The Lovers

Valentina grew up in mullingar & made a couple friends. Niall Horan being her bestfriend. she moved to new jersey which was all the way in the USA. it was hard for Niall because of the time differences. she encouraged him to go to xfactor. they finished tour & Niall wanted Valentina to meet the boys.


4. chapter 4

Harry's POV

when we got to a big house that smelled like meat & alcohol we went in looking for Niall. I felt someone grab my hand. i turned around to seeing Valentina behind me smiling. I smiled back & walked her through the crowd. "hey man. who's the chick?" my friend from high school said. 

"my girlfriend." I said & turned to Valentina who was examining the house. "Harry lets go find Niall." she said as she started to pull me through the people that kept asking who she was. I'm guessing Niall invited half of her friends because she said hi & waved to half of the people on the dance floor.

"Harry. I'd like you to meet tanaya. tanaya meet Harry." she said to a girl that was leaning on a wall. she raised an eyebrow at her. "my boyfriend." she said to her. she nodded. she squeezed my muscles. "nice. you found yourself someone tough. high five sistahh." the girl raised her hand up so Valentina could give her high five.

Valentina laughed & gave her a high five. "so I heard what happened to laly. is she alright?" the girl changed her position & now was standing straight. "uh yeah. she's alright. Harry beat up Johnny. it was hard to get him out of the house but him & Louis did it." she said playing with her thumbs.

"Louis?" tanaya said & gave a confused look at Valentina. "band mate." she said "oh you're in a band. hmm. which one?"she says leaning again against the wall. "one direction." a voice comes from behind us. it's Zayn. "hey man." I say & pull him in for a manly hug. I hear giggling & see it's coming from tanaya & Valentina & they're looking at me.

"what?" I say to Valentina while Zayn introduces himself to tanaya. "nothing. come lets go find Niall." she said pulling me back to the crowd. "hey have you seen Niall?" she asked a girl with red& brownish hair. she was wearing a pink dress the fit her curves beautifully & had gold heels on.

"er. i dont-" oh my god it couldn't have been. then she turned around & it was her. it was Ayanna. she looked at valentina then to me & glared at me & smiled at Valentina. "I haven't seen him for a while I saw him with demi though earlier." she said & turned back to her conversation. 

"do you know her Harry?" Valentina asked walking infront of me. "yeah." I said walking towards the kitchen. "oh." was all she said. she didnt ask who she was. she just said a simple 'oh'. then I saw Niall outside on the patio holding hands with Demi & hanging out with Liam & Danielle. I thought they broke up.

"I see Niall! with Liam & Danielle." I said to Valentina. she walked towards the way I pointed. "Danielle?" she asked. "yeah Liam's ex, well I think I don't know." I said. "oh." 

"hey boys & demi & Danielle" I said flashing them a smile. "hey man." Niall said & Demi waved. danielle did the same. Liam stood there quiet. I saw Niall looking to my left, then I remembered Valentina was there. she must've felt really awkward.

"oh & girls I'd like you to meet my girlfriend. Valentina." I said as I put my arm over Valentina's shoulder her cheeks flushed a bright red. she waved at the two girls smiling. "hi I'm Danielle." Danielle said & took out her hand & Valentina shaked it. "hi I'm demi." demi said & took out her hand & Valentina shook it. "oh Demi Valentina loves your music!" I said embarrassing Valentina. she nudged me on my left side of my stomach.

"ouch babe." I said & rubbedthe left side of my stomach as is it hurt a lot. "really? maybe I can get you some tickets if you want?" Demi said to valentina. but before Valentina could respond Danielle beat her to it. "enough About her. come lets go talk. I want to get to know you." she said & grabbed Valentina's wrist & I saw Valentina tense up. 

was that the wrist she cut herself on? yup it was. she grabbed her left wrist. I mouthed an 'are you okay?' to valentina & she nodded. I turned back to the boys & demi & they were in a conversation about our tour or something i didn't really pay mind. I went to go look for Ayanna. 

I wanted to see what she was up to. then I saw her heading over to Valentina. I walked over to her & while I was getting closer I was trying to fix my shirt. then I heard a slap & my head immediately shot up. 

I saw Ayanna holding her left cheek with her hand. "you stupid bitch." Ayanna basically yelled. just to get attention. she LOVED the attention. whenever we got into an arguement  in public she would yell things out like 'IT'S NOT MY FAULT OKAY.'  & then act like the victim. then I noticed that she raised her hand to hit valentina

I saw Danielle about to jump infront of Valentina but I mouthed a 'no' to her. I grabbed Ayanna's hand that was still getting ready to smack or hit Valentina. "what the fuck do you want styles?" she hissed. "don't come near me. dont come near my girlfriend. stay away from us okay?get that into your tiny stubborn head." I said & I heard a few ooh's in the background.

I grabbed Valentinas hand & she stayed right where she was standing. I pulled again & she said "no." she said &crossed her arms. "you have no reason whatsoever to come up to me & say that I'm a little bitch or that I don't deserve Harry. you don't have to state the facts. I already know. hit me. you raised your hand up for somethin. raise it again. hit me." Valentina said looking at Ayanna sending her death glares.

Ayanna raised her hand to hit Valentina but valentina punched her right on the nose. "you stupid bitch!" Ayanna said & touched her nose to see if it was broken. "c'mon Harry I wanna go. nice meeting you Danielle." she said & gave a hug to Danielle & grabbed my hand & stormed out of there.

when we were walking back to her house I broke the silence. "way to go babe. you gave her what she deserved." I said putting my arm over her shoulder. "you could've done somethin y'know." she muttered. "I don't think you needed the help." I said smiling at her. I was proud of her Ayanna deserved what she got from Valentina a smack & a punch.
when we got home Valentina wanted to order a pizza & then go to bed. we ordered the pizza & then we laid down in bed. while I played with her hair. then I heard a door shut close & laughter. then I heard another door shut. but it was slammed shut. 

then I heard giggling. valentina sat up & looked out the window. "Harry is that Liam?" she asked as she stood up from her bed. I did the same thing & made my way over to the window. it was Liam. with Laura. wait with Laura? wasn't he with Danielle.

"yeah that's him." I said walking back to the comfy warm bed. "I thought he had a girlfriend?" Valentina said as she walked over her drawer & took out her pjs. "me too. I guess they really did break up." I said walking over to my luggage. to put away my shirt & pants. 

"wait where's Lou?" Valentina asked taking off her jeans. & turning around her butt facing me then she took off her shirt revealing her pink & purple polka dotted panties & a black bra. "look away Harry." she said. I could hear her smiling. I rolled my eyes & let out a chuckle. 

"Lou!" i yelled getting out of Valentina's room. I walked over to the guest room & saw him there in his jammies watching tv. "hey Lou." i said sitting on him. "hi." he said & tryed to look at the tv over my shoulder.then he gave up. "would you like to move harry?"he snapped.

I got off & sat next to him. "what's wrong boobear?" I said brushing the curls out of my eyes. "Laura." he said & let out a sigh. "she, she kissed Liam. & Liam kissed back." he said & turned his head to me.

wow. well I didn't see THAT coming. "it's alright. maybe it just wasn't meant to be with you?" I said to him as I played with his hair. "I know but you see that feeling you get when you think you found the ONE ?" he said & looked at me. I nodded & then I thought of the moment I saw Valentina.

when I first met Valentina she was beautiful. I knew Niall wanted her but I knew she wanted nothing more than friendship. I know that I didn't even know her that well but what Louis just said described how I felt when I first layed my eyes on Valentina.

"hello? earth to Harry?" Louis said snapping his fingers in my face. "what?" I said & he shook his head. "I don't know. it's just I had that feeling with Laura. & it just felt right at the moment." he said & continued watching tv.

"well Lou if you feel that way just tell her. she'll understand." Valentina said walking down in shorts & a shirt. "uh. how much did you hear?" Louis said looking at Valentina. "enough to blackmail you." she said laughing & sitting at the arms rest next to my right arm.

she started playing with my hair. "babe, you have sex hair." she said & then started to mess it up. "hey! watch the curls!" I said shaking my head& then putting my curls back in place. "that's right missy!" Louis said pointing a finger at her.

"the curls get the girls." he said. "he needs girls?" she said raising an eyebrow. "well now that he has you no. but he can't look ugly." Louis said stating a fact. then Valentina sat on me & started squeezing my cheeks. "aww my little baby is mad." she said as if I was a little kid. I put on a pokerface & she was shaking on my lap.

"maybe one day we can try out the sex hair" i said & she stopped shaking & looked at me with a serious face. "" Louis said & looked down at my buddy. "Harry has a boner!harry has a boner!" he yelled out while jumping around the guest room. "I do not!" I protested. "oh but you do." Valentina said & got off me & sat next to me. 

lou was still jumping around like a child. "you look like a rabbit Lou" Valentina said as she put her head on my shoulder. Louis stopped jumping & sat in the middle of the room & looked at us. "you're so weird. you're even weirder than me." Valentina said walking out the room. "where are you going?" I yelled. "to bed! like a normal person!" she yelled back. 

I stood up & said goodnight to Louis & walked to Valentinas room. then I heard giggling. I opened the door & I found her talking on the phone. "he's here. wanna meet him? oh alright." she looked at me & then looked down at her nails. "that's what I've missed? oh my god! I can't believe she did that! she's so stupid. she had it coming though." she said as she sat up & I laid down & turned off the lamp.then I heard giggling but it didn't come from Valentina.

I looked at Valentina & she was looking at the window. I followed her gaze & saw Laura laying down with Liam. with clothes on. they were just talking. "uh. I gotta go. bye dio. hehe I will okay bye love you." she said & hung up. "who was that?" I said as I put my arm over her shoulder. "my gay best friend. he said to watch yourself." she said & looked up at me. 

I nodded & then just looked at the wall. "Harry?" Louis said as he walked in. "what Lou." I said as I moved around. "wait do you guys have clothes on?" Louis said as he let out a small chuckle. "yeah Lou. what's up?" Valentina said as she sat up. "I just wanted to show you guys something." he passed me his phone & all I saw was twitter.

"what about twitter?" I asked. "look at the trends." so I did & I saw 'I ship VARRY' I chuckled. "babe look at what they're trending." I said as I handed her the phone. "oh my gosh. haha Harry they started with my letter first!" she said as she handed Louis his phone back & he walked out.

"but they ended with my 4 letters." I said & stuck out my tounge. "tell me." she said as she sat criss cross. "tell you about what?" I asked. "everything. tell me from since you were little." she said & smiled. "let's see. uh. my parents got divorced when I was little & I cryed but then I got over it." she nodded.

"uh. my mom remarried & I like the guy she married & I was in a band called white Eskimo with my friends back home in Holmes chapel Cheshire. uh I'm 18. let's see what else. uh,my favorite color is orange. my girlfriends name is Valentina. &im guessing that's pretty much it." I said & she nodded & smiled.

"nice to meet you Harry styles" she said & took out her hand. I shaked it & smiled. "I guess I'll start then. my full name is Valentina Lazaro. I don't have a middle name. I'm from Colombia. uh. my parents got divorced & my mom never remarried. I moved out of the house a few years ago. uh. I've never really had a boyfriend. I mean yeah I have but I mean like not as serious as ours. oh & my birthdays on July 6. so I'm a summer baby."she said as she typed in the password on her iPhone.

"y'know I've never been to Colombia. I think we'll tour there for the 2nd tour. which is in November." she nodded her head & kept typing on her phone. "gimme your phone." she said as I was turning off the lamp. "alright." I said & grabbed my phone off the dresser. 

"& save." she said & dialed a number. "hii! yeah I'm calling from Harry's phone." she said as I laid down & turned my body. something hit me on my bare back. "ow." I said by moving. then it hit me again. "what Valentina." then turn around to seeing her shoving my phone in my face. "who is it?" I asked & she replied with a shrug. 

"hello?" I said. "oh my god! hi! harry its dio! my full name is diodany but you can call me dio or diodany whichever you want boo." I heard a peppy voice. I laughed & looked at valentina who was smiling at me. "hi diodany." I said & chuckled. "hi Harry. just wanted to say hi & of you hurt my best friend I don't care if your body is sexy as hell & your hair is fucking hot i will hurt you." he said & quickly hung up. 

"I'm sexy as hell & my hairs hot?" I asked to Valentina as she laid down typing away on her phone. "I dont know Harry just go to sleep." she said & put her phone away. 'IT'S GOTTA BE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ONLY YOUUUUU.' I heard & "ughhhhh." Valentina said then said hello. "I'm trying to sleep diodany! I don't care if he sounded sexy & made sexually frustrated! no I will not. ugh  fine I hate you." she said & hung up. 

"you're sexy." she said & laid back down. "what?" I said just making sure that I heard what I heard. "you're sexy."she repeated. "huh?" I said just to annoy the fuck out of her. "YOU ARE FUCKING SEXY!" she yelled. "I know babe." I responded & she scoffed. I turned her way & put my right arm on her waist. she was on the left side & I was on the right.

I pulled her closer to me. "Harry." she muttered. "what love?" I said as I placed my head on top of Hers. "stop." she said & tryed squirming out of my arms but I had a pretty good grip on her. "let me go." she demanded. "nooooooooo. to to sleep." I said as I moved my head onto the pillow.

"fine if you don't let me go I won't kiss you till next month." she said & turned her body around for her face to face me. I looked down & she was smiling. I still had my hand on her waist. "you're bluffing." I said & kissed her forehead. "no I'm not." she said & she smiled. she moved her head so it could be facing mine.

"come here. one last kiss." she said & put her hands on both my cheeks. I leaned in & she pulled away a bit. her lips were literally 3 inches away. "I told you I wasnt bluffing." she whispered & the way she said it sent shivers down my spine. I leaned in once again but she pulled away & placed her finger on my chest.

she started running her finger up & down my chest. "y'know harry. you should be nice to me. my birthdays in a few days. you don't want a mad birthday girl do you?" she said as she started playing with my hair. "stop playing with my hair." I muttered to her. but she continued. "awww am I messing up your hair?" she said as she stopped playing with my hairs & started running her fingers up & down my chest. I couldn't lie. i was ticklish. I twitched.

she started dying of laughter. she laughed for a good 2 minutes. till I shut her up by placing a big kiss gently on her lips. she kissed back & she smiled into the kiss. "last kiss huh? it was pretty good if you ask me." I said & smirked. "haha" she said sarcastically. then she kissed my forehead & said goodnight. & turned around my hand still on her waist.

2hours later...

I felt something poking me. I groaned. "whoa I didn't know you guys were doing that." that voice was so familiar. Lou. it was Louis. "what do you want Louis?" I said as I sat up. "uh.. I can't really sleep." he said as he scratched his head. "why not?" I said as I got out of bed but he pushed me back in.

"uh my rooms right across from Laura's & all I hear is laughing & kissing & stuff." he said & I could hear the sadness In his voice. "so I was thinking could I sleep with you guys?" he said. before I could say anything he hopped onto the bed & laid down inbetween me & Valentina. "you just had to pick the middle Lou." I said & laid down & fell back to sleep.

Valentina's POV

I woke up to a hand in face & snoring. I don't think it was Harry snoring though cause he didn't snore the night he first slept over. then I feel someone staring at me. then I turn & see Louis with his mouth open snoring & Harry staring at me & smiling. "morning love." he said. oh my god his morning voice was so fucking attractive.

"morning." I said as I yawned. "uhm. why's Lou here?" I asked as I stood up & walked to the door. "he couldn't sleep cause his room is right across from Laura's & apparently all he could hear his laughing & kissing." he said walking behind me & then hugging me from the back. 

I walked to the bathroom & started brushing my teeth. then I felt a chin on my shoulder. I spit out the water & cleaned my mouth with my towel. his arms were still around my waist. I waddeled to the kitchen & took out a bottle of water. "gimme some." he said as he  placed his chin on my shoulder again. 

"go brush your teeth & I will." i said & he took his arms away from my waist & walked to the bathroom. & came back 3 minutes later smelling minty fresh. I was sitting on one of the chairs in the dining table. he poked me & I stood up &gave him the water bottle I walked over to the fridge & took out milk & grabbed a cereal box & bowl. 

"come here." Harry said & sat down on the chair I was sitting on. I stood infront of him munching on frosted flakes cereal. "what?" I said. "come." he said & patted his lap. I laughed & walked up the stairs that led to my room. "I don't even remember why I even went out with you. y'know what? just give me some time." I heard Louis voice.

then he hung up& sighed. "what's up Lou?" I said & sat on the edge of my bed. "nothing just.just." he paused & sighed. "do you ever get that feeling where you just want to shut out the world because people bother you too much?" he asked & looked up from his phone. I sighed & nodded. "y'know what? I'm not going out tonight. I'll stay here with you & Harry. if that's alright with you guys." he said & before I could open my mouth Harry walked in & responded for me. "it's fine Lou." he said & grabbed his towel from the top of his luggage.

"you're taking a shower so fast. whyyyyyy?" Louis said as he made the bed. "cause I got to smell clean for m'lady."he said as he kissed my forehead &walked out the room & into the bathroom. I smiled at the part he said m'lady. honestly I have never had a boyfriend like Harry. always flirting,& never keeps his hands to himself. but I'll get use to it.

"awwww. you really like him don't you?" Louis said & sat on the made bed. "I'm getting there." I said & put a thumbs up as a 'not bad' for making the bed. he nodded & walked out the room. I walked out & walked to the kitchen to wash my bowl. I heard a door close & I walk out the kitchen to see Liam sitting next to laura on my couch.

Louis came into living room & said waved a dull hi to both & walked to the kitchen & came out with a gaterade & gave me a small smile & walked back to his room. Harry came downstairs wearing a plaid shirt with his khaki chinos & his white converse. he walked in & saw Liam's arm over lauras shoulder.

"hey guys. I didn't know you guys knew each other." Harry said trying to make a conversation. "yeah we met last night." Liam said & smiled at Laura. Laura smiled back. "so valentina go take a shower we're gonna get movies for tonight." he said & threw himself On the couch. 

"movie night tonight?" I asked & raised an eyebrow. "yeah I invited Niall& Zayn." Harry said & slapped my butt as I stood up. I glared at him & he smirked. "definitely no kisses for you tonight." I said & smiled. "we'll see about that." he said & winked. 

I rolled my eyes & went up the stairs that led to my room. I grabbed my towel & headed towards the bathroom. I decided to wash my hair. 
after my shower I walked out & walked towards my room. I picked out my panty & bra for the day & quickly dried myself & then walked towards my closet. hmm movie night. something comfortable. I know just what!

I put on my black tights & decided to wear my DTF shirt just for fun. then I put on my brown sandals that looked like they were for the beach. I brushed my hair & took out ALL the knots & then no more than a minute later the curls started forming.

I walked over to my dresser & picked up my phone & sprayed perfume all over myself & walked out of my room. "HARRY IM READY!" I yelled & he yelled an alright back. I quickly went down the stairs & saw louis sitting next to Harry glaring at Liam who was staring at Laura.

then all eyes turned at my shirt. I started dying of laughter. "see Harry I told you!" Louis said & pointed to Harry was smirking up at me. I rolled my eyes & looked at Laura & her mouth was in the shape of an O' "why didn't you tell me? I could've worn mine!" Laura said & stood up & walked out the door.

I knew she went to go put on the shirt I opened the door & turned around to seeing Harry right behind my grabbing his car keys. wait car keys? he has a car? da fuck. & he didn't tell or show me. I left the porch to seeing a black Ferrari in front of my house I stopped & just looked at the car. 

Harry hopped in & opened the passenger seat from where he was sitting. "oh my god. we're riding in this?" I said & closed the car door. he nodded & put the car keys in & started driving. "shouldnt we stopto buy popcorn & drinks?" I said & he nodded. in about 5 minutes we stopped in  the familiar supermarket & got out. 

we walked in & then i saw the popcorn. "I get the popcorn you get the drinks." he nodded & walked a different way. I looked at the 10 different popcorns. some were buttery & some were wayyy to buterry & some already had salt in them & some had none at all & it was plain. "need help picking out popcorn?" a deep voice said from behind me.

I turned around & saw a guy with a red supreme hat & a whie shirt with khaki shorts & Jordan's. he had blue eyes. "uh. no I'm just looking for the right one" I said & turned back to the 10different kinds. "oh what kind do you like?" he asked. "uh a little buttery & a little salty." i said & found the one I wanted. 

"oh. I do too. my names ricky." he said & I turned around & saw his hand out waiting for it to be shaked I shaked it & then Harry came out of no where. "hey babe." he said & put his arm over my shoulder. "oh wait you're that guy from whats it called. uhm..." Ricky said as he thought of the boyband "one direction." I said & laughed.

"oh yeah! one direction. you're that Harry dude right?" he said & took out his hand so Harry could shake
it. "yeah I'm that Harry dude." he said dully & shaked the guys hand. "well nice to meet you Ricky. see you some other time yeah?" I said & grabbed Harry's hand & started walking over to the register. "yeah it was nice to meet you. wait I didn't catch your name love." he said  "Valentina!" i said & stopped at a register.

I put the popcorn & the package of apple juice & a one liter of coke on the sliding thingy."that'll be 10.59 m'am." the woman behind the register said. then remembered that I only brought my phone with me. I looked up at Harry for hope & he said "I got it love." & I nodded & said thank you. the woman handed me the bags & I carried them to the car.

then that's when the flashing cameras began. "harry who is this girl?" "did you finally find someone your age?" "are you going to be serious with her?" "is this valentina?" Harry placed his hand on my back & walked us to the car. when we got in I sighed. "don't you ever get tired of this?" I asked & sighed & nodded. the 5 minute ride was silent. but it was a good silence.

I took out the bags & walked towards the porch that's when I heard all the woohooing. "what are they doing now?" I asked & Harry shrugged. I walked into seeing Zayn sitting on the couch with 3 gaterade bottles on the floor next to him. & Niall drinking his 5th bottle. I dropped the bags On the kitchen counter.

"please tell me those aren't part of the package in the fridge." I said walking into the living room & placing my hands on my hips. "it's not from your package in your fridge" Louis said & smirked. I walked to the fridge& saw one bottle left of gaterade I sighed& took it out& opened the cap. "who's gonna drink the last one?" Louis said & Harry walked towards me.

"I am." he said & grabbed the bottle out of my hands & took a sip. I grabbed the bottle back. "aww babe I'm sorry but this is mine." I said & pointed at the drink. "babe? you've never called anyone babe before. other than your boyfriends." Niall said & raised an eyebrow. Harry looked at me.

"uh that's cause Harry's my boyfriend. I said kissing harry on the cheek & he smiled. his dimples appeared oh my god. they were so cute. "I don't believe it." Niall said & stood up. "why?" Harry asked. & Niall shrugged. "prove it to me." he said. 

"alright." I said & then went on my tippy toes to kiss Harry then i remember that I couldn't kiss him. "oh wait I can't do that" I said & Harry gave me a confused look. "cause he thought I was lying when I said I wasn't going to kiss him. last night." I said &looked At Niall.

"liar. you guys aren't going out."Niall said. "oh really?" I said & then gave Niall my gaterade to hold & placed my hands on Harry's neck & looked at him. "you sure?" he whispered. I nodded & smiled. he replaced the smile on his lips  with his lips against mine. then he stopped & whispered in my ear "jump" I nodded & jumped & he grabbed both my thighs. I ran my fingers through his hair. 

he didn't even care at the moment that I was probably messing it up. "ok ok we get it. you guys are making me get disgusted here." louis said & I smiled. then Harry put my back to a wall. then he pulled away for air. "told you, you were bluffing." he said & winked & then he pressed his lips against mine.

I pulled away. "I wasnt." i said & then tryed to get down. "oh yes you were." he said & kissed my neck. "Harry." i said & he looked up. "I know not now." he said & kissed my forehead.

then he let go of my thighs & I turned my head & smiled at Niall. "so Niall I never got to meet demi." i said & a huge smile crept on his face. "oh she said she would love to meet up with you again but not get on your bad side." I laughed & sat on laura. she was wearing her DTF shirt too but hers was blue & mine was red. 

"hey baby." she said & hugged me from the waist. "haiiii best friend i haven't talked to because of stupid Liam." I said & turned my head to look at Liam & he had a pouty face on. "sorry" he muttered & I nodded. "babe I got a seat reserved for you!" Harry said & patted his lap.i rolled my eyes & laughed. "gotta go laura boyfriend awaits." I said & she nodded.

I sat on Harry & he smiled & started playing with my hair. "your hairs pretty long." Harry said attempting to make a braid for like the 10th time. "I know I'm cutting it soon." I said & Laura stood up & walked over to me. "the day you cut your hair is the day Valentina Lazaro will die." she said & pointed at me. I put my hands up as in a 'I surrender' & she laughed

"dont let her cut her hair Harry." she said & pointed at Harry. then I heard "ITS GOTTA BE YOUUUUUUUUUU ONLY YOUUUUU!" I heard. ugh. I remember the day diodany put that as my ringtone.  I tried to get off harrys lap but he kept pushing me down. Laura stood up & walked towards the phone.  "hello? heyy diodany! yeah she's here being her slutty self sitting on Harry. haha! yeah. alright I'll put her on okay love you too." she as she  passed me the phone. "hey dio." I said & he started screaming. "calm down." I said & he laughed.

"start moving around." he said " what hu-" "just do it." i moved around & I tryed to find a comfortable position. till Harry sucked his teeth. "why do you keep moving so much!" he said & put his eyes back on the tv. "HARRY WE FORGOT ABOUT BUYING THE MOVIE!" I said & he shrugged.

"I don't want to watch the last song again!" I said & looked at him. "okay now that you moved around a lot. poke your butt out. but don't stand up from his lap. just make your butt seem a bit harder on him." diodany said & I did as he said. then I felt something poking my butt. "do you feel anything on your butt?" diodany asked. "yup." I responded popping the p.

"congrats you just made your boyfriend hard." he said & hung up. I laughed. then did the last thing diodany said to do & I felt something poking my butt a bit harder. I started laughing & then Louis burst out laughing & then patted Harry on the shoulder. 

I did it again. & it felt a bit more harder & then I  said "Harry your laps so uncomfortable!" I whined. & he laughed. "Harry stand up." Louis said & tryed to stop laughing. "Valentina's sitting on my lap I can't." I stood up & Harry covered his private part.

"mate you alright there?" Zayn said & bit his lip so he wouldn't laugh. "splendid." Harry replied. "think of a piece of shit." Louis said. "Valentina let's go upstairs to pick a movie." Harry said & stood up & ran towards the stairs. "alright Harry as long as you're not hard." I said & he yelled a shut up. 

Laura turned her head to look at me & gave me puzzled look. I pointed to the kitchen. she walked to the kitchen then asked me what that was all about. I explained it to her. & she said she was gonna do it to Liam. we walked back & she sat on Liam. Liam raised eyebrow but then wrapped his arms around her waist & looked at the tv.

she poked her butt down onto his lap & both his eyes went wide. I bit my lip so i could hold back the laughter. I sat next to Louis & told him what Laura was trying to do & he started dying of laughter. Laura repeated the procedure & then Liam's eyes went wide again. then he folded his fingers with the others& bit his lip.

"you alright there Liam?" I asked & he looked at me & nodded. I laughed & then looked at Laura & she was doing her best to not laugh. she did it once more but this time she groaned. but it was a good groan. like the ones guys like. Liam started tapping his right foot & I elbowed Louis to look & he whispered for me to bring down Harry. 

"Laura?" Liam said. "yeah babe?" she responded & turned her head to look at him. "stop moving please?" he said & she nodded. she did it once more & he warned her again. I laughed as I went up the stairs. "Harry?" I said as I walked Into my room & saw Harry laying down his stomach facing the bed. I smacked his butt & sat next to him.

"hey babe." he said. "come down Laura's making Liam sexually frustrated." I laughed & Harry sat up & looked at me. "oh my god I need to see this." he said & ran out the room. I walked down the stairs & found Laura still sitting on him. I walked into the living room & sat on Harry cause there was no seats. "please don't do that to me again." he said & I nodded. "wait make you sexually frustrated?" I asked & he rolled his eyes & Zayn,Louis& Niall burst out laughing. 

Laura looked at me & I nodded & she did it once more & stood up. "uh. can I get a pillow mate?" he said he tried covering his buddy. "what's wrong babe? you sexually frustrated?" Laura said & winked then walked to the kitchen & came out with a bottle of water in her hand. she sat on me. I was sitting on Harry. oh lord I wonder how much we weigh together.

Laura just sat there then I tried pushing her off. which meant force. & the force I use is my arms & when I push someone while I'm sitting down my butt goes down. & harry was sitting under Me. "I really dislike you Valentina." I laughed & I kissed his cheek. "I like you too." I said & smiled. Laura took her place on Liam's lap & he said something on her ear & she nodded.

"Harry I'm bored." I said & I was about to stand up but Harry placed his hands on my hips & pushed me down. "what the fuck Harry?"  I said & he gave me a stern look. "ohhh." i laughed & he glared at me "lou. so you up for watching the last song.... AGAIN?" I asked louis & Harry moaned. "Harry. if you just wanted to jerk off with your girlfriends butt in that place you could've done that up there." he said & pointed at the stairs.

Harry nodded & pushed me off his lap & grabbed my hand & led me up the stairs. "what's up Harry?" I asked as I laid myself down on my bed & looked up at the ceiling.
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