The Lovers

Valentina grew up in mullingar & made a couple friends. Niall Horan being her bestfriend. she moved to new jersey which was all the way in the USA. it was hard for Niall because of the time differences. she encouraged him to go to xfactor. they finished tour & Niall wanted Valentina to meet the boys.


1. Valentina Meet One Direction.

valentinas POV

"hey Niall. tell me about these "lads" I said picking up my phone from the couch. "uh sure. they're really nice & funny. would you like to meet them?" he said fixing his hair which was getting messed up by the SnapBack.

I shrugged & sat down. the boy in front of me, was Niall Horan. my best friend or as everybody now calls him nialler. since he came into the music business we stopped talking. we use to be so close. it would only be Valentina & Niall if not Niall & Valentina. 

everybody knew that. he sat down next to me & took off his shoes & said "let's watch a movie Val." wow. it's been long since he called me that. 'val'  "uh, what movie?" he shrugged & walked over to my drawer. "NOO DONT OPE-" 

he was dying of laughter. i glared at him. inside the drawerwas my
everything drawer.I had everything In there. my baby pictures were on top so I'm guessing he was laughing at that. 

"I told you not to open it ni." I looked at him as he was standing up heading down to the kitchen. same old Niall. "VAL!" I ran down the stairs as fast as I could I almost ended up tripping. "What ?what happend ?!" I said as I looked at the boy standing there with a pout.

"I can't find your chips" he put out his lower lip. "for god sakes Niall I thought something happend!" I walked over to the cabinet on the other side & pulled out the big bag of lays. "thank you." I heard him say inbetween his crunching. I nodded my head & walked towards my living room. 

"Valentina I have to tell you something" he said while opening his 3rd bag of chips. "sure fatty." I said grabbing a chip from the bag. "don'" he said looking up at me in a serious face.

"yeah yeah what were you saying?" I said surfing through the channels. "oh yeah, when you meet the lads promise me you won't fall for Harry.he's a bit of a charmer." I looked at him & he was staring back at me with a grin on his face.

how was he so perfect? "I promise ni. you're the only boy in my life." I said as I put my hand over my heart dramatically.he laughed & threw the bag of chips away. "alright let's go" he said clapping his hands together to rub off the crumbs. 

"to?" I said shutting off the tv. "well, you are going to come with me & meet the boys." he said intertwining his fingers with mine. they were warm & nice. "Niall! I look horrible! they'll think I'm ugly." I frowned at the boy walking ahead. 

"babe, you're not ugly. even if you have ugly clothes on you'll look beautiful as always & you look fine !" he looked at me. me being a dork blushed. "Niall shut up you liar." he stopped walking once again. he took my hands into his. "I'm not lying."

I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. I just smiled at him & he kissed my cheek. "remember that. you're beautiful." he smiled & continued walking. "YOU DON'T KNOW YOURE BEAUTIFUL !" I yelled out & he looked at me like I was crazy. 

"well I'm singing on of your songs. so you should be happy I like it." I stuck out my toungue at him. "yeah yeah. we're here." he said while I looked up at a house. no wait a mansion. I stood there wide eyed. "I know. it's huge right?" Niall said grabbing my hand & pulling me towards the big house. I just nodded & ran towards where he was pulling.

we waited a minute or two till a guy with brown hair with a blue & gray striped shirt & grey slacks opened the door & pulled me into a big hug. "WELCOME TO DA PALACE." he said while pushing me in.

 Niall threw himself on the couch while I just stood there in front of 5 boys. awkward as ever. the guy with the striped shirt elbowed Niall. & Niall stood up. "oh. uh. guys this is Valentina. Valentina this is the Guys" he said while pushing me in front of a chair that looked really comfortable.

"cause I totally know all their names." I said as I sat down on the chair in front of me. the kid with the stripes laugh & said "heh. I like your attitude." I smiled & said thanks. he stood up & took out his hand as for me to grab it.

"boys this is Valentina say hi." the 4 boys infront of me waved & said hi in unsion. I waved & put a hand in my back pocket. "my names Louis." the kid with the stripes said as he put his hand on his chest.

the kid with the brown curls & green eyes stood up & smiled at me. we just stood there. "uh hi?" I said as I did a little wave. "hi my names Harry. harry styles." so this is Harry. 

I smiled & waved. he was cute. he wasn't so drop dead gorgeous that I had to Becareful. a kid with light brown hair stood up & took out his hand. I shaked it. "I'm Liam." I smiled.  the kid with black hair & a varsity jaket stood up. "er,I'm Zayn." he said as he put his hands in his pockets.

the kid with the stripes or should I say Louis. stood up & lured me over to his room. "uh. Louis?" I said as he shut the door & just stood in front of me smiling like an idiot. "hi. tell me about you." he said as he sat next to me. "sure. what would you like to know?"

"tell me everything!" he said as he walked over to what seemed his closet. "well lets see. I uh, turn 18 in  3 days. I live alone, my parents got divorced when i was little & I uh couldn't handle living with my mom cause she would always get drunk & stuff. & my dad didn't want me. so I just moved in with Niall. & when I had a job I moved into my own house." i said as I looked down at my hands.I lied. why ? because I didn't want people feeling sorry for me.

"wow. I'm shocked. who wouldn't want you? your dad is crazy." he said sitting back down. I shrugged. "so your birthdays in 3 days huh?" he said smiling ear to ear. I returned the smile & nodded. "so what are we gunna do get drunk & party or go kissing random guys?" he said standing up & walking out. 

was he, was he gay? I walked towards where he was headed which seemed like the living where the 4 boys sat there looking at their phones. except for Harry he looked up when I came into the room. Louis went into the kitchen & said "come in here Val." I did as he said. I opened the fridge & I saw cupcakes. blue cupcakes. orange ones & pink ones. "do you want?" he said taking the pink one out.

"uh yeah. sure." I said taking it out of his hand. to my surprise he snatched it from my hand. "that ones mine." he laughed I nodded & chuckled. "are you, are you gay?" I whispered. he put his cupcake down & started laughing. 

"oh god no." he said as he walked back to the living room. "guys. guess what Valentina asked me in kitchen." he said sitting down next to Harry. "what boo bear?" said Harry looking away from his phone.

"she asked me if I was gay." I mentally did a facepalm. I took a small bite out of the cupcake & then looked up at Harry & Niall just staring at me. "EAT IT WITH PLEASURE. it's not poisoned y'know." Harry said standing up & grabbing a cupcake for himself. 

"I uh. I don't eat very fast." I said taking another small bite out of the cupcake. Niall started laughing. everybody just looked at him. "shut up you liar. you're the girl version of me." he said looking up from his phone. "I am not!" but I deep inside knew I was. Harry started laughing & I looked at him. "just eat it as fast or as messy as you can. we won't judge you." he said as he smirked at me. I shrugged & started eating how I normally do. I finished the cupcake during 7seconds. 

I stood up to throw the bottom wrapper of the cupcake to find 4 faces looking up at me with wide eyes. "what?" I said with a smile while I sat back down. "I uh never saw a girl eat the quick. with such fascination" Harry said. I laughed & looked at Niall. "haha. you guys haven't seen anything yet." he said smiling up at me. 


after a couple hours knowing basically EVERYTHING about each other we decided to go out. "Harry." I said while running to him. "yeah Val?" he said while putting his arm over my shoulder. "gimme your money." he stopped & took out his wallet & handed it to me. 

I froze & shrugged & put it into my purse. "what if I just Rob you?" I asked Harry as we walked towards my house. the boys were in front of us. niall kept looking back at me& Niall sending death glares at Harry when Harry would hug,put his arm over my shoulder or scream something out like " YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND I LOVE YOU"

we sat down on my couch. I stood up & decided to change into more comfortable clothing. I came down stairs with baby blue shorts & a white shirt that said I love british boys. Niall gasped & said "I feel offended." he put his hand over his heart. I raised an eyebrow as a sign of confusion. "you love British boys but not Irish ones?" I remembered I had an I love British boys shirt & laughed.

"Niall I will always irish boys! they're so cute & irish." I said as I sat on his lap. "yeah but you can only love one Irish boy & that's me." he said pointing to his chest I nodded & kissed his cheek. "& you can only love one british boy. & that's ME." Harry said pointing to his Chest. 

I laughed. but I was shocked. cause I was close to these guys even though I met them, what like 6 hours ago? "NO. she loves ME." Louis said looking over at Harry with a serious face. Harry laughed & stood up & sat on me. I was still sitting on niall. which made it worse for him. "GUYS! I'm still here yknow!" he said pushing me off him. 

I laughed & sat next to Louis. he wiggled his eye brows & I just laughed. I moved myself next to Zayn which was staring out the window. "zaynnnnn what are you staring at?" I said as put my chin on his shoulder. he turned his head which made his & my face inches apart. I smelled his cologne. "I'm thinking." he said as he turned his head back to the window. I nodded & stood up & sat next to Liam.

"heyyyy leeeyumm!" I said with a big smile on my face. he was looking down at his phone with a frown. "oh,what? oh-uh-hi Valentina" he said smiling up at me. I smiled & sat next to Niall. he didn't even notice me sitting next to him. "Niall I took all your food now you have nothing." I said into his ear. "huh?what? HOW COULD YOU." he said standing up & walking to kitchen. he came back sending me glares. 

"not funny Val" i laughed & said "to me it was." "haha." he said unlocking his phone. "loser"I mumble under my breath. "so guys are we just gunna sit here & be on our phones or go out clubbin!" Louis said sitting on top of me. "uh Louis? you're squishing me." I said trying to push him off.

"say you'll go clubbing with us & I'll get off." he said turning his head to look at me. "I don't do clubs. I don't even dance." I said "WHAT. you don't know how to dance?!" he said standing up & clearing the table in front of the couch. "no, I don't." i said grabbing a pillow. "what In the world are you doing Lou?" Harry said walking back from one of the rooms. "what were doing in my room Harry?" I said standing up & walking over to him. 

"I uh, I wasn't doing anything I was handling a phone call. a stupid stupid phone call." he said scratching the back of his neck. I just nodded & sat back down. but Louis grabbed my hand & placed me in the middle of my living room. "Louis what are you doing?" I said attempting to sit back down.

he took my hand once more. "you're not sitting down till you learn the dance moves of the master." he said cracking his fingers. he took out his left hand & then his right. the left hand looked like a stop sign & the right looked like it was saying come through. "uh Lou? I don't think she knows what youre doing." said Liam looking up from his phone.

"it's the stop the traffic let em' through. how could she possibly not?" he said looking at Liam. Liam just shrugged. "uh Louis,-" "stop calling me Louis. just call me Lou." he said cuttin me off. I nodded. "Lou, does it go like this?" I did same thing he did. I put my left hand as the stop sign & left as in a come through sign. "no no no you have to smile." he said walking in front of me. 

I nodded & did the same dance again. "YOU GOT IT!" he said putting both hands on my shoulder. I smiled at him, then looked down at Niall & he was looking at his phone with a frown. "babe what's up?" I said basically throwing myself on the seat next to him.

"nothing. I uh, just nothing." he said while putting on a fake smile. I put my arm over his shoulder. "babe, tell me what's wrong?" I said poking his cheek. "lad,what's wrong?" Liam & Louis said in unison. he shrugged but looked up at me & his cheeks were a light pink. he smiled & I smiled back. 


"Val, are you going to go clubbing?" he asked while putting his head on my shoulder. I shrugged "I don't really know any dance moves other than stop the traffic & let em' through & Harry's sprinkler." I said putting my head on top of his. "well we're leaving are you two love birds coming?" Louis said walking out of my bathroom. I ignored his comment & I'm guessing so did Niall."I uh, I got things to handle with y'know." he said givin Louis a look. Louis nodded& looked at me. "uh, I'll stay with Niall I guess." i said shrugging. 

"you sure Valentina? we could have some fun?" Harry said wiggling his eyebrows. "no I'm okay here." I said letting out a small laugh & smiling up at him. "then I guess bye guys!" Zayn said running up to us & going us a big kiss on our cheeks. "ewwww Zayn get off me!" Niall said pushing him off. Zayn had look of hurt. "bye don't drink to much!" I yelled to the 4 boys heading out. they all look so handsome. espically Harry. he was bringing some ladies home tonight.

"I have one kidney! I don't drink!" Liam said closing the door. "so what are we doing ni?" I said looking down at Niall. "this." he said while pressing his lips against mine. I could feel him smiling into it. I pulled away. "uhm , what was that for?" I said looking down at the boy who had a face of hurt written all over it. "isn't it obvious? I like you." he said standing up & smiling at me. "since when?" I said standing up & walking to the kitchen for a bottle of water. 

"since the first day I met you. when we were 7 in 1st grade. I remember the first time he introduced himself. 


"hi I'm Niall." said the little boy with brown hair & blue eyes. "hi I'm Valentina." I said looking for my mom. I missed her. I didn't find her anywhere so I started crying. "hey hey, what's wrong?" he said putting his hand on my back. "I can't find my mom." I said rubbing my eyes.

"don't worry she's coming later with my mom." he said smiling. "your mom?" I said looking up at him. "yeah. your mom is the one with brown hair & black shoes?" he said with a huge smile on his face. 

"yeah that's my mom." 


"I remember." I said sitting down on the couch & turning on the tv. "why were you so bummed out when everyone looked at you?" I said looking at the boy still standing. "because. because of Demi." he said sitting next to me. "Demi?" I asked. "yeah. I didn't tell you?"

niall's POV.

"I had a thing going with Demi lovato." I said to her. "oh my gosh! I can't believe you didn't tell me!" she said standing up & jumping around. I just laughed. "well y'know I am a celebrity."OH MY GOSH! I can't believe you never too me about demi. wait.... then why'd you kiss me?" she said as she stopped jumping. "she uh, she turned me down & I guess I went back to you." I said scratching the back of my neck. 

"so that's all I am to you? a rebound. y'know I thought we were best friends. but since you went to that stupid xfactor you changed." what was she talking about! I haven't changed at all! I still eat a lot, I still like girls. I still do everything the same. "what are you going off about? I haven't changed at all." I said raising my voice. "the way you treat me isn't the same. the way you act towards me isn't the same. you're not the Niall I would always hang out with 2 years ago." she said grabbing my shoes & handing them to me. 

"& instead of me being cautious of Harry I'm starting to be cautious by you. call me when you get your act together ni." she said opening the door as in a 'get out.' "but I'm still the same ni! I still eat food like I use to! I'm not gay I still like girls!" I said pounding on the door so she would at least open up. she opened & yelled "THAT'S ALL YOU THINK ABOUT HORAN. GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!" she said the closing the door on my face. 

maybe she was right? was I always thinking about girls? was I worse than Harry? my phone went off. blaring the song the a team by Ed. on the screen it said 'Harry:)' "uh yeah haz?" i said into the phone. "I'm here just got back from the club. it was boring. it's just me. can I go in?" he said while I put on my shoes. 

"uh, sure don't you see me?" I said waving a hand in the air hoping he could see me. "oh yeah I see ya." then I heard a click on the other side of the phone. he came & saw me on the floor putting on my shoes. "should I ask?" he said standing in front of the steps on the porch. I shaked my head. "Harry I'm taking the car. so walk home I guess?" I said to him. he shrugged. 

Harry's POV.

I knocked on the white door with the gold handle. "who is it?!" I heard Valentina yell. "it's Harry!" I yelled back. she opened the door & she was in a pair of shorts & just shirt. "did you forget something or did Niall send you here to say sorry for him?" she said opening the door allowing me to enter

"uh no. I just wanted to come here. Lou's out dancing with Zayn & Liam. I got bored & came here." I said & put my hands in my pockets as I walked in. "so what happened between you & Niall?" I said sitting on the couch & looking up at her. "nothing he was just a douche." she walking over to her room. her room was purple. her walls I mean. her walls were purple. she had a big bed along with 3 black dressers. two closets. 2 chairs inside. a flat screen tv & another dresser to put her lamp there.

I walked over to her room & saw she was laying on her bed on her computer. "care to explain?" I said sitting down on her bed. "uh sure. uhm. he kissed me then said something about demi turning him down so he went back to me. he acted like I was just a rebound. to tell you the truth niall's never acted that way with me or with any other girl he had a relationship with so it was-" "wait you guys were going out?" I said cutting her off. 

"haha, no Harry. I was his best friend & we did everything together since we were little. till the x factor came around & he went away for 2 full years."oh okay continue." I said taking off my shoes. this was going to be a long night."he's just ughhhh!" she said while taking her hair out of the ponytail & into a messy bun. god she was attractive. but then those words came into my head. 'if you're going to do something with her stay with her. don't talk to other girls & don't break her heart. you don't know what she's capable of doing to herself.' Niall said those words to me a couple days ago while we were talking about meeting her.

then I saw the cuts on her arm. "you did that?" i said pointing to the purple marks. "uh, yeah. but please don't tell niall." she said covering it up with her bracelets."who made you feel this way? i'll beat them up." I said smiling at her. she looked up at me & gave me a sad smile "everything is just crumbling down." she said letting a tear roll down her cheek. "w-what?" i said my voice breaking. she nodded & gave a small smile. "i did this to myself harry, because everything wasn't right." she said in a low voice almost sounding as if she was whispering. "wanna talk about it love?" i asked putting my fingers over the cuts. she winced. she shook her head. "are you sure?" i said asking one more time to make sure. she nodded. 

"well bye love, i'll see you tomorrow yeah?" i said kissing her forehead. she grabbed my wrist. "no. stay? please?" she said with a pout. "niall normally says with me but i don't wanna be anywhere near him today. so, can you stay?" she said while getting under the covers. "sure i'll go sleep on the couch." i said while walking over to the living room. "no, you can sleep next to me! it's more comfortable." i turned around & walked back her room & smirked. her cheeks turned into a pink color. "just promise me that you won't wake up so early & bother me." she said facing the other way. "i promise. &  promise me you'll keep your pants on." i smirked. she turned completely around & looked at me with a blank face. i smirked. she hit me on the shoulder  & laughed. " you're full of yourself styles." she squirmed around & around.

 then she finally stayed in one position. "love. if you wanted to be in my arms you could've said so." she face the ceiling & laughed. then she took off her glasses & looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. "harry." she said closing her eyes. "mmm?" i said feeling myself drifting off to sleep. "im tired." she muttered. i simply nodded & fell asleep. 
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