Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


3. You Play?

All the the boys were already inside including Zak. After Niall and I jumped in we headed back to the hotel it wasn't a long trip but we spent the whole time talking we never actually got onto the fact of baseball or why Zak and I where in London which i didn't mind at all. When we got to the hotel as the valet took there car to the under-ground parking. We jumped into the elevator our whole team was on the same floor, Floor 10 and One Direction where on the floor above us Floor 11. We got to our floor and Zak and I said our goodbyes I gave each of the boys a goodnight hug then stepped out of the elevator.

As we where heading back to our rooms I decided to start a little conversation so it wasn't so quiet

"Well you and the guys seemed to have hit it off huh" I said nudging him

"Yea there cool guys and it looks like Niall likes you" Zak said returning the nudge playfully with a cheeky smirk

"What?" I asked

"Well he couldn't take his eyes off you and he asked if we where together so in my opinion it looks like he likes you, Alot!! but we should be getting to bed it's late" he said looking down at his watch

"Yea and we have an early game tomorrow" I said hugging him goodnight as we both turned to walk into our rooms which were across the hall from each other.


As I walked over to my room I realised Shan was already asleep which was good I was to tired to explain everything that happened. I got changed into this: . As soon as I was changed and in my pj's I jumped straight into bed and nearly straight away I fell asleep. The next morning I was woken up by my WMYB Alarm tone at 7:00am. this gave me and hour and a half to get down to the baseball field. It's a 10:30am game be there 8:30am for a 2hour training session but we had our own choice of walking, driving and what time we get there.


Shan was in the shower for ages. she had to leave with Tayla for some reason and most of the guys had already left with Reece so I was walking by myself. I wanted to get to the field at 10 past 8 so I could change into my cleats. Reece always tells us to wear different shoes and change them at the field since walking on cement with cleats on can ruin them. I was running a bit late and I had to jump in for a quick 10 minutes showers since my normal showers are like 30 minutes and got out and changed into my baseball uniform, White baseball pants, navy blue shirt with white letters on the front spelling out vikings and with big bold white numbers on the back. The numbers where 30. We got to choose our own numbers and 30 was the age of my dad when he died. I choose those numbers because my dad is the one who got me into baseball I loved him heaps. He was the one who was at every game, who supported me helped me train for every new challenge that i was faced with and I never knew then that it would bring me this far. He made me who I am and he meant the world to me. By the time I was completely changed with hair done, hat on and cleats flung over my shoulder it was 7:40am.


Just a quick checklist: Ive had breakfast, Changed (obviously), My bag is ready, OMG I forgot to double check my baseball bag. Ok mitt, bat, batting gloves, 2 waters and 2 gatorades (just in case) anyway the usual everything is here. I check the clock again 8:00am already, how can time go so quickly?. Anyway gotta head out. Wait, my bag with my catchers gear in it on the table right, Ok got it now gotta go. Walking out the door I am seriously disorganised but anyway. Have I got everything, yes ok.


I am rushing down the hall into the elevator through the lobby trying not to knock anyone out with my massive baseball bag. My mitt falls out of the unzipped section at the bottom that I forgot to close. As I'm walking down the road to the baseball field I hear my name being called in the distance I turn around to see Niall waving my mitt in the air and Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam standing behind him smiling. I ran back to them as fast as possible since I was kind of late,

"Hey is that uh mine?" I asked Niall

"Well it does have your name on it, so it must be your mitt... Wait you play baseball? How did I not find out about this last night?" He said handing back my mitt with a shocked expression on his face.

"Look guys I really don't want to be rude but im late" I said trying to turn around and continue my walk to the field.

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