Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


18. Trust Issues

*Emma's POV*


"Harry, Niall meet Chris, Shan's ex and my old friend from New York we met last year during a Baseball tournament" I said looking at Niall,

"Old Friend?" He looked at me,

"Yes I have no feelings for him what so ever, I swear"

"What you thought... No no no, i have a girlfriend, and what brought this subject up anyway?" Chris said looking confused,

"This" I said handing him the magazine, "Wait rewind you have a girlfriend?" I said looking at him,

"Yea Kelsie you remember from baseball" he said deeply emerged in the magazine reading the article,

"Oh yea" I said looking at Shan who had a hard time remembering,

"You know the girl that didnt like us"

"Why didn't she like you?" Harry asked,

"Oh I remember now she didnt like me cause I was dating Chris and she liked him and she didnt like Emma simply cause she was my friend" She explained laughing,


"Yea she always us to put old fruit in out baseball bags it was disgusting" I said pulling a face remembering the brown apple cores and banana peels as Niall, Zak and Harry laughed at my facial expressions,

"I remember getting really pissed once when I found a really old banana peel that was brown and slimy so I threw it at her"

"Oh yea it get her right in the face, Amazing, One of your finest hours if i may say so myself"

"Why thank you I always aim to please" She said bowing as we all laughed except for Chris who was awfully quiet,

"Whats up with you?" I said nudging him,

"Well if Kelsie sees this im dead" He said looking at me,

"Then go explain its probably best you start heading back anyway since our game is in an hour and a half" I said checking the time on the clock in the living room,

"True, ok see you girls later and maybe even you Harry and Niall if you guys come to the game" He said walking out the door,

"Wait Im not a girl" Zak said storming out of the room with his fists in the air,

"Are you sure about that?" Zak screamed back,

"You better hope I don't see you later" and with that Zak disappeared and im guessing Chris had jumped into the elevator taking him down to the lobby.


After Zak and Chris left Harry took Shan up to the boys hotel room leaving me and Niall alone standing silently in front of each other,

"Im sorry that I kind of lead on that I didn't trust you I just wanted to hear it from you and not a silly magazine article" He said looking up from the floor to face me breaking the silent, "Its ok, we should have known something like this would show up somewhere, knowing that your boys are the hottest topic people talk about, they would want to kept up with that trend and find something about your lives and turn it into something juicy to sell magazines"

"You catch on fast" "I know" I said as we both started laughing,

"Soo" he so slowly as the sound of the 'O' lingered in the air, I stepped forward hugging him around the waist then looking up into his eyes,

"I forgive you but I think we should both just promise to trust each other and not believe what any newspaper or magazine article says about us, Agreed?" "Agreed" He said leaning down to kiss me, we stood there just inside the door kissing, before i lead him past the kitchen and into the living room, I turned the tv on as we cuddled up talking about anything and everything, come to think of it i don't know why I turned the tv on it was just like a background noise we didn't end up watching anything.


After half and hour passed I told him he had to leave and send Shan down because we had to get ready because we had to get there half and hour early, After out last kissed he drove the elevator up stairs and after showering quickly I got dressed and found Shan sitting in the lounge room ready,

"How did you get dressed so fast and aren't you gonna shower?" I asked,

"Oh I did already I came down here and found you in the shower so i grabbed my stuff and went upstairs and used the boys shower"

"Oh really" I said jumping on the couch nudging her,

"No nothing happened geez Emma so immature"

"Hey its you anything can happen" I said winking,

"Shut up"

"Just cause you know Im right" I said playfully smirking, "Anyway you all packed?"

"Sure am lets gooo" She said emphasizing the 'O'. We grabbed out bags heading out the door switching everything off and making our way to the elevator.


As we got to the field we saw Chris sitting over with his New York buddies in there dugout, as we got closer to the entrance we heard Reece giving a small before-hand speech meaning we where just on time. As I walked in everything went quiet and everybody stared at me,

"Im fine guys lets just get out there and show these New Yorkers what we got, cool" after that I heard a collaboration of screams, clapping and whistling, I could tell we all wanted to win and badly at that.

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