Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


13. Twitter

I made my way to the elevator as I got to our floor I made my way to our room where Shan was up and getting ready,

"Hey Missy, Where have you been? hmm" Shan said giving me a cheeky grin, I knew exactly what she was thinking, I just rolled my eyes at the look she was giving me,

"I went at to the back alleyway to play some guitar, and Niall found me, So i went back to his room and sat down talkin to all the boys and stuff" I said laying my guitar on my bed walking back out to where shan was eating,

"So anything.. interesting happen" she asked raising her eyebrows,

"Oh just that Niall asked me out, Oh.. and my mum saw the magazine"

"OMG wait omg what did she say" at first she was all excited but as soon as she heard about the magazine and my mum her voice changed she knows my mum to well,

"No she isnt making making me fly back, I told her we where friends then i asked her if I could go out with Niall and she said its ok but I have to focus on baseball"

"That is easy"

"I know right".


Since Shan was still eating breakfast I got first go at the shower, I jumped in for about 20 minutes, washing my hair with this amazing shampoo and conditioner my mum got me it smelt really nice, I washed with liquid soap and shaved my legs not that you would see them we where long pants and knee high socks but you never know. After getting out I dried off getting changed into my baseball uniform as Shan jumped in for a shower, I half dried my hair then let it hang to air dry for the rest of the wait. Once Shan was done she got changed rather quickly and with all our stuff ready at 9:45am we left our hotel room making our way out of the hotel in the direction of the field.

"Oh Shan I nearly forgot to tell you, we are going out tonight with the boys and the girlfriends, cause Danielle is and so is Eleanor, Zayn is checking if Perrie is available but anyway they wanna go to dinner so yea, but not til later so we will have time to decide on an outfit"

"Cool, it would have been quite a boring night if we didn't go anywhere we would have been stuck in the hotel room"

"We could have done our usual Chick Flick with room service but not as fun as going out to dinner" I said as we both laughed.


After Zak and Taylor caught up to us we walked down the street singing as usual but today's song was Teenage Dream by Katy Perry who is an absolute Goddess. After a 15 minute walk or somewhere near that anyway we got to the field were the rest of the team got to training as Shan and I got stuck we getting everything in the dug-out ready since we were benched. After the 2 hour training before hand the game started and we sat on the side cheering on the team and doing nothing for 2 hours, slowest game I have ever been to. We ended up winning 10-9 which is ok but we could have done better there where some mistakes but we all make mistakes so its ok. After that Reece had a chat to us and told us we could go and enjoy the rest of the day no meeting so we a free day.

"Hey Reece, Shan and I where wondering if we could go out to dinner with a groups of friends tonight" I asked after packing all my gear away.

"Uh Sure, Where at?"

"Just a nearby restaurant"

"Well just be back by at least midnight maybe earlier but yea I trust you guys" "Cool, Thanks" I said turning and smiling at Shan and she jumped up and down squealing,

"Ok, calm down we better get back so we can pick something to where and wash up"

"Of course" She said to me smiling form ear to ear.


Getting home we still had heaps of time we both jumped in for a quick shower tying our hair up since we don't like to wash it twice in one day, After washing up again we jumped into some comfy clothes since it was only 3pm Shan got changed into this: and I got changed into this: as we sat on the couch flicking through the channels to see what was on. As we where about to turn off the tv we found the perfect channel which was playing Toy Story and we immediately though of Liam as we started laughing. We watched as I texted friends from home and Shan was on tweeter.

"Why are you stalkin the guys when we are staying in the same hotel as them, really what is the point?"

"Oh I was seeing if they where about tonight or not in case anything changes, Oh and look at this tweet Niall has put up" she said handing me the phone 'Going out with the lads, there girls and my princess tonight, Gonna have a great time' Naaaw he called me his princess, he is so adorable.


"You know you should make a twitter it would be easier for you two to talk thats how Harry and I talk" she said looking down at her phone,

"Its also an easier way of getting hate, so my reason for not having a twitter or fb, its easier you don't have to worry because you don't know what they are saying"

"Come on just try it you can have it on your phone even Zak has it"

"Fine here you set it up, nothing stupid as the name i don't know just EmmaBPearse or something ok" I said as I handed her my phone,

"Fine" she said taking it laughing as she downloaded the app setting up a twitter for me.

"Here you go... wait picture... ready"

"No wait.. together" I said laughing as I moved next to her facing the camera towards us. We just took a normal pic of us two next to each other smiling really cute. We checked it then she uploaded it to my account as the icon.

"Sexy" I said laughing well,

"Well I made you follow all the boys and me, ill follow you and DM the boys telling them I made you an account and to follow you"

"Cool" I said just as I heard a knock at the door.

"Coming" I shouted out as I got to the door opening it to find...

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