Not just another Summer!

Emma is your average girl playing baseball and having fun with friends. She plays in a Baseball Tournament which takes her around the world for weeks at a time. This time baseball is taking her to London, with her best friends Zak and Shannon by her side what will happen this summer. Is a trophy the only thing that Emma brings back?


16. Old Friends Never Die

I bet you guys think im over reacting and that everything will be ok. Well i probably am over reacting a bit but really i have to pull myself together I told my mum my relationship wouldn't get in the way of my baseball career and knowing her she will somehow find out about today.


After the game ended we all went back into the dug-out where our stuff was and Reece started talking to us about the game and it was quite awkward cause i sat in the corner at the back near to door with my stuff ready to leave, and I could tell nobody wanted to talk about what just happened cause they knew it would upset me. They all know me to well, Baseball is my life and when I stuff up i get quite upset so they just leave me to calm down. After the talk i walked back to the hotel by myself as fast as I could. I wanted to get away from everyone to pull myself together.


When I got back to the I went straight to my hotel room left my stuff in my room and changed into this: After changing I headed to the door and as i opened it to walk out I saw the lift open as Harry and Shan walked out hand in hand, then I saw Niall in the lift as the doors started to close he saw me our eyes locked, til i turned and ran to the opposite side of the corridor where the door to the stairs where, i opened it then sat against the door, the last thing I heard was Shan sounding worried calling out my name.


I really don't know whats happening to me Ive been acting so strange. I need to go for a walk and somehow pull myself together before our next game. I got down to the lobby and just went where ever my legs took me. Some how they took me down the same route as the time i walked through London when Niall didn't show up for our date and I found myself at that little coffee shop where Niall found, which was great cause i needed a coffee and muffin so i could sit down and think, After ordering I sat down at an outside table with my coffee and blue berry muffin.


I relaxed in the cool London breeze just thinking to myself while enjoying and amazing coffee and blue berry muffin when I was interrupted by a deep voice, male hmm who would know me in London, "Hey Emma, right?" the voice asked, "Uh yea, do I know you" I asked curiously staring at this tall, quite tanned, muscular brown haired guy about my age. "You don't remember me, Do you?" he said, sounding familiar, "No, Sorry" I said shaking my head, "Chris, I went out with Shan in America during the big Baseball tournament, We where good friends then Shan broke it off about a year ago now and we lost contact" he said, "OMG, Chris no way, you look completely different, what happened to you?" I said smiling, lifting my sunglasses and getting up form my chair to hug him, "I guess you remember me now" he said laughing as I joined in, "Sure do here have a seat" I said sitting down, "Thanks, so I guess your here for baseball" he asked "You know me to well" I said smiling, as our conversation kicked off, "So do you have a game later" I asked curiously, "No, today is my free had two yesterday, one the day before that and one the day I arrived" he replied, "I had 2 the day we arrived, a free the second day, 1 game yesterday and i had an early 8am one which finished not long ago and i have one later tonight as well" I said looking to the ground after remember what happened earlier, "What happened?" he asked like he had just read my mind, "Stuffed up a play, lost us the game so i pretty much just ran off trying to forget what happened and pull myself together" i said quite upset, "Typical You" he said, "What" I replied shocked to his comment "Well you did the same thing in America remember me and Shan spent hours looking all of NYC for u since u didnt want to answer your phone, found you at a coffee shop quite similar to this actually" he said laughing at how ironic this scene was, "Really?" I said, i can hardly remember what i ate last night let along what happened a year ago, "Yep" he said nodding, "You just have to get back out there concentrate, fully focused, and show them what you are really made of" he said giving me a reassuring smile, "Your right" I said checking my phone, "and look at this, only been gone for and hour and a half and over 20 missed calls from Shan, and Zak has been trying to contact me as well as Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis" I said holding the phone up for Chris to see, "See just like old times except i'm with you, and you have 5 other guys trying to call you" he said laughing "Nothing ever changes with me" I said smiling, "Your One Hundred Percent correct there" "well I have a game at 3 and its 12:25 now so you wanna come back to my hotel and we can catch up more there maybe even you and Shan could talk" I asked him, "Yea sure that would be awesome, and is Zak there?" he asked curiously, "Yea, he probably misses you haha but I'm scared to get you to together you might start pulling pranks again" I said jokingly, "I won't I promise but I cant say the same for Zak" he said laughing as I laughed as well, "Well lets get back then" I said as I stood and he did as well,


We headed back to the hotel, and seeing Chris again brightened up my day for sure, you make so many friends when traveling for Baseball, you can't keep count and then you actually stay in contact with most but over time that goes, Im really glad I ran into Chris he is a good mate.


We got back to the Hotel where I took Chris up to our hotel room and as I was opening the hotel room door Shan ran straight over to me tackling me to the ground, "Where the Fuck where you? I was freaking worried as hell?" She screamed, "Calm the Fuck down, I went for a walk and brought home a old friend" I said smiling, while she sat on my confused, "Who?"

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