The Lovers

Valentina grew up in mullingar & made a couple friends. Niall Horan being her bestfriend. she moved to new jersey which was all the way in the USA. it was hard for Niall because of the time differences. she encouraged him to go to xfactor. they finished tour & Niall wanted Valentina to meet the boys.


5. chapter 5

Harry closed the door & got on top of me. he placed one hand on Side & another hand on the other to keep his balance on top me. "hi." I said & he smiled & pressed his lips against mine. he stopped & looked at me. "you're beautiul." he said & kissed my neck, then my collar bone, then my left cheek then my right cheek then my forehead then planted a big long kiss on my lips.

"Harry. why are you-" he didn't let me finish. I pulled away again. "harry." I said. "hmm?" he responded & dropped his body next to mine. "what was that all about?" I asked& sat up. "I don't know I just wanted to make out for a change. is that a problem?" he asked me & I just looked at him. 

"not really I guess." I said & he pushed me down & pressed his lips on mine again. except this time this kiss got a bit more intense. "Harry." I said & pulled away. "shut up & kiss me babe." he said & I did as he said. my hands found their way to his hair. "y'know I'm gonna end up having sex hair after this right?" he said & smirked. "but this isn't sex..." I said & smiled.

"I know but your hands. they're always in my hair when we kiss or something.If we go down there & they see this hair they'll think we 'did it'." he said & wiggled his eyebrows. "I wouldnt really mind If they thought that." I said as I let out a small laugh. "c'mon let's trick them" he said & then raised an eyebrow.

"pretend to butt dial niall & then kiss me & makes bunch of kissing noises & a few moans." he said & grabbed his phone of the dresser. "oh no." I said & shaked my head. "okay fine just say my name & pretend we're having sex." he said & smirked. "no." I said & he rolled his eyes

"you're no fun." he said & sat on the bed. "ugh fine." I said & jumped on top of him & planted a kiss on his lips. his lips were just so soft. "okay ready?" he said & I nodded & he dialed niall's number. "alright go." he said but the phone was still ringing. i shrugged & pressed my lips against Harry's. "valentina Valentina wait." he said as he pointed to the phone which Niall was saying hello. "what happend Harry? I wanna continue." I said & he nodded. 

I pressed my lips against his & he placed his hands on my waist & I placed my hands once again in his hair. "Valentina now?" he said & winked. "yeah Harry just go! do it! then I heard a bunch of ewwwws. I bit my lip to hold back the laughter & I just couldn't so I got off Harry & grabbed a pillow.

I started laughing into the pillow but then I felt hands at my waist. I turned around to seeing Harry standing behind me with a serious face. how could he be so serious throughout all this? he pointed to the bed & I sat down. 

"do it." he whispered & pointed to his buddy. "excuse me?" I said and raised an eyebrow of shock. "do it." he said. "uh. I only do it to bother you." I said & laughed. then I noticed we were still doing the call so panicked & looked at the phone & then saw it was at the home. "Valentina." Harry said &placed a hand on my leg. 

"do it or I'm going to want to do something." he said & looked out the window. I nodded & sat on him. I laughed. "I'm sorry I can't." I said & got off him. he rolled his eyes & said "you can do it to bother me? but not on command?" & he stood up. I walked over to the window & noticed it was getting dark. so I checked the time & it was 7pm. I went over to my drawers & got into  a pair of pjs. they had snowmen on them & grabbed a pink shirt that said penguins rule. & my bunny slippers. 

"I can feel you staring at me Harry." I said. "uh. it's not harry." i turned around & saw Zayn standing there smirking. "uhmm..." i said & finished putting on my pants. "anyways, Harry told me to tell you to come down. & how was it? was Harry any good?" he asked. I rolled my eyes & nodded my head.

"you guys used protection right?" he asked & walked out the room. "yes Zayn!" I said & walked down the stairs. to finding Louis &laura nowhere to be found. "Liam where's your sexual partner?" I asked & he rolled his eyes & said "she went out to pick a movie with louis" I nodded & then walked over to harry. "baby, go get me a bottle of water." he said I nodded & walked over to the kitchen & opened the fridge & saw two packs of gaterade & 2 packs of water bottles.

"thanks for buying more! whoever did." I yelled as I got a water bottle for Harry. i walk in & see liam leaving & glaring at Louis & laura leaving out the front door. I walk over to Harry & give him his water. & Louis goes running up the stairs & into his room. "what'd I miss?" I said as I sat down next Zayn.

"the girls dad got cancer."Niall said munching on chips. where does this boy put all this food? "Louis confesed about liking Laura & kissing her." Zayn said. "what?" I said & walked over to the stairs. "I'll go." Harry said & started going up the stairs. "no Harry its alright I wanna go talk to him." I said & went up the stairs. he nodded & then walked down.

I walked over to the guest room. I stood there then I knocked softly. "Lou?" i said & then I heard a few footsteps came my way. "can I come in Lou?"  i said & the door knob moved. "if you're gonna scream at me just go away." he said. "no lou. I just wanna talk." I said & grabbed the door knob & he pulled it open.

"hi." he said & stood there looking down at the floor. I pulled him in for a hug. "i- I-" he said but I shushed him. "lou calm down."  I said & I felt my shirt get wet but I didn't care because I was use to it. " I'm a horrible person." he said & sniffled. "no you're not. watch." I said & went down the stairs quickly & made Harry stand up & walk up the stairs. "what?" Harry said & stood infront of louis. "tell Louis how amazing he is." I said & pointed to the the boy crying. 

"Louis you make me feel special." Harry said & gave him a man hug. "liar." Louis said smiling. "NO!JIMMY PROTESTED!" Harry said & Louis pulled away & smiled. "marry me." Louis said& Harry smiled "simple but effective." Harry said. these boys were too cute. I stood there awkwardly admiring their gayness. Louis pulled away from their gayness moment. "Valentina tell Laura im sorry it's just. I don't know . I felt like if I didn't do it at that moment, I wouldn't ever get to do it & I'll just be wondering what if. so please. tell her I'm sorry." Louis said & looked down to the floor. 

"look Lou. she's gonna forgive you. she always forgives but she doesn't forget. but she won't kill you for kissing her." I said & looked at him as he threw himself on the bed. "Harry come on.lets go next door" I said & gave Louis a hug before I left. "you're going out like that?" Harry said & pointed to my slippers. "wanna trade?" I asked. he shook his head no. "so then don't talk about my slippers that way." I said & crossed my arms.

"okay babe." Harry said as we walked down the stairs. "open the door when we knock ni." I said as we closed the door. "shit it's cold." I said & started shivering. it's cold in the summer. the fuck is this. stupid global warming. "come babe." Harry said &pulled me into his arms which were warm. "you're warm" I said as i snuggled up to his chest. "I know. come on." we walked up Laura's front porch & knocked on the door.

"Liam he kissed me! I didn't kiss him!"  I heard Laura yell. "So you mean to tell me that LOUIS my best friend kissed YOU?" I heard Liam yell back. "yeah. that's what I've been trying to tell you!" Laura said. "I dont believe you. I'm just gonna go. bye. talk to me when you wanna tell me the truth." I saw him walking towards the door. "what's his last name?" I whispered to Harry. "Payne." he whispered back. 

I barged into Laura's house. i don't care this is my best friends house & she wouldn't mind either. "Liam Payne. you sit your ass down." I said & pointed to Laura's couch."& you Laura come over here & sit next to him." I said as I pointed to Laura. she saw how serious I was & nodded & sat next to him. "you mr. Payne are going to apologize to my friend." I said & pointed to Laura.

"why should I?" Liam said & raised an eyebrow. "because what she said was right. Louis kissed her." Harry said coming up from behind me. "how do YOU know?" Liam said & raised an eye brow at Harry. "because Louis told him." I said before Harry could answer. "what she said." Harry said & smiled at me. "so hurry up & apologize." i said & snapped my fingers. 

"er. I'm  sorry Laura." Liam said & scratched his head. laura nodded but still looked sad. "can we all go watch movies now?" Harry asked & put his arm over my shoulder. "sure but hold on." I said & looked at Laura & she forced a smile & grabbed Liam's hand.he looked down at their hands & then kissed her forehead. she went to kiss him on the lips but he shook his head no.

"I'm not kissing your lips they probably still taste like the tommo." he said & laughed. her eyes opened wide. "Valentina do you have Colgate at your house?" she asked. "duhhh." i said & walked out the door. "GIVE IT UP FOR COLGATE! yeahhh!" liam & harry said at the same time. the wind hit me hard so I started shivering again. "babe come over here." Harry said & put his arms around me. I saw that Liam & Laura were doing the same. 

"they're adorable." I said & Harry nodded. "not more than us though." he said & I laughed & squeezed his nose. "you have penis nose babe." I said & he laughed. "yeah I know everybody does though." we got to my door & I knocked like 1O times & no one opened. "NIALL JAMES HORAN OPEN THIS DOOR OR I WILL TELL GOD TO STOP PRODUCING FOOD." I yelled & then I heard hurried footsteps. 

Niall was standing there with a new bag of chips In his hand. "okay okay come on in." he said & opened the door. "god doesn't produce food." Harry whispered into my ear. "I know but he thinks he does.that's the only way I got him to pray at night when we were little." I said.

"Louis! I got someone here who wants to talk to you!" I yelled from the living room. then I heard steps & looked at the kid that was wearing a plain shirt, plain pants, & plain shoes. every gasped. "oh my god. Louis go change." Liam said & shot him a smile. Louis noticed the smile & ran towards liam. "I'm honestly sorry. it's just I'm sorry Liam. I just felt like if I didn't do it at that moment I would just be thinking my whole life 'what if'?" he said & gave Liam a big hug.

"it's alright Lou." he said & have him a pat on the back. "I gotta go change I think im gonna be sick by wearing everything plain." Louis said as he went up the stairs. everybody laughed. "Zayn.tell Valentina." Niall said & then started laughing. "oh. no Niall not infront of everyone." Zayn said as he looked up at me & gave me a shy smile. I pulled away from Harry & walked over to Zayn & took out my hand.

"come lets go out side & you tell me." I said & pulled himoutside. "spit it out Zayn." I said as I crossed my arms. "alright so I was thinking about your birthday. what do you want for your birthday love?" Zayn asked me. "I uh. honestly don't know." I said & then started walking back inside. "Valentina. uh. will It be okay with you if I was friends with your friend tanaya?" he asked. 

"uh yeah sure. just call me when you're weddings on." I said & walked towards Harry who was sitting down. "call me when the baby's are due." Zayn laughed & smirked. I rolled my eyes. "baby's?" Harry asked & raised an eyebrow. " yeah you didn't know? we're having children. so unbuckle you pants & come upstairs." I said & bit my lip & winked at harry.

he stood up & gave me his hand. "I was kidding." I said & he nodded. "do you wanna watch the last song again? or wanna have some fun?"Harry said & winked. "no Harry. I think today was enough for one day." I said but stood up anyways. "i just wanna sleep. I'mtired" I said & pulled Harry towards me so I could put my head on his chest. 

"alright let's go sleep." Harry said walking up the stairs. "bye night guys. bye Laura & sexually frustrated  kid" I said as I walked up the stairs. Liam looked at me & rolled his eyes. "it's alright Liam. it's okay to want Laura. badly." I said & laughed. "it's not healthy though." Harry said as he walked into my room & slowly stripped. "Harry sleep with at least a shirt on today." I said & dragged my feet into my

"no." he said & threw himself on the bed.
Laura POV

Valentina and Harry went to go to sleep but I think they were doing more than sleep. I started laughing to myself when I noticed there were 3 pair of eyes staring at me. the awkward silence was broken by a familiar voice "I'm back" it was Louis . I stood up and motioned him outside. he did what I said and followed."look Laura I'm sorry. I just felt like I had to at the moment." Louis said staring into my eyes.

"when did you start feeling that way?" I asked while raising my right eyebrow. "since the time I first layed my eyes on you" I turned around and headed to the door. I could feel his eyes staring right at me. I turned and could see his eyes a bit watery. "Lou, your my best guy friend to be honest. I feel I could be my self with you and tell you everything. Lou, I don't wanna ruin our relationship as friends." he grabbedmy wrist and pulled me in for a hug "I know" we hugged for a while. then I pulled away and said "let's have a slumber party tonight!" he nodded and lead the way inside. 

after 5 minutes of knocking Liam opens the door "about time" Louis said and snorted. I gave a loud cough to get everyone's attention when I got it I announced that we were gonna go to my house and have a slumber party. everyone agreed to it.
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