The Lovers

Valentina grew up in mullingar & made a couple friends. Niall Horan being her bestfriend. she moved to new jersey which was all the way in the USA. it was hard for Niall because of the time differences. she encouraged him to go to xfactor. they finished tour & Niall wanted Valentina to meet the boys.


6. chapter 6

Louis POV

I couldn't think straight. the way she hugged me. she didn't pull away for a while. she just leaned her head on my shoulder and arms around my neck. I knew she was with Liam but my crush for her wouldn't go away. she was always on my mind. "Lou, come on get your pair of clothes for Tomorrow" Laura said with a pat on the back. they were already out the door going into Laura's house. I grabbed my boxers and my red striped shirt and trousers. and ran behind Laura. "so what's the agenda for tonight ms... what's your last name?" she stopped and turned around and rose her head a little bit to look at me "we're breaking night. and my last name is rodriguez but you can make up any name for me." she smiled and kept walking down the hall that lead to the living room.

"do what ever you can to try not to sleep! slap each other anything just don't go to sleep!!!" Laura said with a giggle. even the giggle was cute. "let's play a game. if someone assumes something of you and it's right you have to have drink a shot. if its wrong the one who assumed it has to drink. who's playing?" I actually never heard of this game before Laura said it. everyone raised their hand including me. Laura went inside and took out a bottle of liquor. "yea I can't play this." Liam yelled to Laura. "then you'll be ref. babe" Laura kissed liam and called everyone into a circle.

Niall was the first to start. "I assume that you like mirrors." he said to zayn. Zayn took a shot. Liam got up and went to Laura's room. Zayn turned to me. "I assume that you like kiddy pools." i took two shots to let them know it's really true. I turned to Laura and said "I assume you've been skinny dipping. I said it as a joke but she actually took a shot. "what? my body is nature I don't care." she shrugged and looked at me "I assume you've never had sex because your scared if the person would leave you" I went to take a shot but she stopped my hand and said "nope I'm just assuming" than she turned her head to Niall. what was that suppose to mean? then she went to Niall and said "I assume you've had sex with only 3 women in your life." & he stays still & doesn't take a drink. "I've had intercourse with more than 3 women." he stated & smiled. she raised an eyebrow & asked how many & he whispers to her "more than 6" he said & winked. she winked back. 

before the night was over everyone was drunk. Liam was sleeping in Laura's bed and Niall was passed out upside down on the couch. Zayn was in the tub sleeping and me and Laura were still awake. I could tell what was happening I just couldn't control my body. Laura was on the couch taking another shot. she kinda looked like a pro the way she chugged it down. I sat on the couch and stared at her. I leaned in and there we were, kissing.

NEW DAY: Laura's POV

shit. got a hangover. I tried moving but i felt kinda heavy. I open my eyes to see I'm cuddling with louis hes shirtless. shirtless and buff. I looked at myself hoping I'm still wearing my pants because I sure as hell knew Louis didn't have pants on. I looked at myself and whisped "crap" I was in my panties and bra. 

I tried untangling myself from him. I do have to admit he was very comfortable. I actually stayed for a little while. then I remembered about Liam I jumped without thinking waking Louis up. he looked at me for a while. and pulled his boxers up more "did it?" he asked. I nodded. he got up and started "Laura I didn't mean to! I couldn't control my body. trust me Laura I wouldn't have done that! I'm so-" before he finished I hugged him. "I know Lou. it's not your fault. I'm at least okay with having it with you than someone I don't even know. Lou don't stress. our little secret. but I'm gonna have to tell Liam sooner or later." I kissed his cheek and gathered my clothes. 

Niall's POV 

I tried braking the silence but I knew what was going on. I didn't know if it was true but I have a suspicion. I think something happened between Louis and Laura. I'll find out soon. I just have to remember what actually happened last night. I heard creaking come from behind me. I turned around to find Liam coming down. He decides to turn the light on. 

We all yell trying to block the light than he finally turned them off again. He walked to Laura "morning babe" he tried to kiss her but she only let him kiss her cheek. He raised his left eyebrow than went to the kitchen. Maybe it was just me. I did have a nasty hang over. I could barley get up. "Sweety, get me something good to eat please booboo" I tried acting like Laura to get what I wanted. It seemed to only work for her. 

I crawled to the kitchen and grabbed anything close to me. I went back to the living room and noticed zayn was still sleeping. My first instinct was evil "where's the markers?" I asked. I don't think he would mind if he got more facial hair.

Valentina's POV

I woke up with a big smile on my face. I turned to face harry and I gave him a kiss. He woke up between the kiss. I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. When I was done I put on my black and purple underwear and my dark purple bra. I went back to my room seeing harry still in the bed. I went to the closet to choose my outfit. "Wear your cream shorts and blue h&m shirt. They fit you nicely" the husky voice said behind me. I turned to see harry staring at me "turn around harry!" My first reaction was. "Your gorgeous babe, and I'm going to see that more often" he smiled and gave me a wink. I put the outfit he told me and went downstairs. "Everyone wake up!" I said than noticing nobody was there.

I went upstairs. "Babe, where is everyone?" I said nudging harry from the bed. He got up and said "i don't know. Try calling one of them" I got my phone and dialed the familiar number. "Hey bubbah, what's up?" That's Lauras nickname for me. I call her with one b. She sounded kind of off. "Where are you guys?" I said raising my voice a little bit. "My house, you have the extra key. Come over" she sounded not like herself at all. Before i could ask anymore questions she Hung up. "Hey babe! Imma be at lauras come over when your ready." "Okay" afterward I heard the water from the bathroom turn on. I went down the stairs took my keys and walked to the next apartment right next to me.

When I got in there were red cups everywhere. They drank last night. They drank a lot. Everyone was splattered on the floor. Zayn had marker all over his face. Everyone was knocked out. Liam came from lauras room. "Hey Valentina. Come sit. Just don't turn on the light." The first thing I decided to do was turn on the light. They looked like worms squirming around the floor. I turned them off after awhile. Laura seemed to be awake. You can see her eyes were swollen and pink. Her hang over was horrible. I decided to go in the kitchen and make breakfast since they weren't going to.

I decided to make pancakes. I took out he pancake mix & started working on it. I finished about 20-30 minutes later. I made about 40 pancakes because I knew that Niall loves his food. "FOODS DONE GUYS!" i yelled then heard a bunch of yes! then I heard a few footsteps. I turned around & saw Laura & niall standing there with their jaws wide open.

"I love you" Niall said & grabbed a plate & placed about 3 pancakes on his plate. Laura did the same. "guys leave some for Harry!" I said & grabbed a plate & placed 3 pancakes' & placed them on another side cause I know that Niall Horan doesn't just eat ONE plate of food. I heard a door close. 

I think it was the front door. "hey guys" It was Harry. Harry just came in. "wheresvalentina?" he asked. "I'm in here!" I said washing the bowl I used for the pancake mix. "hey babe." he said & hugged me from the back & gave me a kiss on the cheek. "someones happy." I said as I got a paper towel to dry my hands. he let go of my waist & looked for a plate. "yours is over there." I pointed to the counter.

"thanks." he said & walked over to it & grabbed a fork & butter knife & sat down & started munching on the pancakes. " who made these? these are delicious." Harry said inbetween munching. "your girlfriend did." Niall said & stood up for seconds. "uh. leave some for the rest ni." I said & looked at him. "yeah yeah." he said & took two more. I honestly don't know where it all fits.

"babe. you are an awesome cooker." Harry said as he took his last bite. "thanks. but that's the only thing I know how to make." I said & laughed. "i really don't care. they're so good." he said & stood up to wash his plate. "so guys. we woke up & you guys weren't downstairs. why'd you come here?" Harry said as he walked back in. 

"it was Laura idea. we played a game here. it was a pretty good game.we found out more about each other." Niall said still eating. I looked over to Laura who had her eyes closed & her left hand on her forehead.

I threw her a pillow on her face. "leave me aloneeeeeeeeee" she said then groaned. Liam stood up & picked her up bridal style & carried her to her room. "so what'd you play? I'm up for it." I said & looked at Niall. "valentina Lazaro's going to drink? thats a first." Niall said & put his face into a shocked expression. 

"haha. very funny." I said & put my legs on top of Harry's lap. "let's plaaayyyy." I said & looked at Niall. "too early." he said & cleaned his mouth with the napkin. I threw a pillow at Zayn who was still sleeping on the floor with marker drawn all over his face.

he sat up & his eyes went wide. "what? what happend?" he said & I laughed at how quickly he responded. "nothing. I was bored so I threw you a pillow." I said & then sat up & laid my head on Harry's lap. he started playing with my hair while i played with his cheeks.

"you're weird. but funny. & beautiful." he said & looked down at me with those beautiful green eyes. I put my hands on his neck & pulled him in for kiss. "can you guys go at least two days without making out?" Zayn said & Louis nodded. "oh shut up Zayn. you'll probably be doing the same with tanaya." I shot back at him.

the room became quiet. too quiet. "why are you guys so quiet?" I asked & let my hands go from Harry's neck. "because we enjoy peace & quiet." Niall said & I burst out into laughter. "I'm sorry it's that YOU quiet. that's like the most hilarious joke ever being told." I said & started playing with Harry's hair.

"you love my hair don't you?" harry said & looked down at me. I nodded my head & smiled up at him. he leaned in & I pushed him away. "what's wrong?" he asked with a confused face. "we're always kissing.  like Zayn said & Louis agreed." Harry raised an eyebrow. "so now I can't kiss you for two days?" he said & I laughed. "we can but not a lot."I said & he groaned.

"two days Harry. you can do this." I said & looked up at him. he shook his head & leaned Down but I pushed him away."two days." I repeated. he put out a pouty face. & looked at me "one kiss & then I'll stop." he said. I nodded but he said bye to everyone. I was a bit confused. "are we going back to the house?" I asked. he nodded. we walked over the grass & entered my house. 

"okay so now what Harry?" I said & walked over to the kitchen & went to the fridge & took out a water bottle. he came to the kitchen & just stood there smiling. "why are you smiling like an idiot?" I asked him. "you don't know do you?"he asked walking towards me. " Harry I don't." I said & just stood there.

"come." he said & held out his hand for me to take it. I took it & he walked me up the stairs & led me to the front of my room. "stay here.i have a surprise in there." he said I nodded.he came out & said I could go in but I had to close my eyes. I closed my eyes. I opened them when he told me to open them. "Valentina open them." he said & I opened my eyes to seeing like 30 happy birthday ballons.

"Harry oh my god!" I said & dropped my water bottle & jumped on him. "you're so crazy you know that right?"I said while he carried me. his arms were holding me by my butt. "one kiss?" he asked & I smiled. "yes harry. one kiss. you deserve it." I said & I pointed to the ground so he can drop me on the ground. 

he dropped me on the ground & put his hands on my waist & said "happy birthday baby." he winked after saying that. "thank you Harry. nobody has ever done this for me." I said & placed my hands on his neck. "good to know I'm the first one do it." he said smiling. "so one kiss?"I asked him & he nodded & pulled me closer.

during the kiss I felt myself smiling. I'm happy. I'm genuinely happy. like I actually feel happy. I don't really think anybody could change that. everything's going the way it's should be. "Valentina." Harry started off. "you are the most weirdest,funniest, creative,good cooking, horny making girlfriend I have ever had. & I'm honestly happy with you. promise me you'll be mine & I'll be yours? even if we met & just started going out a few days ago. it doesn't matter. I'm happy with you. you make me happy.. I can be who I want with you around. I don't even have to act fake around you I'm just me. but please promise me that you are mine. mine only." he said & looked at me.

"Harry of course. I'll be yours for infinity. & really? horny making girlfriend? Harry you are unbelievable." I said &he leaned in for another kiss. "y'know what ?we can't go 2 days without kissing. but it's because it's our thing other than me making you horny it's our thing." i said & laughed. he laughed & leaned down more.

our lips touched. this kiss was one of those you get & you feel it so different. it was more passionate. he pulled away."that's it no more kissing these lips. I need cake. later babe." he said then I stayed Inside my room looking at the ballons. wow there was so many. "Harry bring me up some cake?" i asked but no one answered. he probably heard me. I looked around the room & spotted something wrapped up. 

"I got you some cake love."he said & handed me my chocolate cake. I nodded & pointed to the gift wrapped up. "you wanna open it now?" he asked I nodded. he walked over to it & then handed it to me. "happy birthday baby." he said. I opened it & saw one box. it was just cardboard box. I opened it up.

then I saw another smaller box. then after that one was the present. he got me two pairs of toms. the ones i told & showed Niall the ones I wanted. they were the classics one in red & the other In navy blue. I let the box fall on my bed & jumped on Harry & kissed him. "thank you so so so much Harry!" i said & kissed him again. he laughed. "y'know our cakes taste kinda different." he said & licked his lips. 

I rolled my eyes."come here babe." i said & cupped his face. "yeah your cake taste different."he said. i nodded. then iheard his ringtone. "Harry yourphone." I said & he nodded & took out his phone. "Caggie. look can we talk about this another time ? it's my girlfriends birthday."he said then I saw him press end.

"who's Caggie?" I asked him. "some girl. she's in complete love with me." he said "well she can't have you." I snapped. he took a ballon & told me to hold it. I did as he said & he took out his phone "smile babe." he said & I smiled. "you're gorgeous." he said & showed it to me. "this is going on twitter." he said & I nodded. "so caggie." I said trying to get something out of him. 

"she knows I'm with you & shes still trying to get with me. " he said & I laughed. "what?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "girls want you?" i asked & he looked at me. "well you're a girl & you want me." he said. I just smirked. "don't flatter yourself big boy." I said & laughed. he rolled his eyes & walked out the room. "babe come back!" I yelled. "what!" he yelled back. "birthday kiss?" I asked & I heard footsteps then I see him standing there looking utterly perfect.

"I do want you ." I said & pressed my lips against his.I could feel him smirk into the kiss. "come this is only one part of your birthday present." he said & quietly left the room. I walked silently behind him. "where are we going Harry?" I said & grabbed his hand & intertwined our fingers.

he looked down at our intertwined fingers & smiled. "you don't need to know yet love." he said. "it better not be something big styles." i said & laughed. "maybe it's small. you never know." he said & bent down & kissed my cheek. it left my cheek a light red.

we hopped into the car & he turned on the radio. "you don't know you're beautiful oh oh that's what makes you beautiful !" the last line of their song played. I had Harry's phone since he was driving he couldn't pick it up. his phone started ringing & it was Liam. "liammmmmmmm!" i said into the phone. "happy birthday love." he said softly I could hear his smile. "thank you Liam." i said & he asked to talk to Harry.

"I'm gonna put you on speaker." I said & Liam said okay. "Harry so tell me has the duck flown away?" Liam said & Harry started laughing. "no not yet." he said & looked at me & smiled. "oh alright. have you shown the blue?" he asked Harry & Harry put on a serious face. "no not yet we're going over there right now.

Liam hung up after that I checked my iPhone & saw 10 notifications of people texting me happy birthday. I got one from my aunt & dad. I got one fromLaura, Liam, Louis, Zayn , Niall ,tanaya , Danielle & my sister .i smiled at the fact that I met Danielle the other day & she remembered my birthday. 

"Harry." i said putting down the music a bit. "I'm kinda tired." I said & brought my knees up to my face. "sorry if I dirty the passenger seat with my shoes. I just want to sleep right now." I said & Harry looked at me. we were at a red light. "Harry eyes on the road." I said as he smiled down at me. I probably looked like a child. 

"so you're 18 what do you wanna do now?" he asked me. I shrugged. we came to a halt. "we're here." he said. I waited for him to unlock the door & come out. we were at the Bergan mall. "we're going shopping?" I asked & he shook his head no. "oh." I said he nodded & put his arm over my shoulder. "so where are we going?" I asked hoping he wouldn't get annoyed.

lauras POV

"Louis, it's time." I said & gave him a stern look so he could know what I was talking about. he nodded & his eyes were full of sadness. Niall was looking at us the whole time. he would raise an eyebrow & I would shake my head as in 'nothing.' but I knew he wouldn't believe it. I walked over to liam & pointed to the door. he nodded & walked over to the door. we entered the cold & sat on the porch. 

"uh. can I ask you something?" I said & a faint smile tugged at the corner of my lips. "you just did love." Liam said & chuckled. "sure. anything." he said & smiled at me. "uh. what exactly are we?" I asked & I saw
a smile tug at his lips. "what do you want us to be?" he said. I wanted to be more than friends that's what I wanted. "I don't know" I said & shrugged. "come lets go get something to eat & talk over this hesaid. I nodded & walked off the steps. I didn't need to getready.

I was wearing a dress. it was plain  blue in the chest part & from the half of my stomach it had blue stripes on it. everybody was shocked that Louis let me wear stripes. but i wore a nice dress for the surprise party we're having for my best friend. Harry planned it all. I had gray heels on. I wore my hair down. my dirty blonde hair wasn't that long. I cut it. but I think it looks better like this. 

we got to a restaurant called the sun. I smiled at the smell of the food. Liam pulled my chair for me to sit down. the waiter came & I knew what I was ordering.i ordered the drink & the food. "Liam. what do you think of us?" I asked softly as I smiled at him. "I think we should be together." he said & we locked eyes. "uhm,alright but don't you have to ask me?" I said & he smiled & nodded.

"would you like to be my girlfriend Laura?" he asked & the question was out there. "yeah I would love to be your girlfriend." I said & i knew it was time for me & Louis' little secret to come out. "uh. before we do anything I have something to tell you." I started off.

"shoot." he said & our food came. "last night everyone drank & none of us were sober." I said & took a sip of my soda. he nodded. "so things happened last night. that weren't suppose to happen." I said & his smile was slowly fading. "did something happen with Louis?" he asked & his lips were the shape of a line. I nodded & he dropped his fork & folded his hands.  "uh. we sorta had sex" I said & I looked at his face for an expression

but I couldn't tell what he was thinking. "what do you mean sorta?" he asked. "uh. we didn't know what we're doing. we were both drunk." i stated & he nodded. "did it mean anything to you?" he asked me & looked at me. "no of course not! liam I like you only you. we were both drunk & it just happened." I said & then I looked up to seeing Liam rushing his hands through his hair.

"l-Liam?" i said & grabbed his hand but he dropped a fifty on the table & walked out the restaurant. isaid a quick thankyou to the waiter & ran towards the direction he was headed."Liam. just please stop."  I said stopping in my tracks getting my heels off & walking towards him. "me? stop? im not the one doing something wrong here." he said & I could hear the annoyance he had in his voice.

"y'know what Liam. I'm tired of this. we haven't even been together for a day & you act like everything I do is wrong. I'm just done with watever we had. I don't even think we had anything. just bye." I said & started walking towards the street to see if a cab would stop for me. then I hear footsteps behind me. 

"listen Laura. I just wan-" before Liam could finish I cut him off. "just save it . I don't need you to say sorry I don't need you saying sorry at all just. just leave me alone okay?" I say & look at his face. I swear I saw a tear roll down his cheek but I couldn't really see it because it was dark out. 

"Laura just let me talk. please?" he said I just nodded. "you make this really hard for me." he said & grabbed my hand but I pulled away. "how do I make this hard for you? should I just go away for everything to be easier for you?" I say crossing my arms. "no Laura it's just that-" I cut him off again once more. "it's just what Liam? just say it. I'm tired of all this. if you need to say something then say it cause I really don't need this." I said& before I could continue he pressed his lips against mine.

"what are you doing?" I say pulling away. "doing what I think I should be doing everyday." he said & I felt my cheeks blush a light pink. "Look I'm sorry. I just. Louis likes you. he's not stopping from there. I want to be with you. Louis will probably try to get you some way but for now you have to promise me you'll be with me." he said & grabbed both my hands which made my heels fall to the floor.

I nodded & he grabbed a hold of my face & each of his palms gently rested on my cheeks. his lips were inches away from mine. I stared at his lips & a soft chuckle escaped from his mouth & I went for what I wanted. i pressed my lips against his. the kiss was anything but short.  when we both pulled away Liam & me started walking towards his car. then he stopped.

"I forgot to do something." he said then took my hands. "Laura will you be my date for this party I'm attending in a few days?" i nodded & he quickly kissed me & then led me to the car. he popped his One direction CD & he put up all night. I didn't know one word to any of their songs so I told him to play it twice. by the second time I know the lyrics by then.

"it feels like we've been living in fast forward another moment passing by. the party's ending but it's now or never. nobody's going home tonight." I heard then I realized it sounded just like Liam. "Liam's that was your line?" I asked & he nodded. "babe you sing so good." I said & kissed his cheek. he let out a small chuckle. "thanks love." he said & pulled up infront of my house 10 minutes later.

I saw people on Valentina's lawn & porch. I heard the music too. "ready?" liam asked & I nodded. I was ready for this surprise party. I was up for it! I had a good feeling about this. 

Harry's POV

"Harry! you're cheating!" Valentina said looking at me while we played hockey on the pool table thing in chuck E cheese. "no I'm not." I said & smirked. she crossed her arms like a little kid. I walked over to her side & stood in front of her & leaned on the hockey game. I stared at Valentina while she tried fixing her cream shorts. "you look fine babe." I said to her & she glared at me.

"you have to say that cause you're my boyfriend but I probably look horrible." she said as she took off her ponytail holder from her wrist & made her hair into a bun. I put my hands on her waist while she was doing her hair & pulled her closer to me. she looked at me & smiled. "your adorable." she said & kissed my forehead. "no I'm sexxxxaaayyy." I said & let my hands go from her waist. she laughed & walked away.

"where are you going?" I said & slung my arm over her shoulder. "away from you." she said & walked to other games. she stopped at the one of Mario kart racing. "you'll never beat me." she said. "im a pro babe." I said & sat down& put in the tokens. we chose our characters & our vehicles & then we started. I was in 2nd place & she was in 8th.

"if you think you're going to win. you thought wrong." she said & laughed. her laugh was so adorable. it was like a giggle & a laugh at the same time. "wait what did I just hear?" i said as a crossed the finish line in 1st place. "I want a rematch." she said & rolled her eyes.. "Is someone being a soreloser?" I said & took out my lower lip. she turned her head to look at me. "is someone being a dickhead?" she said & then winked. then I rememebered the game just started. 

when we finished I came in 12th & Valentina came in 1st. when we got out of the seats she wrapped her arm around my waist & I put my arm over her shoulder. "who's the pro now?" she said & laughed. "I still am." I said & walked back to our booth to seeing our pizza ready to eat. "I'm starving." Valentina said sitting down. 

"you always are. sometimes I think you're niall's sister or his clone. as a girl though." I said & took a bite out my cheesy pizza. "ew. never would I ever be niall's sister." she said & took a sip of her soda. "come on niall's not thaat bad." I said & took another bite then cleaned my mouth with my napkin. "uh. have you seen the way & the quantity of how much food he eats?" she said cleaning her mouth. I thought of all the times Niall ended up eating my food.

"you're right. but he's a guy. he likes food." I said & took the last bite of my pizza &then took a long sip of my sprite. Valentina stood up & sat next to me. "hi." I said & looked at her. "thank you Harry." she began. "for what love?"I asked confused. "for everything. for doing this & making me happy. i know that we've only had a couple days together but it feels like we've been together for years."she said as I put a strand of hair behind her ear.

I planted a kiss on her forehead. "I make you happy ?" I said & smirked. I checked the time. it was about 7pm. we needed to start driving. "yeah. you make me happy." she said & then took a bite of my pizza. "who told you that you could take a bite out of my pizza missy?" i said & raised an  eyebrow at her.

"well its my birthday so I guess I have a free coupon?" she said & stuck out her tounge. she really was adorable. i pointed to the door & she nodded. she got out of the booth& headed towards the booth. we both said thank you to the people & have a nice day & they smiled & nodded.

we walked towards the car& she burst out in laughter. "what is wrong with you?" I asked her & she looked at me & continued to laugh. I shrugged & started the car. "y'know your stomachs gonna hurt if you don't stop laughing." I said & she shut up.

I chuckled. "so styles where are we off to now?" valentina said as she played around with my phone. "this was the second part now we're doing the third part." I said & looked at her. it was fun at chuck E cheese it made me feel like a kid again. I'm guessing Valentina thought the same because she jumped around the whole day.

"third part?" she asked unsure "third part." I said confidently & looked back on the road. "okay what exactly is the third part?" she said & tryed typing in the password. "Harry! what's your password?" she asked& looked at me. "uh. type in hs" she started laughing.

"why do you have hs as your password?" she asked biting her lip to contain her laughter. "nobody will ever find out." I said &she shrugged. "tell liam that the lawn needs some cleaning." I said & she nodded. "what do you mean?" she asked me & continued typing on my phone. 

"the lawn of the house we rented." I said & she nodded. she has no idea what was coming towards her. I invited all her friends. her family members weren't even in the state so they couldn't make it.

"oh my god Harry look!" Valentina said & pointed to my phone. "I'm driving." I said & she nodded. "this fandom of yours is hilarious." she said while laughing. "yeah I know they're Weird. but we love them." Valentina kissed me on my cheek. "babe. I-" than there was a big noise. and before I knew it. I blanked out. 

Valentina's POV

"babe.. babe!!!!" I started crying. I got out of my seat and checked if he was okay. he didn't respond. before I knew it the ambulance and the police were. I couldn't move. just the thought of Harry ... I went in to the ambulance truck with Harry. I never let go of his left hand. the tears just streaming down my face. than I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and a lady was smiling at me. well kind of. 

"hi. can you tell me what exactly happened?" "well, we were talking and well he looked at me and boom." I felt a hot tear go down my face. "how didn't you get hurt?" "he put his arm infront on me" I showed her the mark on my chest. "I guess it was an instinct?"  "yeah pretty much." I said as I passed my index finger over it.

after going through the whole story to everyone who asked the doctor finally let me see him. he said he was alright but he wasn't awake. I walked through the lonely hallway. he was staying in room 364. as I made my way through the white tiles I walked into the room to find him there.

I saw him. sitting there. with scratches on his both arms. his lip was bleeding. oh my god why would he do this? buzz buzz buzz. that was my phone. where was it? back pocket. on the screen it read 'Liam' 

"hello?" i said into the phone as I grabbed a chair & moved it next to Harry's bed. "where are you guys?" he said & I could hear laura in the back laughing. "uh. we uh. got into a car crash..." I said as I held Harry's hand in mine. "oh my god! are you guys okay?! I'm on my way right now !" he said & before I could say anything he hung up.

"well than." I mumbled to myself. then I heard a chuckle.i looked up to seeing harry smiling. "harry?" I asked & he waved as a 'hi'. "daddy direction's on his way. probably with the boys." I said as i kissed his cheek.his heart rate fastend.

"your heart fastend for my kiss or cause the boys are coming?" I asked Harry while I typed a quick thank you to everyone who sent me happy birthday messages. Harry didn't move. his lips were dry but he licked them & kissed my forehead "babe." he said but came out more like a croak.

"hey you feeling alright?" I asked then looked into his green orbs. his lips twitched into a smile. "I'm fine. can we get out of here?" he asked attempting to stand up. "Harry im staying the night with you. you have to stay. you're not in good shape love." I said & smiled.

"but I have a surprise for you. two more surprises." he said & cleared his throat. he was stubborn. very stubborn. "it's okay. give or show them to me when you're not scratched up & healthy. you're in bad shape Harry." I said & looked up at him to find him boring his into mine.

"come here baby." he said & patted the space next to him. I nodded & sat down next to the fragile boy. he placed his arm around me & kissed the top of my head. I looked at him & he had a smile on his face. "I'm gonna be fine& we're gonna leave later & we're gonna celebrate your birthday." he said as Liam walked in.

"Harry edward styles what in the heavens have you got yourself in?" Liam said but sounded like he yelled. "a car crashed into US we didnt crash into them." Harry said & looked Liam in the eyes. "hey man you alright?" Niall said walking in with a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

"oh my god Niall even when haz is hurt you're gonna eat?" I saw Louis walking & smiling. "hey Harry you feeling any good?" Zayn said looking up from his phone. "uh yeah sorta my forehead hurts a bit." he said placing the hand that was lonely ontop of mine.

I smiled & looked at liam. "hey Liam where's uhm Laura?" I asked & he scratched his head. "she's on her way here." he said & didn't look at me. he was lying. when Liam looked at people in the eyes or somewhere around your face he's telling the truth. but when he ignores your face & looks somewhere else he's lying.

I nodded my head & placed it on Harry's shoulder. I drew circles on harrys hand with my finger. I looked up to see him having a smile on his face. he was laughing. "hazzzzzz I'm getting bored entertain me!" Louis said sitting at the end of the hospital bed.

"uh. Lou I don't know what to say." Harry said & moved into a more comfortable position. "you're ugly." Louis said to Zayn & Zayn pulled his eyes away from his phone & started sending death glares to Louis. while Louis just sat there & shook in laughter.

"shut up Lou." Zayn said & smiled at me. "why are you being nice to her & not nice to me. I get it she's pretty & nice but she's Harry's & I'm single so we can have a bit of fun." Louis said & winked at Zayn. Zayn raised an eyebrow at Louis then looked at me again & smiled at him. he smiled back.

"can you guys stop smiling at each other? Valentina your boyfriend is in pain here & your smiling at Zayn. " Niall said while biting onto a cookie. then Liam hit him in the stomach making a groaning noise. "well sorry for being nice to someone ni. you should try it & I know he's in pain here you think I'm stupid? I see the cuts on his arms & maybe you should try being nice too if you weren't always stuffing your damn mouth with food all the time." I said & crossed my arms.

"what are you talking about? I'm the nice one In this conversation. you forgot about me. you forgot that I was the one you turned to for everything. now it's just Harry Harry Harry. like how can you just do that?" Niall said leaving the room. I saw a tear roll down his cheek.

"I'm gonna go after him. ok?" I whispered to Harry & he nodded. I got out of Harrys grip & walked towards the door. i heard crying from a stair case. there he was. crying his eyes out. he kinda looked like a girl. "ni?" i said & opened the door & sat next to him. 

"just go back to Harry that's all the matters anymore." he said & wiped his nose with his shirt. nasty. but boys will be boys. "Niall thats not the way it is." I started off but he cut me off. "then what! tell me how does it go?" he snapped. "it's just. he's my boyfriend. boyfriend & girlfriends spend time together. nothing's changed between you & me. it's still ni & Val." I said drawing circles on his back with my index finger.

that always relaxes him. "it's never like that. EVER! it's only about you & Harry! everywhere you go! & when I needed you. you weren't Even there. you were but you were to busy making out with Harry." he said looking at me with  red circles surrounding his eyes. "if you needed me you could've said so. I'm not any mind reader. if you need help or anything you should've came to ME. I'm not going to ask you if you need help with anything." I said & looked at the wall. 

"I don't get you." he said but I knew that was just the beginning. "you're such a girl." he continued but I knew that that wasn't the end of it.
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