Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


23. The Wait

As the taxi parked I grabbed the handle of the door, swinging it open and running straight through the front door of the hospital I made my way up to the front desk as I was soon accompanied by Nicole,

"Uh hi im looking for Joanne Pearse" I asked frantically,

"Ok are you a relative" she asked typing my mums name into her computer,

"Yes, yes im her daughter, I was told by a Doctor that she was going into surgery for cancer" I said, as I watched the lady staring at her computer screen the wait was killing me it was only a couple of seconds but I really needed to find out how my mum was, she is all I have left I can't lose her,

"Do you remember the Doctors name?" she asked,

"Uh yes Dr. Roberts" I replied,

"Oh, uh Im sorry but she passed away after surgery didn't anyone notify you" she replied slowly breaking it to me,

"What?, H-how long ago" I asked trying to push out the words,

"Um just over 13 hours ago now, Im so Sorry someone should have called you, I don't know why you weren't told about this" she told me as I felt Nicole's hand on my shoulder,

"I-It's ok" I said as I turned and saw Nicole's sad face starring at me as she opened her arms I took no time jumping into them, with my head resting on her shoulder I couldn't hold back any tears, as I cryed I heard Nicole's soft british accent trying to comfort me,

"Im here for you babe, if you need anything" she said with her arms still around me, after a couple of minutes she slowly walked me out to where our taxi was waiting for us, she helped me in as we sat there for a second,

"whats your address?" she asked,

"96 Oxford Street, Paddington, 2021" I replied softly, as Nicole put her arm around me trying to comfort me a bit more. After that everything went silent the whole trip back was quiet, when we pulled up to my place Nicole insisted we split the fair even after I tried hiding her wallet so she couldn't get her money. We grabbed our bags and made our way inside. We had a spare rooms since there was only me and my mum and we lived in a 4 bedroom place, so i showed Nicole to one of the rooms where she could get comfortable. After showing Nicole to her room I made my way to my room where I dropped my suitcase in the corner and in the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a white envelope on my bed. I turned to see it had my name on it, as I opened it there where two pieces of paper one a letter and the other a...


(sorry its short but i like the suspense new chapter soon, stay tuned)

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