Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


11. Taking a Chance on Love

I woke up early the next morning like real early at 5am I dont know why but I got up changing out of my shorts since it was freezing and putting this on: I quietly left our hotel and jumped into the elevator with my guitar in hand. *Niall's POV*


Then boys and I had to go over to the studio quite early today to talk to our manager about out second album we got back to the hotel at 5:10 and the boys went straight up to the room I was hungry so I told them I'll meet them up there soon because I was gonna grab some food from the breakfast bistro. On my way to the bistro I passed the walkway to the back door and in the corner of my eye I saw it slowly closing so I went to check it out. I stopped the door from closing with my hand then opening it a little so I could see out. It was Emma she was sitting on an old crate and after a little bit she started strumming as she held a guitar in hand.


*Emma's POV*


After not talkin about my dad for 6 years last night talkin to Niall about him just got to me a bit so I went to the back entrance which lead to a small alley way type are with my guitar, I was taught to play when I was younger and but my favorite song on guitar was Bye Bye by Mariah Carey because i was taught to play and sing it so I could play it at my dad's funeral so I know that very well. It was the song I felt fit this moment well so I started play and sing it.


*Niall's POV*


She started playing a beautiful tune then started singing, it was a familiar song but I couldn't pick the name. Emma had an amazing voice I don't get why she has never sung before. I stood at the door for about a minute when I fell from leaning out to watch out, she jumped and turned around almost straight away "Niall, Fuck you almost gave me a heart attack, don't sneak up on me like that, well actually you fell but Shit you fell why am I babbling on, Are you ok?" She started off yelling but after realising I had fallen she raced over to me kneeling next to me.


*Emma's POV*


Shit I was babbling on and he had fallen over I felt like an idiot, I raced over to him kneeling down next to him to see if he was ok. "Yea Emma don't worry im fine, really, but what was the song you where singing just then?" He asked looking up at me. "Y-You heard me singing?" I asked nervously Ive never sung in front of anyone except for at my dad's funeral because I pictured it more as singing for my dad so I didn't really focus on all of the people there. "Yea you are amazing and you never told me you played guitar." He said as I helped I helped him up "Well I don't really play in front of people I learnt a while ago I think when I was 10" "Thats amazing Ive been playing since I was about 11, yea something like that" "Wait why are you up so early?" I asked just remembering it was like 5:30, "The boys and I had to meet with management at the studio early but we finished, whats your excuse? huh" "Nothing much, just woke up early couldnt get back to sleep thought I would come out here be alone strum a bit" "Well if your not busy you wanna come up and hang out with the guys?" he asked shyly "Sure that would be great, lets go" I said taking his hand which was held out to me as he lead me to the elevator.


As I went to step out of the elevator on there floor I Niall grabbed my hand turning me around to face him. "Umm Emma would you like to go out with me?" he asked quickly but very nervous. It was silent for a I looked down I didn't know what to say. "Look Niall, I don't know, If I say yes my mum would kill me and if she saw the magazines with all the pictures of us she would have me back home in a heartbeat. If I say No I'll break your heart, OMG this is too much" I said placing my guitar against the wall the leaning my back against the wall while sliding down it. "Emma if you want time to talk to your mum about whats been happening just ask, I don't mind cause I don't want to have you sent home for a stupid reason." He said kneelin down next to me with a re-assuring smile on his face "Really Niall" "Yea I don't wanna get in trouble your mum sounds pretty scary" he said laughing "She is but only when she has to be" I said just as my phone rang, I pulled it out of my pocket to check the Caller ID.


The phone call I have been dreading the entire day. Me: "Hey Mum, Wha-" Mum: "What is with all the pictures of you and this boy on the cover of nearly every magazine in our local newsagent?" She sounded extremely pissed and when she is pissed she doesnt listen to anything which makes it hard for me to get my point across. Me: "Mum listen for a sec and let me explain, please?" Mum: "Ok your just lucky im in a good mood" WTF a G-Good mood my mum retarded Me: "Ok His name is Niall you know form the band I like, anyway yesterday was my day off remember no baseball and He is staying in the same hotel as me and Shan she he offered to take me on a tour of London when all the girls surrounded us and interviewers with cameras and stuff, Look he only had his hand around me so I wouldnt get trampled nothing happened I promise" Mum: "Well if you say nothing happened and he is just a friend I believe, Now please be careful and if your gonna hang out with this boy remember baseball first otherwise ill have you on the first flight back here ok" Me: "I promise mum, now before you go I was wondering If I promise to put baseball first and keep up with my studies would you mind If I went out with Niall, please?"

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