Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


9. One Chance Left!

By a group of screaming girls and bright flashing lights. Obviously new to this scene I was freaked but mostly by the cameras I hate being in pictures.

"Shit" I said under my breath as I covered my face trying to get away from this crazy scene, except Niall had his arm around my waist holding me close so I wouldn't get lost in the crowd. I looked at Niall quite freaked out standing up on my tip toes to talk into his ear so he would be able to hear me over all the girls and interviewers.

"Can we get out of here, Im not much for being in the spotlight or getting my picture taken plus this is crazy, I can hardly hear myself think" He looked at me and I knew he saw how freaked out I was the sound of my voice all shaky was a dead give away.

"Guys Im sorry but right now isnt a good time for pictures, autographs and interviews. My friend isnt really used to this scene so Im gonna need you all to kind of back up a bit so we can get back to our hotel" He asked politely as we tried to walk away but they kept following us.


I could tell Niall was kind of annoyed that they wouldn't listen even after he asked politely so he took my hand and out of no where and started running luckily im a baseball player so I could keep up and it was that hard it was like a work but im glad Shan chose vans and not high heels. We ran for a while turning into back streets until we made it back to the hotel through the lobby door then out the back door where we snuck around the side to a cute little Italian restaurant. It was starting to get darker by the time we sat down and there weren't many people there so no one really bothered us. A girl around around my age came to take our order and I could tell she was flirting a bit with Niall but I didn't care we weren't going out and seriously who wouldn't so I just got on with dinner.


"Well that was quite a work out wasn't it" he said laughing,

"Im really glad I wore vans today" I said smiling back.

"So your camera shy, hate being center of attention and play baseball your not any ordinary girl are you other things you want to pile on a sixth toe or something" he asked as we both laughed

"No, only 5 on each foot"

"haha ok"

"Sorry to disappoint" I said as he laughed, and may I add his laugh was amazing and his smile I almost died, he was the perfect guy, polite, amazing smile and laugh, beautiful eyes, caring and shy which was adorable. We continued talking for the rest of the night we sat in the restaurant for about 2 hours when we left it was 8:25. And as we where walking down the street I got a call.

"Who is it" Niall asked, as I pulled out my phone and check the ID

"Oh its Zak" I said stopping to answer it.

*On the Phone* Me: "Hey Zak, Whats up" Zak"Reece is pissed" Me: "What, What did I do now" Zak: "You missed out meeting remember it was at 7:30" Me: "Shit, I totally forgot, Why didn't Shan ring me" Zak: "She missed it as well, Coach says you two are benched for next game" Me: "What he can't do that" Zak: "Yes he can and he did" Me: "Zak i know, I just didn't know what to say anyway did he call my mum" Zak: "No I convinced him not to, but he said next infringement and he would same with Shan and you two might wanna get your asses back here before he finds something else to get your asses sent back home" Me: "Your right I'll be back soon and Zak your a lifesaver thank you, she would have killed me if she found out" Zak: "I know and I don't wannt be stuck here with Taylor for the rest of the trip that would be torture, like I love her to bits but she is so up herself unless you guys are with her" Me: "haha True anyway cya soon" Zak: "Bye" And with that he hung up. "What was all that about" Niall asked looking concerned,

"Oh Baseball i missed out meeting today at 7:30 and coach is benching me for the next game so we won't have a catcher meaning he'll probably call Josh in and he is shit so we have a bigger chance of losing and Shan missed it as well so she is benched and she is our 2nd best pitcher so who knows what will happen now plus he said next time i mess up he is calling my mum and if he calls her saying ive been missing meetings and other bad shit she'll have me home before you know it"

"Wow tough life"

"Yep and ive been living it for around 12 years now ever since I started baseball"

"Wow you've been playing baseball pretty much your whole life"

"yep, it is my life pretty much, but if you want we can talk about it on our walk back to the hotel I should get back before Coach finds another reason to send me home"

"Oh Good Idea"

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