The Lovers

Valentina grew up in mullingar & made a couple friends. Niall Horan being her bestfriend. she moved to new jersey which was all the way in the USA. it was hard for Niall because of the time differences. she encouraged him to go to xfactor. they finished tour & Niall wanted Valentina to meet the boys.


3. chapter 3

"where are going styles? I wanna stay down here." Valentina said while I walked her up the stairs. "we're going to your room." I
said as I pulled her into her room & laid her on the bed. 

"are you going to rape me?" she said & pretended to look scared. "no. I just wanted to ask you something that's been bothering me." I said & she nodded "shoot." she said as she layed down on her bed. "are we.uh. together?" I asked scratching the back of my neck.

"uh. i don't know." she said sitting up. only one way to know. "Valentina, would you like to be my girlfriend? I know we met like yesterday but we can get to know each other as we go on dates & stuff." i said looking down at my shoes which suddenly looked interesting.

"come here styles." she said & put her hands behind my neck & pulled me down for the most passionate kiss I've ever had. I mean I've had before but this one just had so much feeling. I didn't even feel like pulling away.

but unfortunately we had to get some air. she giggled & walked over to one of her drawers & opened it up. I saw her take out shorts that were plaid & tank top that was white. I saw her unbutton her shorts then look up to meet my eyes & her cheeks turned a quick red.

"look away Harry." she said & laughed. "but babe I'm gonna see it sooner or later." i said laughing then turning around. wait she never gave me answer. was that kiss a yea or what was it? just ask styles just ask. "uh. so is that a yes or what was it?" I said looking at her wall. no answer.

"how bout this?" she said & walked towards me & gave me a peck. "yes?" I said raising an eyebrow. "yes! harry yes! how many kisses do I have to give you for you to get that I said yes?!" she smiled & wrapped her hands around my waist & looked up at me.

"a hundred." I said & kissed her forehead. she rolled her eyes & then pulled away & then I was left alone in the room. i decided to take off my clothes & just wear my Pjs which was just my boxers & that's it.

I walked down & entered the living room. "Harry! go put on some clothes!" Louis said & gave me a glare. "Louis shut up you've seen me naked before!" I said sitting next to valentina who was covered in a blanket. it was pretty cold in jersey.

I pulled on the covers till she gave up & shared with me. "thank you." I said looking at the movie they were watching. hunger games. that movie was so long. "NO PETTAA!DONT KILL HER!" Louis yelled which made Laura laugh. I looked up from the movie & saw Louis trying to find a way to put his arm over laura shoulder.

"Louis just do it." Valentina said. Louis sent her a glare & then looked up at me then I smiled & looked Down to Laura who was blushing. I put my arm over valentinas shoulder & she looked & smiled & I winked.

she squirmed & squirmed till she stopped & stood up. "Harry!" Valentina yelled & gave me a look. "what's wrong love?" I said. "get up!...wait no lay down." she said. I did as I was told & layed down then moved to my left side. she layed down in front of me & then turned her body around & she was facing towards me.

then she let out a sigh. "what's wrong love?" I asked & laughed. "I'm kinda tired." she said looking up & trying to squirm her hand under me to wrap her arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around her & she looked up & smiled.

"you have a pretty smile." I said & kissed the top of her head. "you have nice hair. & you smell good... I guess?" she said & then stood up to get something in the kitchen then walked to her room& screamed my name. "WHAT!" I yelled back. "COME HERE." I stood up & wrapped the blanket around me & grabbed my phone from the kitchen counter. 

I walked back into the living room & saw Laura fast asleep laying on Louis lap & louis was trying his best not to fall asleep. I turned off the tv & made my way to Valentina's room. "what happened?" i said walking in to a girl who fell asleep under the covers & had her glasses off. 

"babe, you're so cute when you're asleep." I said as I walked over to the bed & turned off the lamp next to The bed & covered myself. I sat up & placed the pillow behind me & placed my phone on the dresser. Valentina moved up & snuggled up to me & said "I  know." & kissed my cheek & fell asleep on my chest.


Valentina POV

yesterday was a long day. it was one of those days you loved but hated some parts. I'm happy because in 2 days it's finally my birthday. I have no what I'm doing yet. I opened my eyes to seeing my head pressed against Harry's chest. I moved but then noticed his arm was wrapped around me.

I didn't wanna wake him up so I just stayed there. then I heard a few footsteps but eyes remained close. "GOOD MORNING!" it was Louis voice. ugh how could he be so peppy at this time. wait what time was it? "HELLO?GOODMORNING!" he yelled.

then he jumped on the bed. "OH MY GOD THERE'S A FIRE AT THE END OF THE BED." he yelled & I sat up & looked at the end of the bed & saw Louis standing there dying of laughter & Laura standing next to him trying her best to not laugh.

"thanks." I said & closed my eyes again & went back to the position I was in before. "GUYS GET UP! IT'S NOT TIME FOR BED OR WHATEVER YOU GUYS ARE DOING!" Louis said jumping on the bed once more. "shut up." i heard Harry mutter.

"c'mon Valentina get up!" I heard Laura said & then come towards me. "what! what could be so important!" I said sitting up. "nothing. we're so bored." Laura said & sat next to me. "go play or do something with Louis! Louis' fun!" I said pointing to Louis who was painting his toe with one of my nail polish

"guys does the color make my toes look huge?" he said putting his foot on top of the bed. I looked to my side & saw that Harry's eyes were still close. "babe. they're not gonna let us sleep so c'mon wake up." I said he let out a groan that didn't sound normal.

"c'mon baby." Louis said & placed his finger on Harrys chest & ran it up & down his chest. Harry's opened & looked up to Louis who bit his lip to stop him from laughing. "Lou.get your finger off me." Harry said & picked up Louis' finger off his chest.

"seriously Valentina. teach me your tricks. I need to know how you get him all wrapped around your finger." Louis said pouting. I laughed & shrugged. "I think it's cause I'm a girl lou." I said placing my head on the pillow.

"well I'm a boy. so teach me how to be a girl." Louis said walking out the room with Laura. I looked up at Harry who's eyes were closed again. "Harry." I said & turned my body to face him. "what love?" he said putting his hand behind my back pulling me closer to him. 

"we have to wake up." I said & groaned. "I don't want to." he said & layed down. I opened my eyes & saw Harry staring back at me. "hi." he said & smiled. "hi." i said & wrapped my arms around his neck which was hard to do since we were both laying down.

Harry went ontop of me
& wrapped his arms around my waist & kisses my forehead. "ugh they're at it again Lou!" I heard Laura. I placed a bunch of kisses all over Harry's cheeks & the last one on his lips. "mmmmmmmm" Harry said. & we know we were grossing Laura & Louis.

"GET A ROOM!" Louis said. "uh Lou. we're in a room." i said pulling away& standing up. "baby come back." Harry said & I laughed. "no you come here." I said & he shook his head no like a little kid. "well I'm not coming over there. so come over here or you miss all of this." I said pointing to Lou who was grinning at Harry.

"fine.ill stay here." he said with a grunt. "sound normal at least Harry." Louis said walking out the room. I laughed & walked towards the bathroom to pee & wash my teeth. while I was washing my teeth I felt hands around my waist. "Harry I'm washing my teeth." I said while brushing my teeth.

"fine. you won't get a kiss today." he said & then walking out the bathroom & closing the door behind me. I shrugged I could live without having to kiss him. I could go weeks even months. okay maybe not months but I can do 3 weeks.

I cleaned my mouth with my towel & walked out to arguing. "CAN I JUST SEE HER?" I heard that voice. who was it? I walked in & saw the guy Laura told me about. he hurt her. he basically called her everything you can to a girl, cheated on her & on top of that he hit her. she covered it up though. 

he hit her on her back. she had the biggest black & blue on her back.  "what do you want." I said walking in & looking at the guy. "I wanna talk to your friend over there." he said pointing to Laura who was crying in harry's arm.

"you're not seeing anybody till you get a breath mint. man did you brush your teeth this morning?" Louis said. always trying to make a joke out of something. "what are you her body guard? no. then let me through." he said trying to get past lou who was holding him back pretty good. 

"do you always answer your own questions? & no I'm not her body guard but I know she doesn't wanna see you so I'm informing you to leave before things get ugly." Louis said pushing the guy out once again. Harry stood up & walked towards the door. he was still shirtless but he had pants on.

"what are you gonna do?" the guy said to Lou pushing him back. "listen man. I'm just telling you. back away before things get ugly." Louis said trying to say it as nicely as he could. then I heard a punch & I saw louis covering his eye with his hand.

then i heard a few more punches then a body fall. I opened my eyes to seeing the guy on the floor & Harry with a bloody lip. I ran over to Harry. "you alright?" I said looking at his lip. he nodded. but I know he wasn't.

I went into the kitchen & grabbed a bag of frozen peas & threw it at Lou & I got a wet napkin & a dry napkin & slowly cleaned the blood off his lips with the wet napkin& pressed the dry napkin on the sore. "I'm fine." he mumbled & I nodded & still kept my hand pressed against his lip.

I heard a whimper. "go away." I heard Laura say. "we need to talk." I heard a husky voice say. I walked back from the kitchen & saw the guy standing infront of Laura who was scared to death. 

"guys It looks pret-" "GET AWAY FROM HER!" I heard Louis yell & I saw Louis running towards the guy. "Louis! get off him! he's gonna hurt you!" Laura yelled. I saw her crying even harder. I ran over to her & grabbed her hands & led her to the room & kept her in there so she wouldn't see the rest of what was happening.

I walked back to seeing the guy once again on the floor. but this time it wasn't on the porch it was in the middle of my living room. i sighed & saw Louis had a cut on his forehead. I looked for Harry & I couldn't find him. 

I went into the bathroom & saw him standing there In the mirror trying to clean a cut he had on his cheek. "ouch." he said cleaning the cut. "baby you alright?" I said standing at the doorway. he turned around & looked at me.

"kiss me." he said I looked at him confused. "uh. it'll hurt your lip. & you said I couldn't get any kisses" I said & took out my tounge at him. "it'll make it feel batter trust me." he said & walked towards me. "no." I said & pushed him away. 

"why? why not?" he said & walked towards me. "Harry its gonna hurt your lip." I said than I heard fireworks go off. "it's too early for fireworks couldn't they wait till the night? big woop it's the fourth of July." I said to Harry who was standing in front of me. 

harry took my hand & pulled me out to the porch. "kiss me now." he said  & I looked up at the sky which the fireworks were still going on. I went on my tippy toes & kissed his cheek. "no. right here." he said & pointed to his lips. 

"but it's gonna hurt!" I said backing away. "I don't care." he said & with that he put his hands on my waist & pressed his lips against mine. "ow." he said inbetween the kiss. I pulled away & said "told you." then I licked my lip & tasted blood.

"ew" i said looking up at the sky. "you like my blood." harry said taking out his tounge at me. "no I don't." I said wrapping my hands in the back of his neck. "kiss me." he said & then kissed my forehead. "no thank you. I don't wanna taste your blood." I said & pulled away from him & walked towards the front door.

"YOU ARE NOT SEEING HER! SHES SLEEPING!" I heard Louis yell. "You know what? she's not even worth it. let me just leave. you can have her." I heard the guy say & I heard the door slam. "thought he'd never leave." Louis said & threw himself on the couch.

"the fireworks are pretty out there Lou. go get your kiss with Harry." I said & laughed. "okay I will." he said & skipped out my house. I walked up to my room & saw that Laura fell asleep. she looked like an angel.

I turned off the lamp & walked towards the door but a telephone ringtone went off. I turned around & saw it was Harry's phone. on the screen it said 'Ayanna'. I didn't bother picking it up. cause it wasnt my phone.

i walked out the room & called for Harry who was coming in yelling no at louis. then I saw Louis come in puckering his lips at Harry. "Lou I said no!" Harry said walking into the living room. "c'mon I never had my fireworks kiss!" Louis said laughing.

"go have it with Eleanor!" Harry said sitting down on the couch. who was Eleanor. "Harry. i told you not to speak about her. we're done. finished. finito." he said glaring at Harry.

I heard a creak behind me. I screamed so loud then I noticed it was just Laura. "don't scare me like that!" I yelled at Laura. "sorry." she said giving me a soft smile. Harry cleared his throat & Louis snickered.

"what do we have here?" Louis said crossing his arms & raising an eyebrow at me. "uh. uhm." I said looking around the room. "yeah. you were spying!" Louis said pointing his finger at me.

"NO I wasn't !" i was just coming down then I saw you guys come in & you guys were acting funny. so I just wanted to stay behind cause you guys would stop acting like that in front of me.

"no we wouldn't!" Louis said walking back over to the couch. "what time is it?" Laura asked from behind me. "it's about 1:30pm." Harry said looking at his watch. "it's so early!" let's go out!" Laura said walking down the stairs.

"sure why not." I said walking up the stairs & into the bathroom to take a shower. I let the water run over my back. it felt so good. the warm water fall on my back it felt like a massage. "VAL! im going over to my place to get some clothes!" I heard Laura at the back of the door.  "ALRIGHT!" I yelled back.

then I heard a door open. "Harry?" I said then I heard a chuckle. Louis. Louis laughs like that. "Louis!" I yelled & stopped the water. "what? I had to pee!" he said In a kid voice. "there's a guest room y'know..." I said & waited for him to get out.

"okay bye!" i heard Louis yell & the tap water close from the sink. I grabbed the towel & then wrapped it around my selfthen walked out the bathroom. "the way I like my women" I heard the husky voice. Harry.

I turned around to Harry smirking. then I felt a smack on my butt. "harry!" I said & glared at him. "sorry. you can't just expect me to stay shut when I see a hot girl have a towel wrapped around her & her hair wet & not say anything while she looks fucking hot." he said.

I blushed at the part he said that I looked hot. "Harry get out I need to change." I said pushing him out. "it's not like I'm not gonna see it later on in the year." he said then laughed. "whoever said you were gonna see this at all?" I said & closed the door in his face before he could answer.

I laughed to myself & then dryed myself & put on a panty & a bra. I walked over to my closet but I still didn't know what I was gonna wear. I had a bunch of clothes but no choices.

I opened my other closet & found my   dark blue jeans & quickly put them on & pulled out my ramones shirt from a drawer & put on my grey converse. I dryed my hair then walked over to the mirror to see how I could fix it. it looked fine but I need to fix it a bit. 

"fine I'll talk to her." Harry said walking in. "hey babe." he said sitting on my bed. "hey." i said the  grabbing my phone from my dresser on the other side of the room. '15 missed calls' & i had 4 messages. i checked the calls list & they were basically from Laura & Niall.

I opened up the messages & saw two from Niall it said it was sent at 8am. & Laura's was sent last night. I think it was sent when everything happened last night between her & that guy. I opened niall's & it said 'Harry's such a lucky guy. he got you. good luck to your relationship :)xx' sent 4 hours ago. 

I opened the other one. 'hey,sorry about last night. i just wanted to have a last kiss. I'm with demi though. yeah we're together & sorry again. we're still friends right? :)xxxx' sent 1hour ago. I quickly typed a thanks & a yeah. & put my phone to charge.

"niall says congrats."  I said to Harry. "for?" he said tensing up when I said Niall. "for getting me" i said walking over to the mirror to finish fixing my hair. he laugh & said "I know I'm lucky. love stop fixing your hair you look beautiful." he said wrapping his hands around my waist.

"no it doesn't! it looks horrible!" I said fixing the top of the hair. "now It looks fine." I said placing my arms at my sides. "it always looked fine. mine looks like a tornado passed through your house." he said letting his arms go from my waist.

 I laughed &walked over to my perfume section. "Harry you gonna go take a shower?" I said & I turned around to him running towards the bathroom. I laughed to myself & started doing the bed. then his phone went off again. this time it was Niall.

pick it up valentina. pick It up. it's just Niall. Harry's not gonna kill you. no I'm not picking it up. it's his business. I continued making the bed. & cleaning up my room & moving Harry luggage to other side of the room.

"babe, I heard my phone go off." Harry said walking in with his hair dripping wet. I nodded & pointed to the phone. "hey buddy.whats up?" Harry said in a cheerful tone. "uh. sure. lemme ask Valentina." wanna go for BBQ?" Harry asked me.

"aren't we going out with Lou & Laura?" I said walking over to the bathroom. "oh yeah." he said. "uh. I don't think we can go. we have this thing with Lou & Valentina's friend."  I heard Harry say then the door close.

I barged in & saw Harry without his towel. "we have to stop meeting like this." I said covering my eyes. "love. you're gonna see the package sooner or later." he said then grabbing my hand away from my eyes. I closed my eyes tight. "no thank you." I said standing there till he said open them.

he had calvin Klein boxers on. I walked over to my closet to pick out a belt cause my pants were falling. then I saw a skinny brown one. I quickly put it on & grabbed my glasses off the dresser & looked myself in the mirror.

"you look fine babe." Harry came behind me & looked at himself
in the mirror. he was wearing a brown ramones shirt with dark jeans on with his white converse. "where's your blower?" he said I pointed to the bathroom & he nodded.

awww we were matching. how cute was that? he walked in with his curls. "those curls Harry. they always get the girls." I said laughing. "well they definitely got the right one this time." he said kissing my forehead. "who said I was the one?" isaid sitting down on my bed.

"it seems like it babe." he said grabbing my laptop. "you'll never know the password." I said laughing. "then explain how I got in?" he said laughing. the password to my laptop was my name. how stupid was that?

I saw him go onto twitter. then write a new tweet. "do follow Niall on twitter?" he asked turning around. I nodded & then he turned back to the laptop. "ready for your mentions to start going crazy?" he said looking at me. "what are you t-" before I could finish my phone started beeping.

beep beep beep every single second. "Harry what did you do?" I said reaching for my phone. I must've sent out a tweet or two saying you were my girlfriend. he said smiling up at me. "oh alright." I said & looked at my phone & unlocked it. 2,986 followers.

oh my god. my mentions kept going crazy. I looked over at my mentions & saw 'congrats! I ship VARRY! ;)xx' I saw from a girl I had no idea who she was. 'you don't deserve him. he's too hot for you.' i saw another girl say. well than.

I'm guessing my face expression changed because Harry said "don't worry about the haters babe." he said & walked over to me. I bit my bottom lip. "how's your lip?" I asked. "its better." he said & smiled. he gave me a hug. it wasn't a weird hug. it was a nice & warm hug.

"you haven't done it right?" he said. I didn't really know what he was talking about. "do what love?" I said giving him a confused look. "cut." he said that word. that word scared me. "no why?" I said looking him in the eyes. 

"just asking. I don't want you cutting anymore. okay?" he said looking at me then kissing my cheek. "promise." he said holding his pinky out. instead I gave him a peck on the lips & said promise. he smiled & said something but I didnt hear him.

"huh?" I said sitting down on my bed. "you're beautiful." he said. nobody ever said that to me. well Niall did but that didn't count cause he was my best friend. "thank you harry." I said smiling. "you're welcome." he said fixing his hair

"loves are you ready!?" Louis said walking in through the door. I nodded & unplugged my phone from its charger. Harry grabbed his phone & shut off the lamps light. "louis!" I heard Laura yell.

"what is it dear?" Louis said walking to the living room. "aren't they cute?" she said looking up at me & Harry's matching. Harry took my hand & intertwined our fingers. I kissed Harry's cheek & i heard a click & saw a light out of the corner of my eye. I looked to the right & saw Louis taking a picture. "that's going on twitter." he said laughing.

"can we go? I want food." I said making a sound that didn't sound normal. "you're always hungry aren't you?" Harry said putting his big hand on my small back. "I guess." I said grabbing my keys off the counter & walking outside.

"how much longer do we have to walk?" Laura asked for what seemed like the 100th time. "we're almost there!" Harry said leading the way. I turned around & saw Louis was staring at her. "Lou take a picture it'll last longer." I said & then turned around to continue walking. 

"haha very funny." Louis said putting his arm over my shoulder. "Louis I think this is it." harry said stopping infront of a big house with a bunch of people in on the front lawn.
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