nodded. 

"we're going to have the best day ever." he said in an American accent. "you suck at American accents." I said & he mimicked me. "shush" I said & he stopped walking. "we're here." he said & looked at the two swings & the grass & the slide. it wasn't too big but it was beautiful. 

"wow." I said & he nodded. "I know." he said & grabbed my hand & led me towards the swings. "whoever gets there last has to be the slaves winner for a week." he said & I nodded. I ran towards the swings & got there first. "HAHA." I said & put a pouty face. "I let you win." he said & I laughed. 

"did not." I said & he nodded. I looked at his arms & the cuts were still visible. "can I- can I see the cuts?" I said & he stopped swinging & nodded. I walked over to him & I passed my fingers through the cuts softly. he winced when I touched the one near the vein. I remembered when that happened to me. every single time Niall would pass his fingers through my cuts &I would wince.

I yawned. I was tired. if I laid down any where I would fall asleep. "can we go home? let's come back tomorrow." I said & he nodded. I grabbed his hand & we walked through the grass to the exit. 

the walk home was silent. when we got home all we heard was laughing. we went up the stairs & into my room to find Laura with leslie. "uh. hey guys" I said & Leslie looked up & started to laugh. "what's sk funny?" Harry asked & Laura stood up. she pointed to me.

"what?" I asked & she began laughing too. "okay come on get up Leslie lets get you home." harry said & she shook her head. "no Harry." she said & started giggling. "Leslie you're going home & that's final." he said with a stern voice. she was still giggling.

they both left the room & went downstairs. I heard no giggling after that. I went downstairs to grab a bottle of water but saw Leslie & Harry in lip lock motion. "uh." I said & just stood there.

"it's not what it looks like babe." he said & I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "than what Harry?" I said & my voice cracked. "she told me to kiss her. that was the only way to shut her up." he said & I looked at Leslie who was sound asleep in his arms. "whatever. I'm tired & I just want to go to sleep Harry." I said & walked to the kitchen & took out my water bottle & walked towards the stairs.

I got up to my room & Laura was sleeping on the floor. I took a pillow & walked downstairs & they were gone. I threw the pillow on the floor & walked upstairs again. I quickly stripped & changed into my shorts& tanktop. I heard the front door open & close. I quickly locked my bedroom door. 

harry wasn't sleeping with me tonight or even this whole week. I don't care if it was to shut her up. he could've just taken her home like that. awesome birthday I had. I checked the time on my phone it read 4AM. I sighed. I turned the lamp off & went into the cold covers. then I heard knocking on my door. 

"baby let me in."he said knocking. I closed my eyes & tried to block him out. then after 5 minutes of him knocking nonstop I heard silence. finally. then I heard a thump on the door & an ow. "can you shut up! people are trying to sleep!" I yelled & there was a silence. I closed my eyes& drifted off to sleep.


I heard music. I fluttered my eyes open to seeing Laura dancing around them room in her pajamas. "er." I said & she snapped her head to my direction. "morning sleepy head" she said & I nodded.

I headed towards the door I opened it & saw the guy that basically made out with his best friend last night in front of my door. I kicked him softly in the stomach & he sat up as a reaction. I laughed & made my way to the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth & got out & saw him still sitting up. I passed him & opened my bedroom door & closed & locked it. I sighed. "what's wrong?" Laura asked & I shook my head. 

"something's obviously wrong. I'm not stupid y'know." she said & looked up from her phone to me. "things happened last night." I said "what kinds of th-" she said but was cut off by a knock on the door. "what?!" I yelled & Laura stood up & unlocked the door to Louis smiling at me. 
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