Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


19. One Text

After our before hand training had finished the game started and we all got out there giving it our absolute all to secure our place in the Semi-Finals. As we started both teams gave everything they had and you could tell by the score it was like neck and neck the whole way. Every time a team batted they would be winning then the opposite team would come up and they would be winning so it was a close call when it came up to the last innings and since we fielded first we batted last which gave us a chance at coming back if we did happen to fall behind. When the last innings came up and they had finished there bat it was 19 - 14, we had one last chance to come back and this was it. Once we got up there and batted doing an amazing job to when the game ended and we all walked out onto the field to shake ends and congratulate the other team for a great game, I looked over at the scoreboard and read NY: 19 - AUS: 20 OMG We Won. We Came back. This was a huge win for us especially for me since my head wasn't really in the game earlier today.


After the game I was so tired i could have just dropped and fallen asleep in no time but I made it back to the hotel dropped my bags in my room changed into this: I grabbed the first lot of comfortable clothes I could see cause I could feel my eyelids becoming heavier and heavier just as I slipped off my shoes and placed my phone on charge I layed down on bed and fell fast asleep. It was around 5:30pm when I dozed off and woke up to a pillow being smashed in my face I can tell you I defiently would have rathered the Wake Up song haha.

"Wha, Im Up" I screamed sitting up trying to figure out who was hitting me since my eyesight was still a bit fuzzy,

"Good, knew that would do the trick" That familiar voice said,

"Shan, Im gonna kill you" I screamed as I saw her standing next to my bed with a pillow in hand. Just then Niall walked in,

"Shan is she u-," he paused and saw Shan with the pillow, "I told you not to hit her with the pillow" he said staring at her,

"I know but your way was boring" she said slumping her shoulders and leaning her head back,

"What was his way?" I asked,

"Oh he wanted me to rock you and see if you woke up" Shan replied,

"Shan's right that is boring" I said looking towards Niall and laughing,

"Fine next time ill get her to jump on you" He said turning while laughing and exiting the room,

"Oh, Can I pleaseeeeee?" Shan said following him out laughing, I just sat there laughing when I looked over to my beside table grabbing my phone, 1 Missed call from my Mum, 1 Missed call from a private number and a Text also from my Mum saying, "Call me ASAP" must be important my Mum hardly knows how to text so if its not urgent she will just try calling me a bit later, but when she texts you know it must be like the end of the world type bad.


Just as I went to press the Dial button to call my mum Shan ran in the room dressed like this:,

"Get out of bed and and get dressed into something hot where going with the boys" She said smiling as Harry came in and wrapper his arms around her,

"I don't think im coming, Im not really up for it right now still a bit tired plus my mum texted me so-" She cut me off,

"Oh must be urgent she never texts you" She said looking a bit worried, Haha she knew my mum as well as I did,

"Yea thats what I thought when I saw it" I said looking at her worried face made me panic a bit. Just then Niall came in,

"Did I hear you say your not coming? Why not?" he said looking a bit upset,

"Not really up for it plus family issues I gotta call my mum somethings up" I said turning to him,

"Well Ill stay here th-" I stopped him, I didnt want him to have to hang out with me, he would get bored when he could have been having fun instead,

"No you go, you'll get to bored plus I think ill need some time alone if this is serious" I said as he came and sat next to me wrapping is arms around my side,

"Are you sure? I don't want you getting lonely" He said,

"Im positive, now please you guys go have fun and tell the boys I said Hi and if the girls are going tell them I said Hi as well"

"Ok, Will do" he said as he turned my head to his as he kissed me once on the lips and once on the nose.


I said my goodbyes as they all left for a fun night out in London, I got out of bed putting my slippers on and grabbing my phone walking out to the lounge room. I fell backwards into the couch reaching for the remote as I turned the TV on and flipped through some channels and found a channel which was playing Grease, One of the best movies ever made if I do say so myself, anyway I turned the volume down and bit and picked up my phone of the couch beside me, went into contacts and typed in 'M' and found my mums number after hesitating for a bit I forced myself to press the Dial button it started ringing loudly in my ear then rung out so I looked back at the screen and pressed the green Dial button again and the ringing noise started buzzing through the speaker in my phone.

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