The Lovers

Valentina grew up in mullingar & made a couple friends. Niall Horan being her bestfriend. she moved to new jersey which was all the way in the USA. it was hard for Niall because of the time differences. she encouraged him to go to xfactor. they finished tour & Niall wanted Valentina to meet the boys.


2. chapter 2

i woke up to find Valentina having her arms around my waist & my arm on her pillow. if we could be a couple we would be the cutest one. she moved around a bit then she slowly pulled her arms away & stood up from the bed & i felt her leaving the room. 

"Valentina?" i said as i stood up. "BATHROOM!" she yelled from the room next door. i nodded & made my way to the kitchen to make some pancakes. i stood in front of the unfamiliar kitchen. i opened all of the cabinets till i found the pan & the pancake mix.

"harry?" i turned around & saw valentina standing there with her hands at her side with a navy blue t-shirt & orange shorts she had pink & white striped socks on. i looked at her & just froze. how could she just wear that & still be beautiful? i stood there just staring at her. "you okay harry?" she said snapping me back to reality.

"uh yeah. just. just that the pancakes are ready" i said smiling up at her. she nodded & sat down in one of the chairs  next to the table. i put the awfully shaped pancake on the plate in front of her. she looked up & smiled at me. " you make awful looking pancakes" she said while laughing.

"i know i know." i said nodding & placing 2 pancakes on my plate & sitting down across from her. she stood up & walked over to the pan & there was 4 pancakes left for the boys. she came back with 2morepancakes on her plate. "thats for the boys love." i said eating another piece of my pancake. she shrugged & ate a piece of pancake after squirting syrup all over her pancakes. i heard my phone blaring in her room.

"you should probably get that harry." she said smiling & stuffing another piece of pancake in her mouth i chuckeld to myself she was just like niall. i stood up from my chair & walked up the small steps that led to her room. i heard an old telephone ring. that was definitely my phone. i didn't even bother looking at the caller ID. "hello?" i said clearing my voice. "hey baby." i heard the voice of Ayanna. "what do you want now?" i said raising my voice a bit. "calm your balls babe. i just wanted to see what you were up to." she said with her seducting voice. "harry? im gunna eat your pancakes if you take any longer." valentina said walking into her room. 

"you have another girl Harry? we're done." she said then waited a few seconds for my response. "we've been done since yesterday Ayanna" I said rolling my eyes & pressing the end button. she stressed me out so much. I threw my phone on the bed & ran down the stairs to finding Valentina reaching over to my plate. she grabbed one of my pancakes. "HEY!" I yelled running towards my pancakes. "oops." she said then dropping the pancake on my plate.

she laughed. I swear it was the cutest thing on earth. "hey can I ask you something?" she said while cleaning her mouth with a napkin. "Mhmm." I said while washing the plates. "why are you so nice to me?" she said walking over to the fridge to get orange juice. 

"I'm not." I said to her while drying my hands with a paper towel. "uh yes you are!" she said sitting down on the couch. "no I'm not." I laughed& sat next to her.

"yes you are hare bear!" I laughed at the name. "so tell me are we gunna sit here in silence or watch some tv?" I said grabbing the control on the table. "FOODS HEREE!" Louis said barging into the house.

valentinas POV

he was perfect. the way his curls moved in a certain way. the way his husky voice sounded it was just wow. & the fact he woke up to make ME breakfast. the way his green eyes looked at me just made me fall into a trance. whoa whoa whoa slow your roll Valentina you basically just met the dude & he's perfect?

my thoughts were interupted by Lou barging in. "FOODS HERE!" he said smiling at me. then he looked at Harry & his smile dropped. "so you guys decided to have a sleepover & not invite the tommo. I understand." he said making his face turn into a hurt face expression.

me & Harry erupted in laughter. "it's not funny guys." he said walking over to us & handing us each a bagel in a different bag. "uh Lou we alre-" I put my finger on Harry's lips before he finished "shhhh." I said. he nodded. "thanks Lou!" I said putting my arms behind his neck pulling him into a hug. 

"anything for a new friend." he said wrapping his arms around my waist. after I pulled away from Louis hugs I sat on Harry. "uh, Valentina?" he said trying his best not touch my butt to get me off him. "SANDWHICH!" Louis said & sat on top of me which made me fall to the side.

"ouch Louis! balls!" harry said pushing Louis off him. "I like the way you touch my ass haz." Lou said & winked at Harry & Harry just rolled his eyes & then looked at me. I just sat there looking at Harry & Harry looking at me. 

"well guys. let's stop this staring contest & let's get this party started!" Louis said turning on my I home & plugging his iPod in. "uh Lou? let me take a quick shower first" I said to him while standing up. 

"I'll go check twitter" Harry said walking behind me. I ran up the stairs & into the bathroom.
i quickly took the conditioner out my hair. "Harry! grab some clothes for me please?" I yelled. "sure thing love!" he yelled back & then i heard the sound of a door opening & closing. 

after I finished showering I saw a black & pink laced bra & panties.i quickly dried myself & then put on the light bluejean shorts & the light pink sweatshirt that had PINK Written in black in the middle of it. & I quickly put on the pink vans 

"Lou! I just met her! it'll be weird for us! she won't even feel the same way. I'll feel stupid." I heard Harry said as I walked out of the bathroom into my room. "who won't feel the same way?" I said walking in & grabbing my brush off the dresser. "well I let you two talk." Louis said walking out. 

"so who's the girl hare bear?" I said wiggling my eyebrows at him. he laughed & said no one. "hahaha Harry now tell me. who's the lucky girl?" I said sitting down next to him. "you don't want to know." he said taking off his socks then pulling his shirt over is head.

"care to explain?" I said pointing up & down his chest. "well I'm not taking a shower with all my clothes on." he said taking off his pants. I gulped. he was literally so perfect. he had the body, the hair, the eyes, the personality. everything . everything About him was just-SHUT UP VALENTINA . you dont know what you're saying. 

"alright the bathrooms over there." I pointed across the door he nodded & quickly walked over there. I picked up his pants,shirt& socks & threw them on my bed. I sighed & sat down. Then I stood up & walked over to one of the drawers. I took out a pair of grey sweatpants & white t-shirt.

I knocked three times on the bathroom door & Harry didn't answer he was probably still showering.  I went in to finding Harry covering his lower part. the water was dripping from his hair. then I looked at his chest. still wet. did he just get out of the shower? I'm dumb of course he did!

"uh.." he said breaking the silence. "oh god I probably look like a creep now just walking into the bathroom & then finding you naked. I'm so sorry!" I said turning my body to be facing the wall. "well what'd you come in here for?" Harry said chuckling. 

what did I go I there for? the clothes! "oh I came in to give you some clothes. I didn't want you wearing the clothes as yesterday. "oh alright thanks. wait are these niall's?" he said grabbing the towel placed on the hook on the wall infront of me.

"uh, yeah. he use to wear these & he left it at my house. so I guess they'll fit you?" I said walking out of the bathroom. "oh okay. thanks again!" he said closing the door. I just nodded my head. I walked down the stairs & walked over to Louis who was watching tv on the couch. 

"so how'd it go?" he said sitting up to make space for me. "howd what go?" I asked him giving him a look of confusion. "he didn't talk to you?" he said returning the confused look. "who?" I said making myself comfortable. "Harry." he said changing the channels. 

"uh, not really. what are you talking about Lou?" I asked. "nothing he has to tell you. I can't say." he said grabbing his phone. "alright." I said grabbing the control & changing the channel. "HEYY! I was watching that !" he said grabbing the control back & changing the channel back

I glared at him & he put his hands defensively & gave me the control. I smiled & said thank you. Harry walked in & went straight to the kitchen. "NO . YOU listen to ME . DONT BOTHER CALLING ME. I DON'T NEED YOU IN MY LIFE. OKAY?" he yelled. I think he was talking on the phone.

I stood up to go to see if he was alright but Lou pushed me back down. "just let him cool off. it's his ex girlfriend." he said in whispered tone. I nodded & played wth Louis hair. it was so soft. 

" YOU'RE SUCH A WHORE !" I heard Harry yell & then slam his phone on the table & walk back out to my room & slam the door.i jumped a little when I heard the door slam. "I'll go talk to him" said Louis standing up. 

Harry's POV

I had so much rage in me. I just wanted to throw everything on the floor. but then I remembered this wasn't my house. it was Valentina's. I heard a knock on the door then I heard Louis voice. "come in." I said pacing around In the room.

"hey haz." Louis said sitting down on Valentina's bed. "she did it Lou. you guys were right. she was nothing but a little slut." I said to him raising my voice a little. "lad what are you going off about?" he said calmly. 

"ABOUT AYANNA ." I said screaming at him then I saw that he came in trying to help & all I did was scream at him. how dare I scream to my own best friend? "I'm sorry." I said to Louis who's just staring down at his feet. he nodded but didn't say anything. 

"she admitted to being with those 5 guys you & the boys were talking about." I said letting a tear roll down my cheek. he stood up & gave me a hug. "it's okay mate. you're gonna find the girl you want. & she's not gonna be a whore. shes gonna be nice." he said pulling away & smiling up at me. 

"oh uh, sorry to interupt your gay moment. but Lou your phone won't shut up!" Valentina said giggling. Louis ran out the room to go get his phone. "hey." Valentina said sitting next to me on her bed. "hi." I said wiping the tears away.

"you were crying?" she asked me looking at me. I nodded. "why?"she asked me looking down at her shoes. "stuff." I didn't wanna just vent to someone that I just met. "tell me?i promise I won't tell a soul" she said holding up her pinky. 

I laughed & shook my head. "aww c'mon I told you why I cut." she said. then I looked at her then I saw her half smile. I took her left arm then took the bracelets off. I brought her wrist up to my lips & kissed them. "everything's gonna be alright love." I said to her. 

she smiled at me & then said "so mind telling me why you were screaming in my kitchen?" I sat closer to her than let it all out. "I was going out with this girl named Ayanna for about 7months already & she was the most perfect thing, or so I thought. the boys kept telling me that they saw her kissing a couple of guys before but I never believed them. 

then yesterday I broke up with her that's why I was on my phone basically the whole day & today she kept calling me & calling me & I finally answered & she was drunk & she said that she was happy that I broke up with her because she had sex with 3 guys & kissed 2." I said trying my best not to cry in front of her. man up styles. don't cry in front of a girl.

she had wide open eyes & her mouth in the shape of an O'. "wow." she said. I nodded. "Harry, you're gonna find girls like that. you're gonna find girls that you don't wanna let go of cause you think they're the one but they're really not. you're gonna find girls that are cheaters & you're still gonna find a way to love them. & then one day the one is gonna pop up & you won't even notice it." she said while cleaning off the tear on my left cheek with her thumb.

i smiled & then I did what felt right at doing. I leaned in & slowly pressed my lips against hers. she kissed back.  "hey guys... woah." Louis said walking in. she pulled away & giggled. "what do you want Lou?" I said glaring at him. 

"I just wanted to see if you were okay. turns out you were better than okay." he said winking at Valentina. she laughed & then told Lou to get out because she needed to talk to me. "uh Harry?" she said opening her closet. "yeah Val?" I said  opening up her laptop.

"uh why'd you kiss me?" she said going into the bathroom across from her room. "because I thought it felt right for the moment." I said putting on my white converse. "oh alright." she said walking in with a strapless pink shirt & darker jean shorts & her pink vans.

I stared at her legs. she saw me & smirked "like what you see styles?" she laughed & put the clothes she had on away. then she walked out the room. what if Valentina liked me? do I like her back? calm down styles you just got out of a relationship. Niall wouldn't like you dating her. wait does he like her? let me call him.

I dialed the familiar number & heard the familiar irish voice. then I heard giggling in the background. "hold on babe I got a phone call." I heard him say. "oh hey Harry." he said. "hey Niall." I said playing with the sweats a bit. "what's up mate?" he said trying to shush up the girl he was with. 

"uh do you like Valentina?" I said scratching the back of my neck. "I-I dont know." he said letting out a sigh. "oh alright mate." I said. "wait why? does she like me?" he said whispering. "I don't know mate. I'll ask." I said fixing my curls. "oh alright thanks see ya later." he said then I heard the giggling once again. "uh, I'm not going home just yet. I think I'll be home by next week? I'm staying here with Lou." I said then
 pressed end.

"hey haz. me & Lou are watching a movie. you wanna stay here & rot your thoughts out? or do you wanna  watch a movie?" she said putting in a piece of her popcorn from the bowl. I stood up & smiled.

she turned around & walked away & i put my hands around her waist & "Harry what are you doing?" she said finding a way to turn around but i grabbed her off the ground & ran towards the couch. "HARRY STYLES! LET ME DOWN!" she said kicking the air. the popcorn was all over the floor.

"kicking wont make me let you down y'know." I said into her ear & smirked. she stopped kicking & stayed frozen. Louis gave me a look. & I mouthed a 'you take her' & he nodded "alright I'll sit you down." I said dropping her on Lou's lap. "thank you." she said sounding relieved.

Louis snaked his arms around her waist & lifted her up into the air. "LOUIS WHATEVER YOUR LAST NAME IS LET ME DOWN!"she yelled then he spun her around till he felt dizzy. he finally sat her down & went into the kitchen for a glass of water. 

Valentina looked at me & crossed her arms & let out a humph. then she rolled her eyes. I laughed & walked over to her & went down on one knee. "Valentina...?" I started off "Lazaro." she said "Valentina Lazaro, please forgive me." I said batting my eyelashes & moving hair out of my eyes.

Valentina's POV

"hey Niall." I heard Harry say. I quickly put my ear to the wall to hear better. "uh do you like Valentina?" I heard Harry said. oh my god what was he doing! "oh alright mate." he said. what if Niall said yes? oh my god why am I freaking out I don't even like Niall.
"uh, I'm not going home just yet. I think I'll be home by next week? I'm staying here with Lou." he said then I heard silence so I just walked in.

"hey haz. me & Lou are watching a movie. you wanna stay here & rot your thoughts out? or do you wanna  watch a movie?" I said putting a piece of popcorn in my mouth. he stood up so I decided to walk away.

I felt a pair of hands on my waist. Harry was the only one behind me. "Harry what are you doing?" he carried me off the ground & I started kicking around. 

I hated when people carried me. I ALWAYS hated it. "kicking wont make me let you down y'know." he said into my ear sending shivers down my spine. his voice just did that to me. I have no fucking idea why.

"alright I'll sit you down." Harry said  after I didn't move. "thank you." I said in a relieving tone. he sat me down. but it didnt feel like the couch. then I felt hands squirm around my waist. Louis. it was Louis. 

"LOUIS WHATEVER YOUR LAST NAME IS LET ME DOWN!" I yelled hoping he would let me down. but no. he started spinning me. oh lord. I hope I don't throw up after this. he finally let me down after 2 minutes of spinning. 

I crossed my arms & humphed. & then rolled my eyes at Harry who was smiling like an idiot. he laughed then walked infront of me & then bent down on one knee. "Valentina..?" he started off. he clearly did not know my last name. so I finished it for him. "Lazaro." I said looking at him. "Valentina Lazaro please forgive me." then he batted his eyelashes.

god he was such a girl. he then moved his hair out of his eyes. "on ONE condition." I said sitting criss cross apple sauce. "what?" he said standing then sitting next to me "you pick up ALL the popcorn on the floor, make new popcorn , make me the BEST popcorn ever & you & Lou sleepover" I said grinning. he nodded like a little kid. "I heard Lou & sleepover." Louis said coming in with a new bowl of popcorn.

"he has the new bowl of popcorn." Harry said grinning up at me. "awww sweetie, no. go make ME one." I said putting my hair into a messy bun. he sluggishly walked over to the kitchen & I heard the cabinet squeak. 

"you got him wrapped around your finger gurrl. show me your tricks." Louis said sitting next to me. "after you help Harry pick up all the popcorn on the floor." I said pointing to the popcorn spread across the floor. 

"ha! come help me you filthy animal." Harry said starting to pick up the popcorn. Louis put the bowl of popcorn on the table & bent down to help Harry pick it up. 

"you guys can lick the butter & salt off the floor too after you're done." I said to them smiling. they both looked up with disgusted looks. "just kidding babes." I said standing up to get the popcorn out of the microwave which was beeping.

"hey! I want some!" Harry said to Louis who didn't want to share with him. "love? share with me please? Lou won't share."Harry said turning his head to me with a pout. "ughhh fine." I said placing the bowl in the middle of us.

"this is my favorite part! oh my god shhhhh." Louis said. "we didn't even say-"before Harry could finish Lou stuffed his mouth with popcorn. "mmmm" Harry said munching on the popcorn. we were watching the last song & Lou apparently loved this movie.

it was up to the part where Miley was In the hospital & she just found out her dad had cancer. "oh my god I can't believe that happened." both heads turned to me. "y-you've never watched this before?" Louis said shocked.

"nope." I said popping the p. "never?" Harry asked. "nuhuh." I said shaking my head. "wow." harrys eyes widened. "did you ever go on dates?" Louis asked. come I think of it I always went out with Niall when we were younger & growing up so I never really had the time for boyfriends.

"I uh, never really had a boyfriend. I would always hang out with Niall. so I never really had other friends. we had each other." I said smiling then my smile faded as I remember what happened last night. 

"oh. uh. thats nice." Harry said scratching the back of his neck. I put my hand in the bowl of popcorn then I felt something touch me. I looked down at the bowl & saw Harry's hand reaching for popcorn.

he looked at me & I looked at him. we locked eyes & then I guess this might sound corny but I got lost in them. his green eyes were just wow. Louis cleared his throat & I pulled my hand away & he did the same thing. I dug my hands into the popcorn again & took out 5 pieces of popcorn.

"Miley! don't say that! YOU LOVE HIM!" Louis yelled dramatically. "isn't she getting married or something with the guy in reality?" i said putting another pieceof popcorn in my mouth & munching it. "yeah, I think they are." Harry said then cleared his throat. 

I stood up to get gaterade from the fridge & found nothing but water food & more water. then I heard laughing coming from the couch. "uhhh, guys! what happened to all my gaterade?" I yelled from the kitchen.

"We sorta drank it all?" Louis said then continued laughing. "it's not funny. now you guys have to go buy me some more." i said walking out the kitchen with a water bottle in my hand.

"get up." I said grabbing my keys from the kitchen counter. "huh?" they both asked in confusion. "Get up ." I said & walked over to the door. "but it's just getting to the-" Louis complained. I turned my head & looked at him. 

"I. don't. care ." I said then flashing him a smile. he nodded & pressed pause on the movie & made his way to the door. Harry stood up& walked over to me & mouthed an 'im sorry.' I nodded. "so where are we going?" Louis asked for the 10th time. 

"store." I said walking down the street spotting a supermarket down the street. I live in jersey. new jersey. if you walked a few blocks you would spot a gas station, a supermarket, anything. "whyyyyy?" Harry complained. I stopped & waited for the boys to stop walking.

"well i don't know? two dumbasses drank my package of gaterade." I said & then continued walking. "mate I think she's really mad." I heard louis whisper to Harry. "I know exactly what'll make her feel better." then I suppose he was running towards me cause I heard footsteps near me.

then I felt arms on my waist. "go away harry." I said then he tightened his grip & pulled me back. "tell me you don't want this." he said then turned me around & crashed his lips against mine. I kissed back. of course I would I liked him. WHAT DID I JUST SAY. I don't not like Harry styles I do not like harry styles I repeated more than 4 times then I pulled away.

"jeez. I didn't think you guys were gonna stop." Louis said smirking at me. I sent him a glare. he put his hands up defensively. "I don't want it." I said to Harry who was smiling. "sure you didn't." he said then unwrapped his arms from my waist & took my hand.

I looked down at our hands & he looked down too & smiled. I pulled away. & he frowned. "are they- sweaty?" he asked rubbing his hands against the sweats. "uh no." I said clearing my throat. "then what's wrong love?" he said stopping me & looking me in the eyes.

why? why'd he have to do this to me. ugh I hate him. "I just didn't like the way we were holding hands that's all. I like holding hands with someone I like, like this." I grabbed his hand & intertwined our fingers together. his cheeks blushed pink. 

"y-you like me too?" he said. WAIT I JUST SAID I LIKED HIM. WHAT THE FUCK. god I'm a dork. I mentally facepalmed my self & then nodded. wait. he said too. HE LIKES ME BACK. oh my gosh oh mygosh. wait I should be happy, right? that's a good thing.

for your crush to like you back right?"yeah it is." Harry said. "huh?" I asked totally confused. "it is a good thing for your crush to like you back he said kissing my side of the hand. OH SHIT. I said that out loud.

I really am a dork. 


"can we get this too?" louis said bringing out the 4th carrot cake he saw in the supermarket. "FOR GOD SAKES LOU." I yelled at him. then his face expression went from happy to hurt.

"sorry Lou. I just have a lot on my mind lately." I said to him taking the cake & placing it in the cart. he nodded& walked over to Harry. "she has problems man, why do you like her?" I heard Louis whisper. I grabbed the closest cereal I saw & threw at him.

"SHUT UP I DO NOT HAVE PROBLEMS!" I yelled then noticed that I just threw him a bag of beans not cereal. I ran as quickly as I could over to him. "oh my god Lou, I'm so sorry. It's that you- I-" I sighed. "I understand." Lou said standing up. "w-what?" I said walking back to the cart. "I know what you're going through." he said. 

nobody ever said that to me. cause clearly nobody knew what i was going through. "& what's that?" I said stopping at the drinks aisle & grabbing a package of gaterade. "y'know the thing with Niall." I stopped & turned around.

"he uhm. told you?" i said studying Louis face. he nodded & looked at the ground. "oh alright." I said continuing to move the cart. Harry was really quiet. "hey Harry.should I get this?" I said picking up a box of pancake mix. "what babe?" he said walking over to me.

babe. I like the sound of that. I put the box in the cart. I smiled at Harry who was looking down at me. "what were you asking for love?" he said. I went with my instincts & wrapped my hands around his neck & crashed my lips with his.  I pulled away after a few seconds or so. "that." I said smiling up at him.

he licked his lips & winked at me. he was so fucking attractive. & then on top of that he was so nice, sweet, every little shit I wanted In a guy. oh my god I'm starting to sound like Laura. 

Laura's my best friend. shes my neighbor.i met her when I moved in. she fell hard for guys. "GET A ROOM. seriously guys!" Louis yelled coming down the aisle. I let my hands go from Harry's neck & stuck out my tongue out at louis who was on the phone. 

"yeah I'll put her on right now. you're welcome." he finished saying & then pressed the phone to my ear. I took the phone & left it where Lou put it. "hello?" I said into the phone. "uh, hey Val." that voice. that Irish accent. Niall. "hi." I said in a dull tone. "can we talk?" he said & I heard a few things move. "sure why not." I said. 

Louis face lightened up. "thank you, meet me in front of your house." he said then I heard a girl in the background. "alright." I said then pressing the end button. "soo?" Louis said walking infront of me. 

"if you don't move imma gonna run you over with a supermarket cart." I said smiling at Louis. "what happened?" he said moving out of the way. "he wants to talk." I said sighing.

"about...?" Louis said putting a pack of ice cream into the cart. "what happened last night I guess. he didn't really say." I said putting back the pack of Ice cream. 

the time came for paying & I had a lot of groceries there. I was at almost paying for everything till Harry stopped me & insisted on paying for it. "Harry no." I said moving his credit card out of the way from the woman who was summing up all the costs.

"Valentina." he said then swiping the credit card on the credit card swapper thingy then he put his pin in. "Harry I owe you." I said as I gave him a kiss in the cheek. I grabbed the bags & then noticed they were too heavy for me to carry.

"SUPERMAAAANN IS HERE. no need to worry m'am I will help you with those." Louis said grabbing the bags out of my hands "thanks Lou." I said then placing a kiss on his cheek. then Harry grabbed three bags & Lou had only two. we got home & saw Niall sitting on the porch.

"uh, thanks guys. just place it ontop of the counter I'll put it in later." I said as I made my way to Niall as he stood up.they both nodded & went inside. "hey." niall's said & gave me hug.I hugged back.

"hey" I said giving him a sad smile. "can we talk?" said Niall as he put his hands into his pockets. "uh sure." I said then pointing the steps on the porch. he nodded & made his way over there. "so uh, I wanna start off by saying sorry for the way I acted last night."

I nodded. "uhm. I kinda wanna do this before I get into something serious." he said the leaned in then crashed his lips with mine. I pulled away & saw Harry standing by the door with his jaw dropped.

"no wait. Harry its not what you think!" I said standing up & cleaning my lips with the back of my hand. "how is it not? I clearly just saw you kiss him with my own two eyes." he said walking down the porch. I quickly walked down the porch.

"but it didn't happen that way!" I said walking the direction he was walking towards. "really? then how did it happen? enlighten me please." he said stopping & crossing his arms. "just cause you have a dick doesnt mean you have to act like one." I said crossing my arms. 

he scoffed & turned around & kept walking. "he kissed me! Harry! we're not even going out & your mad!" I yelled. then I covered up my mouth & saw Harry stop & turn around.

he started walking towards me. "I know we're not. but it felt like this." he said then grabbed my waist closer to him& pressed his lips against mine. I put my hands in his hair & then to the back of his neck. & it felt like it was only us two.

Harry's POV

"Lou I'm gonna go get more clothes from our house okay?" I yelled & walked out the house to finding Valentina & Niall kissing. I saw her pull away & then look up at me. I was just shocked. like wow. I thought we actually had a thing.

"no wait. Harry its not what you think!" she said standing up cleaning up her mouth with the back of her hand. "how is it not? I clearly just saw you kiss him with my own two eyes." I said walking down the porch into the sidewalk. 

she walked down the porch & tryed to catch up with me. "but it didn't happen that way!" she said. I stopped & turned around & crossed my arms."really? then how did it happen? enlighten me please." I said to the girl standing there. "just cause you have a dick doesn't mean you have to act like one." she said

I scoffed. what the fuck . how am I suppose to act? I just saw you & my best friend fucking KISSING . I turned around & kept walking towards me & Louis flat."he kissed me! Harry! we're not even going out & your mad!"she yelled at me.

she was right. we werent. but I felt like we had something. I walked towards her & then said "I know we're not but I felt like this." & then I grabbed her waist & pulled her closer to me.& then pressed her lips against mine. she put her hands in my hair & then moved onto my neck & we just stayed there. 

I pulled away & said "I thought THAT meant something." I said & I saw a smile on her face. & I saw Niall standing there with his face In his hands. "it does Harry." she said & smiled. I smiled back then pulled away & saw Niall walking towards me. 

"you're lucky man." he said & patted my back. I nodded & then let go of her & turned around & started walking back to the house me & Louis rented for the 6 months we were staying. I took my luggage which still had everything in it.

I grabbed Louis' too. cause he was sleeping over too. then i noticed that I basically took everything. I shrugged & made my way out.  I was walking down the familiar sidewalk that led to valentinas house. then I heard screaming. "I DON'T CARE! JUST GET OUT OF MY HOUSE !" I heard then a smack. it was a girl that said it. 

it was the house next to Valentina's. then I saw a guy walk out. "YOU KNOW WHAT?GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU STUPID BITCH!" he said walking over the grass then walked past me then muttered "girls" to himself.

then I saw Valentina running over there. "Laura? are you okay!?" I saw her knocking frantically on the door. I just walked into Valentina's house & I saw Louis sleeping peacefully on the couch & then he moved "stop staring curly. it's scary." he said & I smiled.

I walked into Valentina's room & put my stuff down & put my luggage next to one of her dressers. I went into the kitchen & grabbed my phone from the counter I left it at earlier when I spazzed out. 10 messages & 7 calls. I opened up the calls first to seeing daddy direction all over it. Liam.

then I checked my messages 5 from Liam & the other 5 from my mom. both of them about the same topic. 'where are you? call me back.xx' I got that one from Liam. 'why didn't you tell me sweetie?you alright?' I got from my mom.the rest were basically the same.

what in the world were they talking about? I dialed Liam's number & he answer after a couple rings. "HARRY! where are you?! you alright?" Liam said basically yelling into the phone. "what man? I'm fine I'm over at my er. friends house with Lou." I said scratching the back of my neck. I didn't really know what me & Valentina were.

"friend? really Harry? & you alright after Ayanna?" he said talking in his normal tone. how'd he find out? "er, yeah I'm good. how'd you know?" I said opening the fridge for a gaterade. "all over twitter. she even admitted. shes getting so much hate man." he said "oh well I gotta go get back to my friend." I said while I saw Valentina opening the door & bringing in a girl crying.

"I know she's not a friend mate. I saw you & your 'friends' kiss all over twitter" he said oh my god! already? dumb papz. "alright well I gotta go mate talk to you tomorrow yeah?" then I heard dial tone. I put my phone into my pocket & walked into the living room. 

"he's such an asshole. don't worry. I'll help you get your mind off things." I saw Valentina making circles on the girls back with her index fingers. she was trying to calm her down. "I know what'll make her feel better Val." Louis said while wiggling his eyebrows at her than winking. 

"you alright love?" I said sitting down to where she was on the floor. "do you not see her crying babe?" Valentina said looking up at me. she called me babe. awww it even sounded cute coming out of her mouth. I nodded & helped the girl up to sit on the couch. 

"Harry" I said taking out my hand & shaking the girls hand after she finished wiping the tears away with a tissue. "Laura" she said & she tryed to smile. "babe wanna stay the night?" Valentina said looking at the girl who's face lightened up.

she nodded & sluggishly walked up the stairs. "what happend?" I whispered to Valentina who was in the kitchen making tea. "breakup." she said then turning back to me. "can you guys stay in the room? I think she needs to stay away from boys right now. just me & her." she said looking up at me. I nodded & I saw a smile tug at her lips & mouth a 'thank you' to me. 

"but we can make her feel better!" Louis said walking into the kitchen. "what's your last name Lou?" Valentina said taking out a teabag. "Tomlinson." he said in a proud voice. "well mr. Tomlinson, she needs time to stay away from boys. she can't handle two flirty boys right now." Valentina said turning around them looking straight at me.

"I'm all yours I don't know why you're worrying about me. worry about Tomlinson over here." I said letting out a laugh & pointing to Louis who put his hand over his heart. "well excuse me for liking girls & if you wanted her to turn lesbo you should've said so." Louis said taking out his Tounge at Valentina.

I heard someone laughing behind me & I turned around to see Laura laughing & clutching her hands to her stomach. I turned around to valentina & she was staring at the girl like she was pycho. "'s..just guys are so funny.." she said walking to Valentina

Louis of course went up to her & introduced himself. "well thank you. I'm Louis. Louis Tomlinson." he said then bowing like she was loyalty. Valentina rolled her eyes & winked at me.

I smirked & turned my eyes back to Louis who was making Laura laugh. "well I'll leave you to it." I said & then grabbing Valentina's hand towards her room.
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