Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


14. Table for Ten

I opened the door to a familiar mop of brown curls and a mess of blonde hair. "Niall" I said excitedly jumping into his arms, "Wait what are you guys doing here?" "Hi to you too Emma" Harry said laughing "Sorry, Hi Harry, How have you been?" I said hugging him, "Ive been good thank you for asking, now-" Harry said pointing to the main room as I cut him off by yelling out to Shan, "Shan get your ass in here someone wants to see you" I said smiling as the guys laughed at me, "What who is it" she said coming into the room completely unaware of who was standing in the doorway as she was to busy with her phone and my phone on twitter, "How bout you try looking for yourself" I said raising her head with my hand, and after that i kind of wished I didnt, "Harry" she said squealing as she jumped into his arms and he spun her around, "Ok, now would you guys like to tell me why your here?" I said turning to look at Niall who had his arm around my waist, "Oh right, Well we came to confirm that where going out to a restaurant Liam and Danielle suggested around the city tonight at 6 so we can have heaps of fun and still get you guys back in time, is that ok" "Sure is" I said smiling and hugging him again.


They stayed as we all chatted and Shan cuddled up with Harry and Niall sat with his arm around me on the couch, he has a felt box in his hand and kept looking at it, "Are you ok?" I asked quite concerned, "Uh yea just fine but I actually wanted to give you this" He said handing me the box looking nervous, "What is it?" I said taking it from his hands, looking at him, "Open it and find out", he sounded excited now which made me excited, I opened the box and found a beautiful gold necklace with a love heart pendant with flowers ( ) inside, my jaw dropped and Shan looked over at me "What is it show me?" she said looking really excited, I held it up and her face had the exact same expression. "Niall, its amazing but-"He cut me off before i could finish, "and Im not taking it back so you have to keep it" he said smiling at me, "Fine, ill wear it tonight, it will go great with my outfit, Right Shan", I said smiling at her holding it up again, "Your right, your gonna look amazing" She smiled again before continuing to talk to Harry. Then Niall helped me put the necklace on as we continued to talk.


Before we knew it was 5 So Shan and I said we would get dressed and meet the boys upstairs. Shan walked into her room and changed into this: and I changed into this wearing the necklace Niall bought me which matched my outfit perfectly: After we changed we headed up the the boys room were We only found Harry, Niall and Zayn, "Hey guys you ready?" I said making my way into the main room where I saw Perrie, sitting on the couch wearing this: (,r:0,s:251,i:231) "Hey, you two must be Emma and Shannon, Right?" she asked standing up to welcome us, "Uh yea, Wow Perrie you look amazing" I said still quite shocked I was meeting Perrie, Little Mix fan right here guys!!, "Thanks you two look great as well, and you know who I am?" She said shocked "Uh, yea Perrie Edwards from Little Mix we love your music, your style is wild but amazing" Shan said finally saying something, for a second there I thought she was gonna stop breathing.


Just then Zayn, Niall and Harry walked in, "Hey Emma, Shan you guys look amazing and I can see you have meet Perrie" Zayn said walking over to her kissing her head and wrapping his arm around her, "Yea we have she is amazing" Shan said smiling from ear to ear as Harry gave her a kiss on the cheek "I knew you girls would get along" Zayn said smiling "So we better get going Louis and Liam headed out a bit earlier to pick up Dani and El we are gonna meet them there" Niall said hugging me from behind "Niall's right lets go" Harry said leading Shan outside to the elevator as Zayn followed with his hand intertwined with Perrie's, Niall took my hand as we walked to the elevator, "You look amazing" "Thank you, you look great as well" I said smiling as we jumped into the elevator with the rest of the group.


We got to the underground car park where we all got into a car that took us the the restaurant, were we where taken to a private seating area. There we found Liam sitting next to Danielle as they where talking to Louis who had his hand intertwined with Eleanor's. Danielle looking absolutely fabulous in this: and Eleanor in this: They all stood up to greet us as Louis and Liam introduced us to El and Dani. We all sat down and in no time we where all chatting like we had known each other since primary school. El, Dani, Perrie where all the the sisters I wished I had by my side as I grew up I always had Shan but having them now all now is just a dream come true and I hope I never loose them.

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